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In Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0, when Shinji gets the Internal Reveal of Rei's clone nature, the lights come on to reveal racks of Rei heads with empty eye sockets, spare parts for future clones.
The Sailor Moon manga features a lot of moments where the characters (mostly villains) are drawn in with only eyelashes instead of the full eye.
Kunemon and Flymon both have no visible eyes, although it is suggested that the lightning bolt-shaped marks on their faces might be their eyes. Ghost Stories had the mirror spirits, who dragged people inside a mirror and took their forms.
Appears frequently on random people in No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!. The short horror one shot Me wo Mite Hanase (Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk) is about man who's never been able to look other people in the eyes; this has caused him much trouble throughout his life.
One type of mushi in Mushishi lives as a parasite in a persons eyes and requires total darkness to grow. Some depictions of Cyclopes, such the painting Polyphemus◊, depict them this way, with the single eye being in the center of their forehead. Likewise, in the few pictures of Destiny where the top half of his face isn't in total shadow, he doesn't appear to have eyes, though it's difficult to say for sure. X-Men villainess Destiny was a Blind Seer who wore an eyeless mask, which Spiral used for terrifying purposes when she literally nailed the mask onto X-Man Dazzler's face during the Fall of the Mutants X-Over in order to keep Dazzler from using her eyebeam laser attack.
Years later, another blind precog (Blindfold) came along and joined the X-Men's junior team. Marvel's Batman-Expy the Shroud had his eyes burnt off by means of steaming hot iron being pressed in his face. Probe from the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle has psychic powers and no eyes, which she disguises with sunglasses. In the Gene Catlow fanfic The Basalt City Chronicles, a historic emperor was born without eyes; it's implied this was a deformity. The major creep factor in Coraline is that everyone in the Other World has black buttons sewn into their eyes. The Fates in Disney's Hercules had to share one eye and usually fought over who would use it. The Angel of Death from Hellboy II: The Golden Army has eyes all over its wings, but none on its face.
This trope is partially used in The Goonies when the Goonies discover the lost pirate ship, and Mikie finally finds the skeletal remains of One Eyed Willy, the ship's former captain, still sitting in a chair.
The tie-in comic story "Unseen, Unheard" shows Visas Marr without the veil that she never takes off in the game.
Star Wars: The Old Republic states that aside from tradition, the other reason the Miralukans wear hoods, blindfolds, and visors is out of consideration for other species, who get unnerved by this biological quirk of theirs. The main character in Jacob's Ladder is haunted by the supremely disturbing figures pictured above, though you eventually learn that they're actually Angels helping him leave his past behind and enter heaven. The grim oracles in Clash of the Titans had no eyes, but traded a single crystal between them to see. Event Horizon's Dr.Weir pulls this off around the time he goes Axe Crazy, gouges his own eyes and starts blowing up stuff and gutting fellow team members apart.
The Chatterer from the first two films somehow manages to combine Eyes Always Shut and this trope. This incidentally is because in this world everybody is constantly traced by long distance retina scanners that are used in everything from paying train fare to bombing people with personalized advertisements.
The sinister Mouth of Sauron in ''The Lord of the Rings wears a rather painful-looking helmet that covers most of his face except his mouth.

In Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, Sheelba of the Eyeless Face is a maybe example - he always hides his face under a hood, but considering his name, maybe that's a good thing. The character Victor Farkas (he's on the cover of one edition) in Robert Silverberg's novel Hot Sky at Midnight. In the text version of Elfquest, Leetah's offer to mend One-Eye's lost eye is declined, as a Wolfrider healer, less skilled than her, had treated his injury long ago by sealing the socket completely. In Skulduggery Pleasant, the Faceless Ones turn out to be so named because humans they possess have all of their facial features melt away. The Dementors in Harry Potter normally have their faces hidden by hoods, but are described as having faces with no eyes (only skin over where the eye sockets should be) and giant round sucking mouths.
The aptly-named Blind Io of Discworld, of which he is arguably the chief god (or once was, real estate in Dunmanifestin moves around fairly quickly). In the future-evolution book Man After Man, most bats have completely lost their eyes, making room on their faces for additional echolocation-enhancing folds and depressions. In Perdido Street Station, the slake-moths have antennae positioned where a normal creature's eyes would be.
Every creature in Wayne Barlowe's Expedition is eyeless, save for one creature that sports what might be a single (retractable!) eye.
In The Folk Keeper, Old Francis says of the beings beneath Marblehaugh Park, "the Folk are mostly mouth".
Scooter seems to have eyes while wearing glasses, but reveals an Eyeless Face when he removes them. On sketch involve a face-lift machine had Muppets with their facial features temporarily removed, resulting in nothing but a mouth. The alien rebels from The X-Files have their eyes, ears and mouth sealed up so they can't be infested with the 'black oil'.
The Whispermen in "The Name of the Doctor" have eyeless faces, except when their master, the Great Intelligence, possesses one of them to manifest corporeally.
The Silence have eyes, but those eyes happen to be so deep into the sockets that you can't see them.
One Ultraman story has a race of subterranean humanoids kidnapping Hayata (Ultraman's human form) as part of an attempt to take over the surface world. Seeing a Faceless Eye chasing you is scary, sure, but seeing an Eyeless Face is usually more scary, since it looks so close to human but there's something not quite human about it. One night, he's beaten within an inch of his life after a group of thugs accuses him of looking at them the wrong way (which, of course, never happened). If not killed early with a combination of medicines and long exposure to bright light, it eventually consumes the eyes completely, leaving only two pitch black holes in the head. Not quite, though— once he whips off the shades, his eye sockets are twin tiny mouths, with teeth. To prevent the readers from spazzing out by seeing burnt eyes and molten flesh it's toned down to just scarred flesh. And the buttons symbolize becoming a part of the world where the eyeless creature lives in. Curiosity leads Mikie to lift up Willy's eyepatch, and he is visibly spooked by the discovery that One Eyed Willy didn't earn his nickname by way of any injury, but rather by way of never having a left eye in the first place. This is based on the mythical Graeae, or 'Grey Ones'—three women who were born old, with one eye and one tooth between them.
This story features the ghost of a woman in a kimono, who stands by the elevator doors on the 13th floor. Not having eyes is the best way to hide, especially when it's always possible to buy a new set from the black market if you need them. He was created from the memory of a character who never noticed anything about his "real" incarnation but his acne.

A security guard (Bill Hixon) is taken by a group of aliens and physically altered: one of the changes is that his eyes are removed and covered over with flesh. She, as well as three other severely deformed or disabled children, is living in a hospital, where she is frequently mistreated and tranquilised. Instead of empty sockets or smooth skin where his eyes should be, he has holes straight through his head, through which can be seen whatever is behind him. Although that is not the creepiest thing about the Hive Mind aliens who harvest "trophies" and absorb them into their transparent bodies. Semi-subverted in the case of those species whose nostrils or breathing-spiracles are positioned so they resemble eyes. Corinna later encounters one and sees that its face is indeed mostly taken up by a large mouth, with no eyes. They put him on "a permanent loop through the nine circles of Hell", and one of his punishments is having his eyes sewn shut.
He's pretty well-adjusted in the present, though flashbacks show the transformation was very traumatic for him, and he still seems to hold some resentment towards Inhumans like Lincoln who made the change without any physical deformities at all. After he wakes up from his coma, he finds that nobody in the world has eyes, just eyebrows and smooth skin where the eyes should be. She wears a strip of cloth across her face at eye level (a 'blindfold' as it were) to hide the fact. According to him, his father used to say that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
However, the hero Hile Troy also has an eyeless face, having been born disfigured in the "real world." When he comes to The Land, he gains sight despite having no eyes. During the course of the book she never verbally communicates, yet shows a sweet and innocent nature. As, on the Discworld, the eyes are literally windows to the soul, this is a very bad thing indeed. Unlike most examples, however, it appears that the people aren't really missing their eyes, it's just a result of the protagonist sustaining serious brain injury.
She woke up to find her new master had carved out large pockets of flesh to imitate eye sockets. Whenever someone goes to use the elevator, the ghost first asks them if they are currently on the 13th floor.
The Andalites themselves are kind of an inversion: two eyes on the face, another two above the face, but no mouth. Not only do they consider their condition normal, but upon feeling the face of a sighted man, they conclude that the pair of soft masses above his cheeks are tumors that should be removed surgically. More importantly, we as human beings normally use eye contact to connect with others on an emotional level (with a few exceptions). When they respond "yes", and start to move towards the elevator, the ghostly woman grabs their arm and reveals her face - pale, sickly, and with the eyes covered in bloody bandages. She then demands for the person to "Give me back my eyes", before the bandages suddenly fall away - to reveal an eyeless face. And make it constantly smile, even when having its head blown off, back snapped, stabbed through the head.

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