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Situated in the desert in southern Nevada, within the boundaries of the Nellis Air Force Range (NAFR) and just outside of the northeast corner of the Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 51 and its neighbors, which also includes the Tonopah Test Range (TTR), have hosted some of the most significant weapons testing performed on the planet during the 20th century.
In addition to isolation, the 3.5 million acre region around and including Area 51 boasts other qualities that make it an excellent place to conduct secret tests and training. As the Cold War began, there was a perceived need for the development and testing of nuclear weapons, and the barren and relatively uninhabited region surrounding Area 51 was identified as an ideal location; as such, a large swath of the southern portion of the LVBGR was set aside as the aforementioned NTS, for testing a variety of nuclear items. In any event, nuclear testing began at the NTS in its southeastern corner at a place known as Frenchman Flat (FF) on January 27, 1951.
Regardless, although the LANL areas may be unrelated, it is clear that NTS-related nuclear testing was done outside of its territorial boundaries, but included within its numbering system.

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Area 51 was built during the Cold War with Russia, a very trying time in American history and the arms race.
There is some danger in this, because if you wander across the unfenced military border, you could be arrested and fined $600. During this time period, many top secret government programs were created, including the building of spy planes. However, as that site has its own extensive numbering system, it is doubtful it is the missing NTS area.

Although theories abound, one plausible explanation is that the moniker derives from its designation as a nuclear weapons testing site.

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