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TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Omnibus Volume 1 coverThe Secret History is a French Comic Book written by Jean-Pierre Pecau and illustrated by a number of artists, but mostly Igor Kordey.
Secret Wars II is a nine-issue comic book Limited Series and crossover published between 1985 to 1986 by Marvel Comics. Super Dragon is a low-rent James Bond who, despite being retired, is called back into action when a colleague is killed. It tells the story of four immortal siblings, two brothers and two sisters, who use their superhuman intellect and superpowered runestones to affect world events throughout history. It was written by Marvel's then Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and primarily penciled by Al Milgrom.
The case the colleague was working centers around a mysterious new drug which has been turning the student body of a small college town into a mindless mob; and the investigation leads Super Dragon on a trail of intrigue to Holland, several nice apartments, a charity art auction, a Ming vase smuggling ring, and tainted chewing gum (seriously) with which the bad guys plan to Take Over the World (seriously!). Uh oh."Who Do You Trust?"In the wake of the Civil War, the New Avengers confront the assassin Elektra. The story follows a 15th-century female mercenary captain, Ash, as she gets involved in literally world-changing events. They oppose the sinister plans of CHUMP, whose members include Baron Von Butcher and his chaffeur Creto, the Dragon Woman and her assistant Wang Fu, Mad Scientist Dr. But when Elektra is killed in battle, her body turns green revealing her as a shapeshifting alien Skrull. It tied-in with issues of other Marvel titles, with each "tie-in" featuring a Secret Wars II logo in the top right hand corner to indicate that it was a part of the overall story.The plot follows the return of The Beyonder, the being who started the first Secret Wars, who comes to Earth in search of enlightenment and inevitably comes into conflict with Earth's metahumans and the cosmic entities that exist in the Marvel Universe.
Turns out the Skrulls had perfected a technique that lets them impersonate anyone, undetectable even to telepathy, super senses, and anything else the superheroes can come up with. Erlin is more or less always heroic, Dyo is always evil and has a particular hatred for Jews, Aker is usually heroic but sometimes not, and Reka does a few Heel Face Turns, as if she's suffering from immortal PMS. The Fifth Archon, William de Lecce, appears later on in history after the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI castrated and blinded him in 1194. Oh Crap!.A Marvel Comics Crisis Crossover for the year 2008, about an invasion of the Skrulls on Earth. Is a Crapshoot: The Wild Machines, an ancient self-aware computer conglomerate, ultimately wants to wipe out all humankind and remain the only intelligent thing on the planet.
This somehow caused him to gain mystical powers, and also twisted his psyche into something monstrously evil. It's the conclusion of plot elements introduced by Brian Michael Bendis in multiple Avengers titles since the end of the Civil War crossover. However, it turns out that they only wanted to prevent the chaos and horror that would result if humanity were to keep developing its innate Reality Warper abilities, making them more Well-Intentioned Extremists than anything else. William also hates the Jewish People.The narrative follows the Archons through history from receiving the runestones in 3000 BC all the way to the end of World War II in the most recent volume.
The possibility that anyone in the Marvel Universe could be a shapeshifting impostor woke big interest in fans, who were hoping for the comics equivalent of Battlestar Galactica.
Many real-world or suspected real conspiracies are revealed to be controlled by the Archons. Alternate History: Although somewhat inverted, in that there is no past point of divergence.
It was followed by the Dark Reign and War of Kings events.The story involves The Skrulls, an alien race of shapeshifters who have (mostly) played a villainous role in the Marvel Universe. After series of disasters, the Skrull Empire is greatly weakened, and a religious figure, Queen Veranke, convinces them that their destiny is to rule the Earth. Anti-Magic: The power of the bloodline of the Dukes of Burgundy is to prevent miracles from happening. With help from an extraordinary Skrull scientist, a process is created that allows the Skrulls to fool all known means of detection- only upon their deaths do they revert to their true form.
Establishing Character Moment: While Secret Wars II #1 doesn't really offer anything in terms of the Beyonder's characterization, Uncanny X-Men #196 features a scene of him in a cafeteria that establishes him as a cosmic idiot. The two proceed to torture the surviving evil lab technician the same way to find out where the Big Bad fled.
