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In this story, many of the show's ponies go out of their way to provide their different origin stories for our favorite pegasus filly for Twilight Sparkle's convenience. Most of them, it seems, are absolutely untrue or ridiculous and only succeed in making the unicorn go absolutely insane and repeatedly bang her head on tables.
Many of the tales are either parodies of famous origin stories or mocking common story archetypes found in My Little Pony fanfiction.It can be found here. The author has officially confirmed that this story, and its sequels, exist on Earth 22 of the MLP-Multiverse.The God Squad, a spinoff starring Luna, Celestia, Cadence, Shining Armor and Tydal can be found here.
Cue Nightmare Moon waking up in bed and telling her husband Discord she just had a dream that Twilight was trying to find out about Scootaloo (ala NEWHART).
Big Damn Heroes: When Lyra snaps and begins to go after Twilight, demanding she give her hands, who should burst onto the scene but Princess Luna, who declares, "No one hurts the daughter I learned about 3 hours ago!" and smashes Lyra's head into a table, knocking her out Which actually ends up being a subversion given that Twilight was rescued by the one person she didn't want to be rescued by.
Big "NO!": Prince Blueblood, when he's about to be hit in the face by a "little accident" of Twilight's.
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pinkie Pie, after sensing that the author has inserted himself into the story, rips through the story and tells the audience that breaking the fourth wall is bad.

In the Author Insertion chapter, defender2222 commonly looks at the audience and talks to them, complaining about not having a TV Tropes page and how negative reviews make him sad. The Cameo: Several of the origins feature ponified cameos, including a time machine inventing pony, a certain Time Lord pony, and the greatest hero you've never heard of.
Shout-Out: The entire premise of the story is to insert Scootaloo into different origin stories. Two of the latest chapters have seen Friendship is Witchcraft and On a Cross and Arrow referenced. Spike's story is a mash-up of elements from James Bond, Burn Notice, and The Emperor's New Groove. Pinkie Pie's story is a mish-mash of Superman, Batman, and Darkwing Duck, culminating in the conclusion that Scootaloo is Mare-Do-Well. And before that, we learn that Rarity screamed when she learned the secret of The Rainbow Factory: The workers all have to wear hairnets! The Stinger: the ending, where it is shown the whole story may have been the dream of a very domesticated Nightmare Moon, who truly is married to Discord and Twilight is her baby.

Sudden Musical Ending: When Discord realizes the chapter hasn't ended yet, he, along with Deadpool and defender2222 sing 'Call Me, Maybe' to close out the chapter.
Took a Level in Jerkass: as the story progresses the many weird and contradictory origin stories clearly begin taking a toll on Twilight's sanity. Despite this both Celestia and Rarity choose to prank her with their own over the top tales. Villain Decay: In the Professor's chapter, she points out that Daleks in the Ponyverse are considerably easier to defeat than in her native dimension.

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