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Devastator is an immensely powerful warrior, and in that sense the combination of the Constructicons into a merged being is a huge success.
However, in at least one reality, he goes from being a six-robot combiner to a five-bot one, Hook and Mixmaster being replaced by Hightower.
Millions of years later, in 1984, Megatron had the Constructicons built on Earth to steal high-tech electronic components for his Power chip rectifier furnace, as well as tunneling under the Ark to destroy Teletraan I.
The returning Autobots saw the battle between one giant psycho and five ticked off dinosaurs, but were unable to help (due to losing a tournament which prevented them from interfering with the Decepticons).
After Starscream attempted to overthrow Megatron (again) and was exiled for his troubles, he returned with a powerful team of Decepticon called the Combaticons. Devastator faced the Dinobots on several occasions, most notably in 2005 during the battle of Autobot City where he defeated Grimlock and Sludge until Slag pushed him through a wall. Later, the Constructicons formed Devastor when fighting the Autobots on Eurhythma, but he was flattened when Broadside landed on him in vehicle form, and was blasted apart into his component robots by Perceptor. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. The Constructicons were the first (and, as it turned out, the last) new Decepticons created by Shockwave on Earth, using the residual power of the Creation Matrix that was within his captive Optimus Prime. When Bomber Bill cut Soundwave's connections to the dish, causing feedback which destroyed it, he ordered the Constructions to disassemble and retreat, noting that their performance as a single unit had been "notably deficient." The Next Best Thing to Being There! Devastator subsequently went through much testing and enhancement to improve his operation and co-ordination.
Devastator reappeared when Optimus Prime led an Autobot offensive on the heavily fortified Decepticon coal mining base. Note: Classics is a splinter timeline that takes place after Marvel US continuity, but disregards Generation 2 and Marvel UK material. Devastator was the first combiner, the end result of the Constructicons' research into mass intellect. Eventually, teams of Autobots and Decepticons left Cybertron in search of new fuel sources, only to crash land on a planet called Earth. After Megatron freed the other Decepticons from Rook's control, he sent Devastator down the west coast of North America. However, one year after the Expansion, the Decepticons were able to acquire the secret somehow, and somehow solved the side effects of combination, possibly via the use of magic. Normally, Devastator could only be assembled by buying all six individual Constructicons with the additional large-scale weapons components that were assigned to them. Devastor's forearms are also spring-loaded missile launchers, able to fire his fists as well as his drill attachments, though the springs were severely weakened in the US for safety reasons.
Unlike the later Scramble City-style combiners, Devastator's limbs cannot be rearranged into any other configurations. A non-transforming action figure compatible with any other Action Master vehicle or accessory, Devastator's sculpt is a based largely on his original animation model, but with a great many toy-based elements added for extra detail.
During Generation 2, the Constructicons were only available as individuals, never as a giftset. Generation 2 Devastator is almost functionally identical to the original release with the exception of the quality of the plastics used, though his forearms and fists were retooled to completely remove the spring-loaded firing gimmick.
This bust of Devastor was released by Hard Hero, and was based on his G1 cartoon appearance.
This is a diorama figure inspired by one scene from the "Battle of Autobot City" in The Transformers: The Movie. The name "Devastator" was used by Marvel Comics long before the Transformers series came about. Devastator's (or rather, his Diaclone counterpart's) concept design was decidedly less imposing than the final. Devastator had two different animation models in the original Transformers cartoon; at the least, he had two different head designs, one with a visor and one without.
Though a yellow version of the Constructicons were released in the European market at the tail end of Generation One, they did not come with any of the parts to form Devastator.
As Sludge can't make much of an impression in the mental department, he likes to make his presence known physically. None of the Dinobots really like Optimus Prime, but he and Slag share an especially intense dislike for him. Sludge, like the other Dinobots, went a-wandering after this but reverted to his base instincts after his primary cybo-dendrons burnt out, probably because the insulation that protected them had been eroded by 4 million years submerged in a tar-pit. While Sludge was recovering from brain surgery, he dreamed of Joy Victory!, and when he'd recovered, he saw her on TV and decided to search her out.
In 2008, Sludge and the Dinobots were one of several special units unleashed on the Decepticon attack force when Scourge and Cyclonus led the 'Cons on a siege of the Autobots' main base on Cybertron. After Grimlock revived the Dinobots under mysterious circumstances, Shockwave and his Decepticons attempted to beat the information out of the Dinobots. Early on, the Dinobots tried to teach Grimlock the value of a good joke; he pelted them with the world's largest snowball.
Later, Snarl began to suffer from the rusting disease called Corrodia Gravis, leaving Earthforce in the uncomfortable position of getting help from the only Transformer who could give Snarl a compatible systems boost: Starscream. Several months after the golden age of Cybertron was reintroduced, Sludge and most of his fellow Dinobots had succumbed to the transfiguring effects of Nucleon and lost their ability to transform. Sludge and the Dinobots were fighting alongside Grimlock and a small group of Autobot firestormers when they uncovered the Cybertronian Empire and their terraforming measures.
