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The experience of the most silent and settled state of mind, Pure Consciousness, develops the total brain and eliminates accumulated stress and fatigue. Transcendental Meditation was found to increase Self-actualisation which means using more of one's inner potential, more effective relationships, more integrated and stable personality, greater self regard, emotional maturity and capacity to adapt to change.
A meta-analysis of 146 independent studies indicated that Transcendental Meditation was much more effective in reducing trait anxiety compared to concentration, biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation and other relaxation and meditation techniques. Transcendental Meditation was found to significantly reduce blood pressure compared to progressive muscle relaxation and health education controls. A comparison of the results of several statistical meta-analyses indicated that the Transcendental Meditation program produced significantly larger reductions in tobacco, alcohol, and non-prescribed drug use than standard substance abuse treatments and standard prevention programs.
Practitioners of Transcendental Meditation who had been meditating less than 5 years were found to have a biological age that was 5 years less than their chronological age.
Most meditation techniques aren’t subject to such a hailstorm of media scrutiny, celebrity endorsements, and online debate.

TM  technique is a way of removing distracting and potentially negative thoughts from your mind and promoting calmness, happiness, inner peace and relaxation. It  is one of the most famous of all meditation techniques because it has been used and touted by numerous celebrities, including The Beatles, Hugh Jackman and more. If you want to learn how to do transcendental meditation technique you will need a teacher.
This provides the basis for increased intelligence, creativity and improvements in all areas of health. A meta-analysis of all available studies (42 independent studies) found that that Transcendental Meditation was more than twice as effective in increasing Self-actualisation compared to concentration, contemplation and other techniques.
Other programs were found to reduce anxiety by no more than placebo whereas TM was twice as effective as placebo.
A meta-anaysis of all well designed, randomised, control studies found that only Transcendental Meditation had a statistically significant impact on reducing high blood pressure compared to stress management, muscle relaxation and biofeedback.

For those who had been meditating more than 5 years their biological age was 12 years younger than their chronological age. It’s time we cut through the crap and told you the goods, the bads, and the uglies of TM (and there are plenty of all of those).
It was created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and derived from the ancient Indian Vedic tradition. When we feel happier and healthier within ourselves, then naturally our behaviour towards others and to ourselves improves. More alertness along with calmness of body and mind means that our ability to appreciate and evaluate our environment is enhanced leading to more appreciation, tolerance and life-supporting behaviour.

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