Over a period of several years, they secretly replace several Marvel characters, with Veranke herself taking the place of Spider-Woman. The Cavalry: Played with in the arrival of John de Vere with the Turkish troops when Ash and her company are under siege in Dijon. Many real-life painters are employed to paint the tarot card sets, including Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso. Evil Tower of Ominousness: In issue 6, "Life Rules," the Beyonder builds himself a Super Hero Base in which to operate as a superhero. These Sleeper Agents have even been brainwashed into believing themselves to be the replaced person, until a code phrase ("He Loves You" a reference to the Skrulls' god) awakens their true memories. The troops are too few to turn the tide in Burgundy's favour; however, they present protection, since the Carthaginians really do not want to attack them and risk a war with the Ottoman Empire.
In a bit of subversion, he buys the property, files the plans at city hall, and then builds it.
In addition, the Skrulls have figured out how to duplicate the powers of many of Earth's heroes, and even prepared some agents with multiple powers. Convenient Miscarriage: Ash miscarries hers and Fernando's child while in a Carthaginian dungeon.
Ghostapo: The Nazis are secretly controlled by the Fifth Archon, William de Lecce, who oversees most of their occult projects.
Friend or Idol Decision: Spider-Man ends up getting tangled up in the whole skyscraper incident and, in the process, finds himself snatching a gold notepad in order to help pay for Aunt May's expenses.
When they found out that there were Skrulls around, many superheroes thought that they were the puppet masters of the Civil War: the New Avengers thought that Iron Man was a Skrull, and Iron Man that Captain America was a Skrull.

Curse of the Ancients: Discussed, with the editor settling for translating Ash's swearing as modern four-letter words in order to retain its shock value. Living Forever Is Awesome: The Archons may go through a lot of shit, but hey, they still more or less control world events. Neither Captain America, Iron Man nor the New Warriors, María Hill or the politicians that wrote and vote the Registration Act were Skrulls. Fictional Document: The historical narratives being translated and polished in the Framing Story by the historian Pierce Ratcliff. Framing Story: The book is supposedly the work of historian Pierce Ratcliff, who is piecing together the story of Ash from historical documents. Interspersed in the inner story are correspondences between Ratcliff and his editor as the story related in these documents begins to diverge from known history. Missing Steps Plan: Synchron will make people go batshit crazy - and from there, the villains will rule the world, somehow. Friend to All Living Things: When Godfrey was a child, he used to go out in the forest and spend hours just standing amid the wild beasts, similar to St.
Since the team had virtually no activity around Earth, their story focused on panic on Knowhere when a dead Skrull was discovered hiding in the station.
Left the Background Music On: The seductive jazz number playing when Super Dragon and Rembrandt 13 are about to kiss comes to a sudden, distorted halt as the power goes off in their hotel room. Ret Gone: The Beyonder does this to the New Mutants and the only one who remembers them is Kitty Pryde, thanks to her connection to Illyana. She ran away from home because of her intolerant family, and she and her lover Esther were sentenced to death. Self-Insert Fic: Some believe that the entire series was one for Jim Shooter, Marvel's Editor-In-Chief at the time. Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum: The Beyonder's Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds routine came complete with one of these. Plus, the previous agent is described as having driven off a canyon road; there are no canyons anywhere near Fremont. She joined Ash's company as a Sweet Polly Oliver, only to have the soldiers try to lynch her when it came out that she was female and a lesbian. Time-Compression Montage: Done repeatedly throughout the series, along with a heavy dose of exposition. 10-Minute Retirement: Super Dragon, aka Brian Cooper, has retired happily at the beginning of the movie. For instance, when The Beyonder mentally dominates everyone in the universe, it is shown with a mere four panels of everyone and everything bowing down in subservience.
Very Special Episode: Fantastic Four #285 is about a kid burning himself to death trying to copy Johnny Storm's Wreathed in Flames style, the news of which nearly driving Johnny himself into quitting his superhero career. Victory Is Boring: In Issue #3 the Beyonder mind controls everything on Earth, effectively winning. What Is This Thing You Call Love?: Beyonder tries to make the heroine Dazzler fall in love with him, but realizes he can't win her love fairly, with no mind control tricks.
