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Just ask anybody who’s owned one—the liquid-cooled, eight-valve 650cc V-Twin may be the ultimate motorcycle engine.
Well, rejoice, as 2013 will see not just the return of the Gladius (now called the SFV650), but also a re-worked and improved Hyosung GT650. I have a 2006 SV650n, love the bike, it gets great MPG, and it has good power, in a lite frame, I wish they would make the 2 gen type again, I would buy a SV1000 in a heart beat. I just hope this 2013’s Hyosung GT650R edition would be a great buy, I have been waiting for this.
Yeah, just what the world needs, yet another of the already hundreds of indistinguishable, plastic covered, ugly garish sport bikes. The taste in motorcycle aesthetics is moving rapidly back toward classic design cues, ie: polished exposed engines, air cooled all the better. I think you will find some or most of their models are competing right now, some even better in some areas than the Japanese. As a former SV owner, I understand the nostalgia over the Suzuki V-twins, however, I’ll suggest that you are are thinking like customers and not businesses. Possibly easier to design for, but the engine itself has advantages in terms of compactness and reduced mass, and even simplicity, since you have only half as many camshafts, and half as many timing chains.
Another advantage of V-engines is that they remove back torque on the crank shaft when in an inline engine both or all 4 pistons come to a stop, all at the same time, twice per crank revolution. Really… all these bikes do is make me want to look for a decent used SV on craigslist. I undrestand a version of this engine is used in the Wee-Strom which their owners are crazy mad over.
I read reports before buiying the Comet but nobody talked about long term use or parts avalability.
We bought it new in 2010 and we paid it half price, so we’re not depresive about it but we would not buy it again even for a third of the price. Actually Craig, Hyosung USA (branded as Hyosung) is a distributor for S&T Motors (Korean parent company) and has been for many years, but for some reason the parent company is still allowing 3rd party distributors such as ATK (current), with Alpha Sports and United Motors before them (both now defunct). The ATK commitment might actually be a good thing for getting their name out there as (from my understanding) ATK’s are being distributed through a small network of Harley Davidson dealerships. Once there was a naked SV650, with a proper 7″ round headlight and a modest flyscreen that gave it a classic look from the front, and a sleek sportbike tail (with the coolest taillight on any bike, ever) that was acceptable in any company.
But a new fully faired SV, but with gentlemanly ergo’s like the Ninja 650, would probably tempt me into serious financial trouble. I went and got my ZRX new in a panic when I learned they weren’t being imported for 2006, I would have done the same for the SV. When you compare the Suzuki SFV with the Hyosung GT (minus fairing) you may wonder if Suzuki is working with Hyosung again.

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Actualizamos diariamente nuestro catalogo buscando en cientos de sitios para recopilar las mejores imagenes. The GT650R sportbike suffers from old-looking styling and componentry that while somewhat effective, is made by companies you’ve never heard of, like TCIC Brakes. If Hyosung wants to sell bikes they need to look at what the non-Harley custom builders are making.
The mass is less because instead of separate cases for each cylinder, some of the case weight is shared by the two cylinders. If I was in the market for something similar today I think I’d have to buy the Hyosung. The new bike does seem a little expensive compared to the Wee-Strom, which comes with ABS for only $300 more?? Vehicles are not good investments, so if you can ride it around for 3 or so years and then turn around and sell for what it cost to maintain it over the course of time you owned it, that’s not bad. We have yet to test one of these Korean-built machine at MD (although I have for other publications), but the company has been building a line of 647cc V-Twin standards, cruisers and sportbikes for some time now, sold in the USA under the Hyosung, UM and ATK brands. According to a Hyosung insider, that will change with 2013—the new GT650 standard and GT650R will use Delphi electricals, KYB suspension and one of the big Japanese brake manufacturers, probably Tokico or Nissin. That’s right, we understand Hyosung will be leaving the MSRP of the GT650R and GT650 alone at $6299 and $5599 respectively. Will be talking a look at the new SFV650, just wish them made a SFV1000 at lest it would have more power, to carry the weight around.
Give them 5 more years and they will have products that will compete with their Japanese rivals. And contrary to what so many people evidently believe, the cylinder arrangement has no inherent influence on the engine’s torque and power curves. I hope hyosung really starts to take off more in the states; they are great bang-for-buck bikes. Our Hyosung shows less than 5000 miles and we changed the rear master cylinder and disc (the disc is my wife mistake but we did wait for it), generator and stator. Did they get a good deal on Daliesque melted headlights that were rejected by Triumph for being too ugly? It’s only the absence of a er-6n from the US in 2013 that gives it any kind of category. Also, as you can see in the lead photo, the styling has been freshened up to a very satisfying (and suspiciously GSX-R-like) degree.

We’ve yet to test this bike, but it should be entertaining—that SV motor is as good as 650 V-Twin fanatics say it is, and the low seat and wide bars should make the bike a fun and easy handler. Maybe look into the 2013 hyo650, if they fixed the bad things, like they say, only time will tell. It’s priced at $7999, which may drive some curious budget-minded folk into a Hyosung (or ATK) dealership. For instance Kawa’s new W800 air cooled engine, take a look at the modern Triumph Thruxton and Norton Commando. It must be just a cost saving project to replace the aluminum frame with cheaper to manufacture steel. These new machines I’m sure and even the ones from the last couple years will show that Hyosung can and does make some great machines.
My thoughts would be for Suzuki to make a 1200cc V-twin for the V-Strom line, then tweak the same powerplant and give us a “SV-1200R” ! The cylinder arrangement does influence the balance and vibration of the engine, and the V configuration has an inherent advantage there, since with appropriate weighting (unbalancing) of the crankshaft, most of the 1st-order motion of the pistons can be cancelled, whereas to do the same with a parallel twin, two balance shafts are required, one in the front and one in the rear. Whatever happens, there will be a few more middleweight V-Twins on the road—a very good thing. That is fine for the street (and anything less that wsbk racing) We must demand a return to proper rear fenders. This bike would fill in the line of current competition from Europe, KTM,Ducati, as well as Buell.
But, if two balance shafts are used with a parallel twin, 1st-order motion cancels fully, whereas, with a V-twin, 1st-order end-over-end rocking motion remains, just as it does with a boxer twin. The Suzuki would not need all the top of the line components so pricing would be very competitive. The V-twin engine is slightly more narrow than the parallel twin, which leads to a slightly skinnier motorcycle, but parallel twins are already skinny enough that this isn’t really much of an advantage. The significant advantage of the V-twin is that vibration can be reduced to a tolerable level without having to use a couple of balance shafts. But nowadays both Kawasaki and Honda make parallel twins of similar displacement, both using single balance shafts, which, together with an unbalanced crankshaft, comes within a hair of fully cancelling 1st-order motion. I haven’t driven either of them, but it is likely that they are both as smooth as a V-twin or very nearly so.

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