Sludge continued to fight alongside the Autobots with his Dinobot comrades, on both Earth and Ethos.

Sludge was developed, along with his fellow Dinobots Slag and Grimlock, after the Autobots discovered dinosaur bones in their volcanic headquarters. Sludge and Snarl were later left to guard Cybertron when a seemingly resurrected Optimus Prime returned, saying that Hot Rod, Kup, Ultra Magnus, and Arcee had been killed by the Quintessons.
Later, he went to Earth along with the other Dynobots to go crush some bugs and eventually wound up under Megatron's control.
Sludge and the other Dynobots followed Grimlock to revenge themselves against Shockwave, who blew up a cache of energon they had stolen. Thousands of years later, the Dynobots were eventually excavated by Skywatch, and though Grimlock was the first to be brought back online, he was freed from Skywatch's control through a virus implanted by a Machination spy (under orders from Scorponok). Sludge was released as part of the second series of Transformers in 1985, transforming into a robotic "brontosaurus". Sludge turns into a brontosaurus (a sauropod dinosaur), a dinosaur that, due to skeletal misidentification at its discovery, does not actually exist.
Sludge is the only one of the original Dinobots not to share his alt mode with another character (although considering that it doesn't exist, that ain't too difficult).
Swoop and Sludge's absence from the Generation 2 toy line has never been fully explained, though rumors of what might have been persist.
Justitoys, a Hon Cong company produced a Sludge toy on the same scale as the Smallest Transforming Transformers line.
You can ask for help with your account, report a problem, or ask some other question to us here. A fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break? During the subsequent battle between the two Decepticon factions, Devastator was soundly defeated by the Combaticons' combined form, Bruticus. Before Swoop could get in, some rubble collapsed on him when Devastator attempted to dodge. When Astrotrain returned from an energon run, the Constucticons fought over the few scraps of energon he brought back, but banded together to form Devastator.
Unwilling to lose Devastator's raw power, they attempted to construct a new and separate version of him in the Bahamas. However, he suffered a huge drawback in that he would only do what his components agreed on, which was usually smash stuff.
Awakening in the Earth year of 1984, they resumed their war, but the Decepticons were defeated by the Autobots and their human allies.
Along the way, Devastator destroyed a US Navy submarine, before arriving at his destination, San Francisco.
The technology was intended to be the ultimate fusion in mind and matter between the participants, creating a massive and powerful new form.
On Earth, as the Decepticons began cutting off the humans' escape routes out of New York City, Megatron ordered the Constructicons to unite.
Sometimes his head would change designs within a single episode - the "visorless" look is how he appeared for the majority of Heavy Metal War, but he appears with his visor on in a few shots. Sludge believes that the strongest should lead, and in his mind, Grimlock is the strongest Autobot. Sludge ended up in the waterways of Littlewood, California, where he was befriended by Joy Meadows.
It was lucky he did, because the Intelligence and Information Institute had marked her for death to protect their Robot-Master story. Autobot High Command soon learned this assault was only a distraction, however, engineered by Unicron himself who was reconstructing himself on the planet of Junk. Fortunately, they found the perfect opportunity for quid pro quo when they came upon the Decepticons' Louisiana headquarters and found Starscream under attack by Megatron, Shockwave and a group of assassins. When Grimlock received information that the Hydrus Four facilities had reopened, and discovered a means of reversing Nucleonic changes, the Dinobots jumped at the idea.
After calling in Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots, they became part of a major offensive against not only Jhiaxus and his ilk, but everything they represented. Inspired by the power of the prehistoric beasts, Wheeljack and Ratchet built a trio of Dinobots to add firepower to the Autobot forces. During the attack, Devastator struck Sludge so hard his optic sensors bulged out of his head. When the aforementioned Autobots turned up on Cybertron alive, Arcee said that she was happy to see them, but Sludge was not happy, as he thought that meant he and Snarl were dead. They were a small squad that basically ran amok disrupting the Decepticons (which typically involved stealing energon and taking names).
They were used to blackmail Grimlock to serve the Decepticons once again; however, Meg's defeat allowed them to be freed by their mighty leader and taken to Cybertron (in a stolen Decepticon vessel no less) where they did what they did best, causing massive destruction against Shockwave's regime.
Scorponok wanted Grimlock to join him, but Grimlock refused, fought Scorponok and escaped, vowing to find and rescue Sludge and the other Dynobots. In Japan, he and the other Dinobots were offered as mail-away items during Operation Combination; Sludge cost 2300 yen (his original retail price) and two robot points. The only differences between this incarnation and the Transformers release is that the Diaclone version has a gold-chromed sword, plus came with a red-and-black Diaclone pilot figure. Recently, packaging art of both in new colors was unearthed, indicating what he might have looked like in the line. That's like, sixteen walls -Deadpool-------------------------------------------------------------------------Deadpool and Barricade nerdI am a girl who loves Transformers, Marvel, Ford mustang, Video games, wolves. After the defeat of Megatron and their retreat from Earth, the Decepticons argued amongst themselves who would lead them after Megatron's "death", Scrapper stated that since the Constructicons could transform into the powerful Devastator, they should rule.

