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A character known for style is getting into a situation that requires some protection, but protective gear in Real Life just isn't fashionable. It can overlap with Impossibly Cool Clothes, depending on how convincing the outfit is at looking like it protects.
Compare Bling of War, Pimped-Out Dress, Happy Holidays Dress, Scary Impractical Armor, An Ice Suit, Pimped-Out Cape, Battle Ballgown, Kicking Ass in All Her Finery. Card Captor Sakura has Tomoyo design one for Sakura sometimes when she's capturing Clow Cards.
Darker Than Black: After some enemy agents seemingly kill Anti-Hero Hei with a few bullet rounds to the back of his Badass Longcoat, Hei's Non-Human Sidekick Mao pops up behind them to reveal that the coat isn't meant to be a fashion statement - it's bulletproof.
Also, we can see a few other specialised owl-suits in the Owl-Ship for diving, protection from radiation and the like, in the style of action figures like the Batman toys mentioned below. In Frozen, Elsa accidentally puts her kingdom in an Endless Winter, and her sister Anna goes to find her. In Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Kingsmen's wickedly stylish suits are all bulletproof. The Hunger Games has the Mockingjay outfit for Katniss, designed by Cinna before his death for Katniss to use as the face of the resistance.
In The New Avengers, Purdey had a gold silk karate gi, which really stood out compared to Gamnit's plain white one when they were sparring.
The Gimmick of Colony Extreme Force, besides being evil counterparts to Chikara main stays The Colony, is this trope.
In general, artifact armor in Exalted will either fit this trope, or Scary Impractical Armor.
Half of all Batman toys consist of environment or mission specific costumes, like this one or this one from Batman Forever. The Real Ghostbusters received ever-gaudier flightsuits and other costumes throughout their life on the shelves.
Snake's Sneaking Suit in Metal Gear Solid is ostensibly designed to keep him warm in Alaska while allowing him full freedom of movement. According to the artbook for Gears of War 3, Prescott's armor was designed to look like something a politician would wear on a tour of a war zone, compared to the more utilarian gear of his, um, Gears. Some of the armor options in Monster Hunter has appearance and style that plausibly matches its environmental protection. In the Teen Titans episode "Snowblind", and others where it's cold, Raven wears a fur-trimmed cape and tights. As said pictures demonstrate, Robin and Beast Boy also swap out for a more winterized version of their usual outfits, albeit more subtly. Notably, Starfire averts this with the justification that her kind is far more tolerant to extreme cold.
The fur-trimmed, but still pretty, outfits worn in the mountains in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. In Conan the Adventurer, the entire cast got special outfits when they traveled north or into the mountains. The team in Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures gets cool-looking stuff like swim gear and parkas.
In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Rarity often eschews drab camouflage for more scintillating colors. The US Army is trying for this with their new protective goggles, designed by Oakley, so soldiers will actually wear them, rather than leaving them on their helmets like they did with the (very ugly) previous models. Technically the ones strapped to the helmet are unwearable because they're strapped to the helmet. Similarly, Aviator Shades are so called because Ray-Ban designed them specifically with pilots in mind (the very large lenses are designed to block sunlight from all angles). This trope is clearly kept in mind for how quite a bit of motorcycle rider gear is designed and marketed, as most people would rather buy cool protective gear than boring protective gear. Tilley Endurables, a Canadian company already famous for its tough broad brim warm weather hats, also defies the Canadian stereotypical tuques by making winter hats as well that look nothing less than thick insulated fedoras with a stylish brim and folding ear and forehead flaps for windchill.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. And sometimes the writers are aware that the character has to wear some kind of protective clothing, so they go with Stylish Protection Gear. When trying to catch the Lightning card, she designed a dress made mostly out of rubber material. When male model Derek Zoolander moves back to coal mining country to reconnect with his family, he goes to work in the coal mines wearing specially-tailored, color-coordinated work clothes and a shiny new helmet.
Although never inappropriate for the environment he was going into, his adventuring gear was usually tailored.
It was quite effective, able to stop a bullet fired at close range as well as having a small pocket for the nightlock pill, even accessible while bound. In the episode "Tundra", Howard Moon turns up in the kind of thick furs you'd expect someone to wear in the arctic- and Vince Nior wears a red jumpsuit ("the human coke-can").
And in case you missed it, it is even in their names in the case of Orbit Adventure Ant and Arctic Rescue Ant (who even has snow goggles). Her normal and other alternate costume wouldn't look out of place on a fashion runway, but the only costume that stops enemies from dragging her away or attacking her is an unsexy suit of armor. Lagombi armor, for example, it a rather ornate set of furs that cover from head to toe, and offers immunity to freezing environments.
Amidala's suit does seem like it could work on an ice planet, but what makes it this trope is the short, but voluminous fur-trimmed Pimped-Out Cape, with the two furry puff balls (an accessory that is strictly for fashion, not utility). As for Cyborg, "stylish" depends on what you think of him looking like an angry Michelin Man.
What really cements their spot in this trope, however, is that this includes one for their pet Komodo dragon. While Robin, Artemis and Zatanna are bundled up, the rest of the team just have recolored outfits.
Safety lenses designed to look like fashionable sunglasses are just as easy to find in stores now as the garden-variety tinted ones are. Their popularity in the civilian world was partly driven by their use by American military pilots (and by General Douglas MacArthur).
Whether it's a badass leather jacket or a striking black-and-neon high-visibility jacket with abrasion-resistant armor inserts, they're always designed to be as awesome-looking as possible.
What matters is that the protective gear looks like plausible protection, but still nice to look at. The only winter clothes a store has not only conveniently fit her, but are quite nice looking. In fact, it can be said that this trope is a major reason that Cool Shades is a trope to begin with.

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