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Elijah Wood finds his world turned upside down and inside out when he falls into the hands of a West Ham football firm.
Tom "Magnum" Selleck – complete with that legendary moustache – heads out East for this cross-cultured, fish-out-of-water comedy. We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. A smash of a film with some of the greatest stars of R&B (James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles) calling in for a song, this briefcase full of blues is the ultimate feelgood road-trip with the word 'legendary' written all over it.

It has top-notch performances (the oft-underrated Charlie Hunnam is here), a fine script and a compelling storyline.
Jet Li, Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman star, Luc Besson provides the script, while Louis Leterrier directs. For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox.
If you're charmed by such old-school England tales as The Railway Children or The Borrowers, then this will almost certainly be your cup of tea.

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