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C'est la fete au lycee et, comme toutes les jeunes filles, Sabrina se rejouit a l'idee de mettre une jolie robe et d'y assister. A cause d'une camera de surveillance, toute la ville est au courant des cachotteries de Grace.
A follow-up to Stephen Fry's 2006 documentary about living with mental health problems, looking at his experiences and those of others who have bipolar disorder and examining if the public's attitude to these conditions has changed. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Elle se sent ridiculisee car, sur la video, on la voit repousser deux garcons completement saouls. The programme meets Alika, whose manic episode on the London Underground went viral on the internet, and Scott, who is battling to hold down his job as a chef as well as coping with his role as a husband and father. You may not like the content of a programme but if the form of its presentation is perfect then five stars. So far we’ve seen schools, hotels, hospitals and even toilets come under the microscope and now we have a behind-the-scenes look at life at Leicester University.
Jack est jaloux de Ricky quand il le voit torse nu sur l'enregistrement, volant au secours de Grace. The QI host talks about the time he attempted suicide while filming in Uganda in 2012 and how his busy lifestyle exacerbates his condition.
But instead of setting up cameras in the lecture theatres and halls of residence, The Secret Life of Students focuses on the social media interactions of various fresher students. Ashley dit qu'elle couche avec des garcons pour couvrir le secret de plus en plus difficile a garder d'Amy, sa grande soeur. The result is a voyeuristic look at the first months away from home for various teenagers and the problems they face settling in to university life.My first issue with the programme was the emphasis that was put on social media as a way of garnering popularity. For example the loutish Aidan was presented as the most outgoing of tonight’s trio as he had 2,160 friends on Facebook and was always gaining followers on Twitter. In fact plenty of facts about all of the students were given via the information on their Facebook wall from the pictures they posted to their various interests.

This to me screamed of lazy researching as the team behind The Secret Life of Students hardly had to do any work apart from searching a couple of social media profiles.
To be fair they presented a pretty accurate depiction of the three students from the fact that Aiden was always trying to impress his online following to the exploration of history student Lauren’s fascination with Anne Frank. Living in the same block, Aiden and Lauren couldn’t be more different as he was always at the centre of the action whilst she was trying to hide in the background.
Non-drinker Lauren tried to fit but struggled when she went on a night out with her housemates and ended up crying her way back to halls.
Lauren also found it hard to take a group picture when some of the more loutish members of the group decide to play a distasteful drinking game based on the Nazi party. Josie did the cliched student thing of taking a gap year trip round Asia before starting at Leicester University. Josie has 1,247 friends on Facebook whilst she also has exchanged over 50,000 messages with her best friends Donia and Freia.
Throughout the course of the programme, Josie is presented as somebody with severe confidence issues and she feels inferior to her new flatmate Mads.
Unsurprisingly, Josie’s issues make her an easy target for lads on the pull and she soon embarks on several one night stands. It wasn’t long before Josie and Aiden came into contact with one another and had a rather uncomfortable night together. Once the two finally met up, they shared several conversations which beneficial to their survival at the institution. But, rather predictably, as the term progressed their relationship started to become more one-sided as Daniel texts became sporadic at best. Of the three characters, Lauren was the only who I had any time for but her stalker-like pursuit of Daniel really put me off her. The collapse of her friendship with Daniel saw Lauren launch into a deep depression however joining the university’s Labour Society really gave her a new-found confidence. I was happy that Lauren found a place where she could finally fit in and to an extent I think she was the character that most could identify with.

I was also overjoyed when Aiden finally got his comeuppance after learning that he had contracted a STD from all of his nights of unprotected sex. However I wasn’t a fan of the scenes in which we followed Aiden to the clinic where he was both tested and given the medication for his new disease. Even though the programme-makers tried to get us to like both of these girls, I found their confidence issues to be grating rather than endearing. Other programmes, like the Educating series and most BBC3 documentaries, have found likeable young characters to front their series but The Secret Life of Students struggled to do this. Why the detestable Aiden was chosen as a subject for this programme remains a mystery and his presence on screen continued to frustrate me.
Aiden is everything that is wrong with the growing use of social media and his participation in the dreadful neknominations demonstrated this perfectly. Aside from the lack of likeable participants, The Secret Life of Students didn’t have anything new to say about university life. Our subjects were nervous about their first days, had confidence issues throughout, drunk a lot and did plenty of bed-hopping. Furthermore, the lack of research that went into the programme made this feel like a lazily put together programme that was conceived to fill up the summer schedules.Ultimately, I struggled to find anything of merit in The Secret Life of Students which is a shame as I was rather looking forward to it. Instead of being another fly-on-the-wall show this was a portrait of three generic characters who I found it hard to care for.
The Secret Life of Students felt like a lazy concept that was poorly executed and came off as a rare misstep for Channel 4 who usually provide strong factual programming.What did you think of The Secret Life of Students?

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