Writing Around Trademarks: The aforementioned skyscraper of gold had a group of soldiers run interference to help get rid of them.
It would have made no sense if it was otherwise, unless the Skrulls either fooled the Hand or the Hand were working with the Skrulls all along, neither of which was likely. Heel?Face Turn: At the end of the story, the Wild Machines, who have spent history trying to wipe out humanity, are now working with Ash's plan, maintaining Lost Burgundy and keeping reality functioning.
Jeanne d'Archetype: Ash is in some respects very much like Jeanne d'Arc, including hearing voices.
Jerk Ass: Fernando starts out as a huge jerk and a misogynist, among other less-than-pleasing qualities. Badass in Distress: Many, but especially Black Bolt, who was considered one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Universe, then was easily caught. Literary Agent Hypothesis: the book is supposedly what Pierce Ratcliff, the historian who's piecing together Ash's history or legend, is writing for publication. Interspersed in the work are snippets of Ratcliff's private notes and correspondence with his editor. The Marvelous Deer: To decide who shall become the new Duke of Burgundy, the pretenders to the throne try to bring down one of these.
Floria succeeds, and as she does, the power of her bloodline causes the stag to morph from an ethereal, supernatural creature into an ordinary dead animal. Body Horror: For the sleeper agents who didn't know they were Skrulls, the sudden transformation into their true forms. Made all the creepier by her full awareness of the process and who's responsible, and her attempts to flee. Reed Richards' utterly horrifying "interrogation" at the Skrulls' hands; it involves his body being stretched grotesquely by various suction devices until he's the size of a soccer pitch. Because the Skrull impersonating him complains that he got zero respect for impersonating Pym. At one point, Bendis considered having a Skrull taunt Wonder Man by saying that even though he was powerful, the Skrulls all thought he was kinda pathetic and no one wanted to be him (still, there was a Skrull Wonder Man among the ones who landed in Savage Land).
Cassandra Truth: Veranke was warning Skrull Emperor that their homeworld will be destroyed by Galactus, and then the wave will come, and was banished for that. The Skrull impersonating Hank Pym gets a little bit of this in one of the Mighty Avengers tie-ins: he meets with the Skrull impersonating Dum Dum Dugan and tells him the invasion won't work because Humans Are Special.
Translation Convention: The characters speak in reasonably modern English, including cursing, as a deliberate stylistic choice to make them more approachable and understandable. Crusader actually recognizes that the Hank Pym who's heading up the Initiative is a Skrull based on eating habits.
Dan Browned: An example that also falls under Ass Pull, Mockingbird's being among the rescued heroes.

The writers attempted a rather halfassed excuse for how Bobbi could have been seen in Hell in prior arcs that supposedly happened after she'd already been replaced (if a Skrull dies believing they're a person, they're still that person in the afterlife). Though, Bobbi's body WAS destroyed when she died, so it is, maybe possible, but still reeks of retcon. Deadpan Snarker: Possibly overused, but among a cast full of snark, John the Skrull managed to stand out. After the end of the Civil War, Luke Cage thought that they should find the Big Bad behind it and the other recent disasters (Secret War, Avengers Disassembled, House of M), and make things right again.
And he was happy to discover the Skrull conspiracy, but no: the Skrulls were not behind any of those things.
As pointed by Iron Fist, there was no big bad behind, things were screwed simply because they were screwed.
Decompressed Comic: Potholed in the opening paragraph, but it deserves a second mention, because boy howdy. While the timelines of all the various tie-ins vary, the once-a-month issue release of crossover's central miniseries meant that it took two thirds of a year to tell what essentially amounted to between a few hours and a couple of days of story. A joke amongst detractors of the book as it was coming out was "Are they still in the Savage Land?" in reference to how the main characters went to the Savage Land at the very beginning of the book and stayed there until the end of issue five.
