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Fallout 3 is one of the first, if not the first, game to allow yourself to play your character when they are but a 1-year-old infant. Solution: The important thing for you to know about is that you'll only be allowed to participate in this assignment after leaving the Citadel (once you've completed Waters of life quest). In order to get to Amata and other rebels you would have to choose one of a few available passageways leading to Vault 101 - lower level. It doesn't really matter which side you'll decide to help, because either the Overseer or Amata will banish you from Vault 101, even if you manage to find a positive solution. If you plan on choosing the worst possible ending you can obviously start killing all the inhabitants, but there's also an easier way to make them leave Vault 101. The consequence of your doings is that Vault 101 has been put into critical status and all the inhabitants are forced do evacuate it. You'll find out that his mother is being attacked by radroaches and that he needs your help to save her.
Make sure that you've opened all drawers and lockers, because you'll find more guns, as well suits and ammunition.
This is crucial if you've decided to ignore him and not to rescue Amata from the interrogation. The player is meant to be confined in a small area for this portion of the game, but need not be! Once you've arrived you should notice that your Pip-Boy has caught an emergency transmission. Explore the northern area of the map and eventually you'll find a corridor leading to their outpost.
You may consider picking up a BB gun, but a baseball bat is a more interesting alternative.
You've got two choices here - you can enter the room in order to resolve this problem or you can ignore it and keep heading towards Overseer's office. I would recommend saving your progress here, so you won't have to repeat the start if you decide to play the game with a different character.
This two-part video with instructions will show you how to escape the confines of your father's apartment and wander the games entire world map while still a baby!
You've been there before, so you shouldn't have any major problems navigating your way through tight corridors. You're going to be stopped by Butch along the way, however you may ignore him entirely if you want to. You may leave Vault 101 and once you've stepped through the door leading to Capitol Wasteland you'll also complete this quest. Instead locate the stairs leading to the lower floor and eventually you'll find an entrance to the reactor chamber.

If you've decided to help him, you may convince Butch that he's able to take out the creatures on his own. You could kill them with the pistol you received from Amata, however you wouldn't be able to access the door they're guarding, so you'll be doing this only to collect their supplies.
If you decide to enter the room, you will have to kill a new guard who is going to be sent to attack you by the Overseer himself. You will not be able to do many of the game's essential functions (you are a baby) but this is still loads of fun to play around with. If you want to end this quest quickly, you can also ask the officer to keep your appearance a secret.
The easiest solution to the problem is to kill him, so the rebels will automatically seize control over Vault 101.
I would recommend answering politely, because she will hand over ten bobby pins to you (used to open locks).
Alternatively Amata can kill him if you let her keep her the pistol, but it's highly unlikely that you didn't want to use it. You would then have to leave Vault 101 without anyone else knowing that you've visited this place. Otherwise you would have to hack into the terminal or use a bobby pin directly on his cell.
After that you would have to inform Amata that you killed her father (or another Overseer - if her father is already dead). Your choices are to convince Amata and her friends to stay inside Vault 101 (screen) or to oppose to Overseer's wish and leave the vault or sign treaties with nearby settlements. You can convince him that someone else has sabotaged the vault (screen) or you can confirm that it was you who damaged the reactor. Exit the room and notice that one of the guards is being attacked by radroaches (2 on the map). You may talk to the Overseer or you can kill him in order to loot his body for much needed items.
Obviously if you have the key from the Overseer, you won't have to take the second one, because they're identical. I was able to exit the vault by closing the door before Dad steps in and starts talking which leave the door behind him open and he has to reopen the door before the other door slams shut, but by then I'm already past it.
It would be wise to comply to her request and to return to your place of birth as soon as possible. Obviously I wouldn't recommend ignoring this quest, because you won't receive any bonuses for exiting the vault and leaving its inhabitants with their problems. It's much easier to suggest Amata that she should stay put if you've managed to hack into Overseer's terminal and if you've read messages he received from the Enclave.

You've got two choices here - you can access the system with a key stolen from Stanley or you can become a hacker and break into the computer system. I would recommend helping him out, because as a reward Butch will hand over a Tunnel Snake outfit. Explore the infirmary (6 on the map) and the northern office (7 on the map) if you forgot to take the figurine.
Don't even think about surrendering, because the second you hand over your weapons he'll decide to attack you. I then jump out a door into a void which sends me near the last part of the Vault, I then steal the key and password from the overseers office. Instead you'll find out that some of the guards are planning to deal with the rebels using brute force. The best possible solution is to convince the Overseer that he should agree to what the rebels are planning to do and to step down from command. Once you've gained access to the main computer activate the water chip, switch to manual control and initiate cleaning procedure. The final available solution is to persuade him to granting you access by saying that you'll hurt Amata if he won't comply (screen). Once again, check your surroundings and you'll find the password to the terminal among other things (medicine, ammunition). I then leave the vault and walk to Megaton where I'm now able to use the third person view.
You don't have to ask the guard to guide you anywhere, because you're not far from your objectives and you should still remember the layout of the vault from the tutorial section of the game. There are two ways for you to achieve this goal - you can be very persuasive or you can inform the Overseer about what the raid planned by some of the guards (screen). Either way, you should be able to get your hands on two items - Overseer's terminal password and Overseer's office key. Click on other functions if you want to, however the most important thing is to open the secret underground passageway.
Because you are too short, you cant really play the game like this, Its more for just messing around with it lol. Officer Wilkins will attack you in the server room and you must get rid of him (screen) before moving on.

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