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A Romanian has been jailed for more than nine years following a terrifying £1 million sledge hammer raid on a Birmingham jewellera€™s shop.
Last August Ionut Tucan, 23, and Ionut Dimisca, 21, were imprisoned for a total of 18 years for the raid. The pair were caught after a police dog tracked them and officers recovered about 17 kilos of gold worth £750,000. The judge said the gang had entered the UK as European Union citizens with the intention of robbing jewellery shops.
The judge warned: a€?Anyone who comes to the UK wanting to commit serious crime must clearly understand such abuse of the hospitality of this country and its people must be seriously punished. Roman was jailed for nine years and six months which included a concurrent sentence of seven years for the Birmingham raid. Marius Barbu, 25, Vasile Batarga, 23, Ioan Gavrilit, 26, and Iulian Culba, 22, were each jailed for nine years and four months. Constantin Irina, 30, was jailed for eight years, and Georghe Macovei, 23, and Ovidiu Gabor, 25, for seven years. Puiu-Danut Paunescu, 26, was jailed for seven years and three months, and Catalin Paise, 20, for six years and nine months. Husband Mohammed Mumtaz, 26, his parents, Zia Ul-Haq and Salma Aslam, both 52, and Hammad Hassan, 25, were all convicted of murdering his wife, Naila Mumtaz, in 2009. TENS of thousands of Romanians plan to swarm into the UK once visa restrictions are dropped at the end of the year, new figures suggest.
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A Romanian immigrant raped and battered a woman just THREE MONTHS after arriving in the UK following his release from prison for an identical attack in his own country. George-Josif Blaj, 20, walked into Britain unchecked despite being convicted of raping a woman in Romania. Within three months of moving to Northampton, he subjected a woman in her 20s to a harrowing sex attack in her own home on February 1 this year. A court heard the victim found Blaj standing over her bed clutching a garden spade after he had broken in through a downstairs window at 7am.
After throttling her until she was unconscious, Blaj waited for the woman to wake up before attacking her with the spade and then raping her.
Blaj was arrested nearby and pleaded guilty to assault, burglary and rape – as well as asking for a burglary at a mosque in Northampton to be taken into consideration.
The court heard the victim was so traumatised she had since left the country to start a new life abroad.
It also emerged that Blaj had been previously convicted of rape in his native Romania when he was aged 16. And speaking after the case, Michael Ellis, MP for Northampton North, blasted authorities for letting the rapist into Britain so easily. A Home Office spokesperson said people travelling to the UK were checked against a range of watch-lists but said the onus for flagging someone’s criminal history lay with the authorities in their home country. One in five people over the age of 70 is unable to go up or down the stairs without harm, and almost a third are not using their kitchen as they feel they cannot safely use it.
A study of 2,000 adults found that while calorie counting and ‘five a day’ are a focus of their daily food plan, a large percentage admit they often forget to consider things such as putting sugar or syrup on their cereal or dressing on a salad.

While kissing at least seven times a week was critical to keeping the fire burning year after year.
A Romanian living abroad casts his ballot during the presidential election run-off at a polling station inside the Romanian Embassy in LondonRomanians living abroad had hoped they would find it easier to cast their ballots yesterday than during the first round of the presidential election two weeks ago.A Then, thousands were prevented from voting because of long queues and early closing times at their embassies, some of which ran out of critical forms. They were caught after police kept watch on a makeshift campsite they were using on waste ground in Essex.
He raped and attacked the 32-year-old victim in Northampton on Boxing Day last year, only five months after he finished a 10-year sentence in his home country for rape. It also emerged that many adults are consuming ‘invisible calories’ on top of their usual daily intake, with syrup, sugar and jam on porridge among the biggest culprits for the ‘hidden’ extra calories.
This is the equivalent of adding a city as big as Manchester to the UKa€™s population every four years.
There were queues but nothing this dramatic.a€™The election is being contested by prime minister Victor Ponta and the mayor of the city of Sibiu, Klaus Iohannis. It was transformational in terms of Britain’s relationship with countries like Poland.

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