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PINK is a sub-brand of Victoria's Secret geared towards high school students and college undergraduates and launched in July 2004. Every year, the lingerie company has a competition called “Pink Your Campus” where universities all over the United States compete to bring representatives to their campus.
Grant proceeded to add all of her friends and Pink CMU’s Campus, originally founded by Rachel Rose Quinn, Angel Imthurn and Chelsea Carls. As the movement grew, so did the number of votes for CMU and the university quickly became one of only two Michigan colleges in the running, falling just behind Grand Valley University. The competition rules stated that individuals were allowed to vote once per day and so the Pink Your Campus coordinators focused on that, pushing for voting on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

As the time to vote wound down, the ladies paired with the Honors Program Philanthropic Society as well to create a campus wide event complete with a photo booth, manicures and live music. That means that by Fall 2013 students will be able to buy CMU gear straight from Victoria’s Secret, attend VS events on campus and register for freebies through the company. Posted in Campus Fashion, Featured, Student Styles, Style, Trend and Beauty and tagged with campus, clothing, competition, Fashion, pink, victoria's secret. It features mainly a lineup of loungewear, sleepwear, intimate apparel and accessories such as bags, bedding, and flip-flops. The top 10 campuses are determined by online voting and the winners get reps, events, promotions and giveaways, and even a campus inspired line of clothing.

In 2007, PINK launched a signature fragrance with a Limited Edition Summer 2007 PINK perfume, as well as three sets of lotions, body mists, shower washes, and bath soap.
Called “Pink CMU’s Campus,” the purpose of the event was to encourage as many CMU students as possible to vote in the competition.

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