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SUNBURY — Northumberland County Assistant District Attorney Michael Toomey testified Friday that he skipped the beginning of a video that lead to the mistrial of an accused child predator.
Taking the liberty of speaking for the majority of Donald Trump supporters, I believe it is quite safe to say that we did not vote for Donald Trump because we agreed with Donald Trump. Photos courtesy of Union County CollegeWhile not exclusively for women, Union County College recently held an event called ‘Girls Gone Wired’ to encourage and teach young women about computer coding. UNION COUNTY, NJ — Two dozen aspiring programmers came together at Union County College on Thursday, Aug. One of the most valuable skills in today’s job market, according to “Girls Gone Wired” co-instructor Beth Ritter Guth, is writing code, which is why it’s important for communities to encourage programming literacy. But many Americans are intimidated by programming, especially women, who haven’t entered STEM-related fields at the same rate as men, added Guth.
In part due to the accessible nature of programming, said Guth, aspiring programmers don’t even need to take classes in order to know what they’re doing.
The modern changes in programming were on full display at “Girls Gone Wired,” which was more of an interactive class than a demonstration.

But despite the various shifts in programming over the years, certain trends have stayed the same, including the relatively small number of women entering the workforce. That’s why “Girls Gone Wild” was aimed at girls, said Guth, even though men were also encouraged to attend.
According to the school, a disproportionate amount of women work in the field and as a result coding has become a male-dominated culture. 27, for the first-ever edition of “Girls Gone Wired,” a free, interactive class that promoted women’s participation in computer programming. With classes like “Girls Gone Wired,” Guth hopes colleges can teach students that programming is not only a useful tool for men — it’s for everyone. Programming has evolved over the years, said Guth, so that’s it more accessible than ever before. By the end of the day, many of them had animated their names, used iPads to sample iOS code, and participated in other activities.
In a few minutes, the champion will be walked over to the breeding shed, a mere 50 yards away.

Every language has a word for “go,” for example, and when someone is learning a new language, they just have to learn how to say “go” in a slightly different way.
But when they leave college, they prefer to use that knowledge in other fields, such as education. The class had a “huge response” from interested parties, said Guth, and many students hoped that the college would host similar classes in the future.
Now, it’s much more like using building blocks, according to Guth, and there are plenty of free, visualized resources that anyone can use to great effect.

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