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2) I avoided all the hype about this movie to the point where I refused to read anything about it or watch any of the trailers. 3) Thanks to Pixar and Aardman studios I expect BIG things out of animated movies.The basic story is that Coraline has just moved with her parents into a rental house that also contains some strange neighbors.
While exploring her new house, she ends up discovering a passage to a sort of mirror world where everything is magical and everyone loves her. In the beginning of the movie, the Other Mother is actually pretty hot, and seems loving and friendly. But as the movie goes on, the Other Mother changes, and not for the better.I think the number one problem with this movie (and with the book) is that its baked-in wholesomeness kills the suspense and makes the proceedings inevitable. While it is offbeat and creepy, underneath all that delicious darkness is a cloying After School Special morality-tale flavored sweetness.

There were parts of the movie where people in the theater (including me) were ooh-ing and ah-ing out loud at the cool 3D. Whenever I see a Pixar movie or something by Aardman Studios (who do the Wallace and Gromit films) there is inevitably some point where I am shocked and amazed at how imaginative and brilliant they are with their medium. And this is definitely a movie where if you’re even considering seeing it, you have to have to have to see it in a theater.

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