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Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Play 'Never Have We Ever' on 'Ellen' - Watch! Morning Jared, Morning the girls :) , Gery was rocking the stage, honestly from all the other girls Gery was at her best. Unfortunately they didn’t sing live, but hopefully they will tonight at Children In Need. Looks as if VB is channeling her Cruella de Ville and Vampiress “look” again- Hideous!

Geri is and always has been the “Star” of this quintent, she was and obviously still is! Posh is laughing in her secret soul how NOW she’s getting more frame shots and exposure, whereas 10 years ago, she was the Spice girl that people cared the least about and she was always overlooked! I don’t know if the Spice girls can ever be created , but many things are the OTHER WAY ROUND.
To my opinion, everyone looks fab except VB who seems sort of tired and what with the orange complexion and the vampiress make up???

But I must say she still doesn’t stand out in a group, but thanx to the media hype doing her favours she gets more shots and camera time.

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