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Shoppers now have a large variety of places in which to dine while hunting for bargains in stores on Bay Ridge’s 86th Street.
The famous lingerie emporium, whose fashion shows draw millions of online viewers eager to see gorgeous models strut their stuff in sexy undergarments, is planning to open up shop on 86th Street. Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only national chain setting up shop on 86th Street. Eighty-Sixth Street is one of the premier shopping destinations in southern Brooklyn, boasting more than 100 shops and restaurants on the blocks between Fourth Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway. Construction of the new Victoria’s Secret is still underway at the planned site at 447 86th St. Raia, an East New York resident who often comes to Bay Ridge to shop, said she thinks Victoria’s Secret will do well financially on 86th Street.
Both Victoria Secret and Chipotle Mexican Grill are opening on the heels on another high-profile new tenant, Panera Bread, which opened last month at 531 86th St. The first large-scale store to pitch its tent on 86th Street was the Century 21 Department store, which set up shop decades ago and is still viewed as an anchor because of its ability to draw large numbers of shoppers who then visit other stores on the street. But while Condren said the BID loves large chains, he was quick to point out that small, mom-and-pop shops have also made a home on 86th Street. Another popular, mom-and-pop place is Mike's Hinsch's, a restaurant-ice cream parlor at 8518 Fifth Ave. The BID is a public private partnership composed of a board of directors that represents landlords and merchants on 86th Street.
Established 15 yeas ago, the 86th Street BID, like all of the BIDs in New York City, operates under the jurisdiction of the city’s Department of Small Business Services.
At 9:30 in the morning last Thursday, I trudged out of our apartment into the vicious snowstorm that was underway at that time in the city. Sometimes it’s fun to try to guess, among these people coming over, whether they are there for the store or they are there for the Jitney.

Then a shabbily dressed man with a set of keys on low-rider pants tried the revolving door and walked off. And with that, the workman with the low-rider pants went through the revolving door, and, after him, the high-fashion lady with the furs and jewelry who looked so nice. We talked about a few other things for a while, about which Hampton he was going to, and how he had bought some vegetables and fruit from Whole Foods so they could be set up in their house even if the snowstorm had them socked in.
And then, just 10 minutes later in this snowstorm, I saw the bus coming up Third Avenue, coming to the light and stopping, and I saw the blinker go on for the turn.
We all stood in line, waiting to talk to the attendant with the clipboard who would usher us on the bus.
A new Chipotle Mexican Grill, which recently opened at 463 86th St., is also the talk of the town.
Thousands of shoppers visit the area each day and those numbers explode on weekends, when tens of thousands of people come to shop, according to Patrick Condren, executive director of the 86th Street Bay Ridge Business Improvement District (BID), a group that represents property owners and merchants.
When asked by the Brooklyn Eagle if she thinks it’s a good thing for 86th Street that a Victoria’s Secret is coming, she answered, “Definitely so.
The BID is also home to banks like Chase and fast food eateries like McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King. An example of this is Globe Drug Store at 405 86th St., which has been operating for more than 25 years.
The BID’s territory also stretches beyond 86th Street and takes in buildings and stores on Fourth Avenue between 85th and 87th streets and Fifth Avenue from 85th to 87th streets. The bus is almost always a few minutes early, though on this day I didn’t expect it would be. She had long blond hair, furs, jewelry, high cheekbones and, with her head held high, a Kennedy smile.

He was carrying plastic shopping bags, he wore a camel hair coat with a hood up and he had a scarf. There is also a great deal of non-food excitement in the neighborhood over plans for a Victoria’s Secret. The BID pays for amenities such as supplemental sanitation services and Christmas lighting on the street out of a fund provided by property owners who pay an added assessment on their city real estate taxes. I took the phone out, brushed off the snow that had quickly accumulated on it, and read it. I stood with my back to the nine-foot ladies, close to the show window where there was less snow. He told me his name, but he said, “I like to stay under the radar, unlike you.” And I thought that was surely true.
You stand there on the sidewalk in front of the 10-foot show windows with nine-foot-tall posters of larger-than-life-size models in various stages of undress, mostly involving lingerie. Another woman came over with a piece of rolling luggage and, without trying the revolving door, waited on the other side of the revolving door. They come, they rattle the locked revolving door, they look at their watches and they go away. And because I would be crunching my way around snow mounds, through slush, past snow shovelers and others on the street at that hour while carrying a suitcase, I allowed myself a half-hour for what’s usually just a 10-minute walk.

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