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New research finds we’re better able to identify genuinely creative ideas when they’ve emerged from the unconscious mind.
Newly published research suggests that is indeed a good idea — but not for the reason you might think. A study from the Netherlands finds allowing ideas to incubate in the back of the mind is, in a narrow sense, overrated.
But they did perform better on the vital second step of this process: determining which of their ideas was the most creative. Given the value of discerning truly fresh ideas, “we can conclude that the unconscious mind plays a vital role in creative performance,” a research team led by Simone Ritter of the Radboud University Behavioral Science Institute writes in the journal Thinking Skills and Creativity.
In the first of two experiments, 112 university students were given two minutes to come up with creative ideas to an everyday problem: how to make the time spent waiting in line at a cash register more bearable. After writing down as many ideas as they could think of, they were asked to choose which of their notions was the most creative. The two groups scored evenly on both the number of ideas generated and the average creativity of those ideas. The researchers aren’t sure how to explain their results; they suggest a “spontaneous tagging process” takes place when an idea is generated unconsciously, alerting us to its level of creativity. The answer is obvious, they exist in the mind, and they have no existence outside of the mind. The mind is the source of all problems, you may believe that someone losing the use of their legs is a physical problem, but the reality is that the problem is still in the mind.
Since suffering only exists in the mind, it seems obvious that the mind is the source of suffering. How often have you heard that you can’t solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that created the problem? All of the religious and spiritual systems, all of the political, economic, scientific, and psychological systems, all of those things the whole world is run with, are based upon using the mind to solve the problems the mind created. I have no doubt that many of the people reading this right now, probably most of the people reading this, are looking for mental understandings. The mind can create the illusion of healing, in fact this is what’s known as the placebo effect.
You don’t need to get rid of the mind entirely, that will happen sooner or later anyway. Balance is found by not associating your self with the thoughts in your mind, by no longer attaching to them.

If our best efforts produce nothing brilliant, we’re often advised to put aside the issue at hand and give our unconscious minds a chance to work.
People who let their unconscious minds take a crack at a problem were no more adept at coming up with innovative solutions than those who consciously deliberated over the dilemma. That realization provides essential information; without it, how do you decide which solution you should actually try to implement? Half the participants went at it immediately, while the others first spent two minutes performing a distracting task — clicking on circles that appeared on a computer screen. This allowed time for ideas to percolate outside their conscious awareness.
But those who had been distracted, and thus had ideas spring from their unconscious minds, were better at selecting their most creative concept.
Participants were given a different assignment (“Come up with as many ideas as possible on how students can earn some extra money”); at the end, they were asked to identify both their most and least creative ideas. Those who had employed their unconscious minds were better at selecting both their most and least-innovative ideas.
Knowing which ideas belong in the trash bin, and which deserve to be fleshed out further, is a real gift—one that, according to this research, your unconscious mind is poised to provide. You may see things like violence happening around you, which is an expression of anger, but violence isn’t anger itself. It’s not going to work, yet people foolishly put their hope into such an impossibility. This is the whole point of meditation, yet this is often missed and people get all caught up in meditation techniques and systems, more mental creations. Without the mind there is no society, society is one of the mind’s many fabrications.
You may see the expressions of negative emotions happening in the world, but the negative emotions themselves are only in the mind.
None of these things should be too difficult to accept, at least mentally, but it seems application of this knowledge is something people struggle with. It inevitably results in more mental suffering, and I recommend realizing this as soon as possible. We have all these spiritual practices that are supposed to solve this issue, but spiritual practices, and in fact all spiritual knowledge, is still mind-based. If you really believe in your mind that something will make you feel better, chances are it will appear to end the suffering. Simply Being Present is the most effective meditation, yet that’s too simple for the mind.

You awareness doesn’t originate from your mind, your mind is only one subject of your awareness, one of many.
Then you’ll begin to expand your Consciousness into the more subtle feelings that are usually drowned out by the loud, unruly mind. It’s the difference between happiness and misery, simply because of a mental attitude. I say this because most people are still trying to solve their problems using the very thing that created the problems, their mind. Unless people collectively come to this realization, the same patterns will continue to occur.
This is why so much of spirituality, especially the new age stuff, is nothing more than fantasy. If you don’t understand that the mind is what created the suffering in the first place, this might lead you to believe the mind has enormous healingA  powers. The mind needs to complicate things, as complicating reality is how the mind exists in the first place. Fighting with the mind only strengthens it anyway, as conflict itself originates from the mind.
It’s through seeing beyond the mind that the Divine is found, and where real Love, fulfillment, and peace are found.
The way things are is the way things are, it’s the mind that judges that as being a problem or not. If you try to use the mind to see beyond the illusion, you’re just going to create more illusions. Of course, the patterns that originally created the problem are still there, and chances are the suffering will return in one form or another. If you want to write a book, you need the mind, if you want lasting peace and happiness, do not use the mind to try to get there.
It cannot, only Love can truly satisfy your Soul, trying to find peace through the mind is why there’s so much conflict in the world. The mind is the source of conflict, it cannot truly understand peace, it only sees peace dualistically, as a lack of conflict.

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