Defector from Decadence: Hulkling, Crusader, Xavin, John the Skrull, Jaz, or really any Skrull that sides with the Earth heroes. Technically, they didn't defect from decadence, as the Skrull Empire was in shambles and had been taken over by religious fundamentalists, but they still, for assorted reasons, decided they liked Earth enough as it was to not want it assimilated. Deal with the Devil: Pete Wisdom lets out some very nasty creatures in order to get to Merlin, and in return, they wipe out the Skrulls that had invaded Britain. Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion: Many people see the conclusion (one battle in Central Park and Thor taking down the entire damn fleet by himself) as this. The fact that the Super-Skrulls were so easily killed to a point were every tie-in has a kill count in the hundreds didn't help.
Another big problem was that one tie-in featured Deadpool discovering the means to kill the Skrull Queen and passing the information on to Norman Osborn. If you read that tie-in, you realized that Osborn had a gun made to those specifications and used it during the final fight to kill the otherwise-invulnerable queen, making himself the hero of the day. And was lauded as the savior of Earth for happening to be the person who fired the lucky shot. It was never even mentioned during the battle that if anyone other than Osborn had shot her, it wouldn't have killed her. The Mighty & New Avengers start off at each other's throats, but after realising that the Skrulls are invading right now, start working together. Longstanding enemy of the Fantastic Four, The Tinkerer, helps the Human Torch & the Thing escape the Negative Zone. When the Thunderbolts arrive for the final battle, Venom asks Norman Osborn for permission to go after Spider-Man, only to be refused. Glamour Failure: Exposing the Skrulls becomes a cat and mouse game, with the Earth characters continually having to come up with new methods as the Skrulls keep working around their old ones. Heel?Face Turn: When we last saw Merlin, he was plain evil, but here he comes back to being a good guy.
At the end of this story, Jessica Drew came to really hate Skrulls, as seen in her individual comics which happens after this story. Kick the Dog: A lot of readers, and many of the Initiative students, view 3-D man's shooting of Crusader as this. After the destruction of New York wipes out a huge swath of heroes and civilians, except for Hulk, and the Skrull invasion kills scads more, the Bishop's spy (who turns out to be Wasp) slaughters the last ones left, save Hulk, by hitting a very human Pym with the same bio-bomb serum that had been used on Wasp herself in the original storyline, after having gathered them all together in the guise of a resistance group.
Then Hulk, having completely lost all hope, catches a passing Silver Surfer and demands that he bring his master down on the Earth and the Skrulls. Hulk again ends up being the only one to survive the resulting cataclysm, and Galactus names him as a herald as a result. In the Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in, this is Drax the Destroyer's method for figuring out who's a Skrull on Knowhere (granted he made sure the mass death was temporary and only long enough to force the Skrulls to revert to their true forms). As the Savage Land copycats come off the ship, Ares notes to fight them is a calculated distraction on the Skrulls' part and that they should retreat back to New York. Cage however punches out Afro!Cage and the heroes bog themselves down in a pretty pointless fight. The battle scatters the heroes and leaves them wandering around for over half the series before Abigail Brand and Reed Richards come to rescue them. Their religious devotion made them overconfident in victory and to ignore basic military tactics as pointed out by the Skrull commander who invaded Wakanda and Kl'rt, the original Super-Skrull.
Legacy Character: 3-D Man And Noh-Varr, after announcing himself as the new CAPTAIN MARVEL! After decades of other people taking his codenames, Hank Pym himself finally pulls this after the events of Secret Invasion, taking up his dead ex-wife's codename of Wasp. Let's Get Dangerous: Hercules and the God Squad takes on the Skrull gods Kly'bn and Sl'gur't. It's not until Herc thinks that Amadeus has been killed that he really cuts loose and lays the smackdown on Kly'bn.
The Magic Versus Technology War: The Skrulls started out using only tech on Britain, then once they'd broken into Avalon and swiped all the artifacts, they were perfectly happy to turn Britain's sources of magic against the country. Mercy Kill: Thor kills Wasp, partially to put her out of her misery, and partially to keep her from going critical and taking nearly everyone in Times Square with her.

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