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Now, TS Entertainment has returned them to their signature brassy sassy sound, and I couldn’t be happier. My Personal Top 10These are my Top 10 favorite Contemporary Christian songs, as of March 12, 2016. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. As a matter of fact, the sound is both modern and retro; you can hear the 60s rock-and-roll influences in Love is Move, as the swinging brass section, the powerhouse vocals, and the irresistible “Come on!

It must’ve filled in a void that groups like Wonder Girls or Orange Caramel must have been targeting, because both songs went to #1. Come on!” chorus all combine to make a truly catchy carrier single that would, in any other time, probably and easily become a #1 hit. In one fell swoop, Secret established itself as that girl group that dared to promote opposite SNSD, a fairy tale David vs. At one point, Secret was known as the basement idols, so-called because their dormitory was located at the bottom of the dingy building that TS Entertainment chose to keep them in as they raised them to become superstars.

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