The Constructions were sent to kidnap Buster Witwicky and formed Devastator to deal with Autobot interference, but were called off when Soundwave discovered something in Buster's mind. None the less, Megatron was pleased with Devastator's power, and authorized the Stunticons and Combaticons to undergo a similar process. A great ship named Ark II was built to send the Transformers home, but it was sabotaged by General Robert Hallo and rogue engineer turned arms dealer Adam Rook. Devastator helped destroy the city until he was initially stopped by Superion Prime Directive issue 4, and finally put into stasis lock when Optimus Prime shot him point-blank in the head, sending him to the bottom of the San Fransisco Bay. However, it also created a severe, murderous mental instability in the gestalt members, as seen in Jhiaxus' test subject, Monstructor. Forming Devastator, the behemoth waded into the waters around the city and began destroying the underwater tunnels. Dispatching a probe, the Ark learned that Shockwave had come to Earth and was wandering the Savage Land.
Unfortunately, the Decepticons attacked, took him away from his newfound love, and made him fight Grimlock. Sludge saved her life, and she hooked up with the Dinobots, though both she and they viewed Sludge's open crush as quite weird.
When Smokescreen returned from Junk with this news, Rodimus Prime gathered Scattershot, Grimlock, and the rest of the Dinobots with him to make an assault on Junk.
Sludge engaged in some serious swordplay with Motormaster, pitting energo sword against ionizer sword.
Grimlock stuttered a bit on the order, but he sent Sludge and Swoop to keep Starscream alive. Despite Prime's half-hearted warnings, Sludge and his teammates followed Grimlock back to Hydrus Four in the hopes of becoming Transformers once again. The Dinobots proved too dangerous at first, and Optimus Prime ordered Wheeljack to abandon the Dinobot project. He didn't have much of a speaking role (like at all) and basically plodded along and smashed whatever Grimlock told him to. However this was cut short as old one eye let loose the Guardian Robots after them, leading to some 'rest time'. Like most Diaclone-era molds, Sludge also has a conspicuous driver compartment located in his chest.
In fact, his name wasn't even in the end credits, but then Frank Welker had more than enough on his plate as it was.
They proceeded to try to form Devastator, but were shaken apart mid-transformation by Rumble and Frenzy. When Megatron and Optimus Prime disappeared, the Decepticons and Autobots fractured, and signed the Crisis Intervention Accords, ruling the Special Teams non-alinged. The Ark used data gathered from the Savage Land to convert five of the dormant Autobots into the Dinobots. However, even the power of unrequited love couldn't stop the Decepticons from defeating the Dinobots and forcing Joy to stop her investigation. Much to Rodimus's dismay, Sludge and the Dinobots didn't hold back at all when attacking the Junkions Unicron had mind-controlled into doing his bidding, and tore through them as if they were any other enemy.
They fought off the Mayhems and kept Starscream around long enough for him to give Snarl the boost.
They were followed by the "exiled" Decepticons, however, and a battle with a huge native creature delayed the Dinobots long enough for Bludgeon's crew to get ahead of them and take over the Nucleon facility. Wheeljack continued improving the trio of titans in secret, crafting memory components that made them smarter and easier to control.
The Dinobots later located the two Autobots with the help of Wheelie, and Sludge and Slag dispatched a Quintesson prosecutor—by standing on top of a door under which he'd been caught.
Later he and his fellow Dynobots (minus Grimlock who was busy executing other people for treason) aided Prowl's group with Trypticon before joining forces with good ol' one eye to help against the Fallen.
Rook recovered many Autobots and Decepticons, and reprogrammed them to serve him as weapons of war. The Dinobots were laid low by a Holocaust Trigger, overloading their sensory circuits so that they were helpless before the Decepticons.
When the rest of the Autobots were captured by the Decepticons at the Great Falls hydroelectric power plant, Wheeljack dispatched the Dinobots to free their comrades and destroy the Decepticons. Cruelly tortured, the Dinobots were still left alive so that they could witness the rebirth of Megatron, thanks to the Nucleon infusions Bludgeon was feeding him. The Dinobots succeeded in forcing a Decepticon retreat and were welcomed as members of the Autobot team. He battled Defensor, but was eventually defeated when the Protectobots forced the Constructicons to separate. Luckily, the Autobots had long since learned to become worried whenever the Dinobots were out of sight for too long, and had followed them to Hydrus Four. Roadhandler, Tote and several Micromasters managed to free the injured Dinobots, and an Autobot strike force brought down their Decepticon captors. The Nucleon reversion process was a success, and Sludge and his comrades were restored to fully operational Transformers.

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