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At Secret Escapes, we negotiate exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad, at up to 70% off the price you'd pay by booking anywhere else. For access to our members-only rates, all you have to do is sign up to Secret Escapes with your email address and nothing else. In return, we'll give you access to rates for hotels and holidays you won't be able to find anywhere else - that's a guarantee. TV hit Breaking Bad is a gritty drama that reflects America's real-life problems with crystal meth addiction.
But it appears the popular show is more realistic than producers may have imagined, as a former Canadian chemistry professor and his family appeared in court last month in Canada after being accused of running a Breaking Bad-style drug lab. Daniel Cozak, 66, and his son Charles, 26, were arrested at their secret laboratory on the shores of Lake Baker, along the Quebec-New Brunswick border. Cozak had in fact been a member of the National Research Council of Canada and a former professor at the University of Laval.

Detective Roger Ferland gave evidence in court that police had surveyed the premises with a video camera.
This isn't the only case to have drawn similar comparisions to the TV series, a Portland (USA) chemistry teacher has been arrested and charged with making methamphetamine. Alexander Rudine, 38, a community college instructor pursuing a doctorate in chemistry at Portland State University, pleaded not guilty to felony charges in October 2014, that he possessed, delivered and manufactured methamphetamine near a school, according to court documents. But Joe12, my comment was about trash, and how I consider a beach to to be the sandy part between the low water mark, and the trash. I used to work on the beach in Patong and these parasail guides and boats are insanely dangerous. POLL: Should beach-chair, umbrella and massage services be allowed back onto Phuket beaches? Although the lab didn't specialise in the production of meth itself, the drug lab is said to have been capable of producing 1.5m tablets of ecstasy every week.

Another of Cozak's sons, 24, was arrested in Quebec along with Cozak's wife, 55, who was released after questioning. In addition, Quebec provincial police took documents and equipment related to the production of substances, a large amount of the drug ecstasy, chemical substances used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs and weapons from the house. If you do not have an account please register below by simply entering a username, password and email address.

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