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Nobody swept through the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes with the same drama, style and flair as Secretariat.
Secretariat was born March 30, 1970, at Meadow Farm in Virginia, a handsome chestnut with three white stockings, a white star, and stripe.
When Secretariat won the Belmont, he did more than become the first horse since Citation to win the Triple Crown.
Penny Chenery, the tough, earthy woman who owned the legendary horse Secretariat, will attend a Q&A at this year’s Boulder International Film Festival. At my age, you stop worrying about what other people will think, and it becomes more and more important to tell the truth about who you really are. Penny, who is planning on attending the screening at the Boulder International Film Festival and doing a Q&A with the audience afterwards, says the film helps expose the truth -- a feeling that resonates with her life as she approaches the age of 92 on the 27th of this month. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
The 750 ml decanter will be filled with premium Four Roses bourbon hand-selected by owner Penny Chenery during a scheduled Four Roses private barrel selection at the warehouse and bottling facility located in Cox’s Creek, KY in March 2013.
At 91, Penny is a Bourbon enthusiast a looks forward to being a part of the selection of this limited edition Four Roses Bourbon.
Only 500 limited-edition, hand-numbered decanters will be produced for this commemorative 40th anniversary year. The ceramic decanters were created by the Secretariat team in the style of the 70’s era collectible decanters that became popular among fans and whiskey connoisseurs. Thoroughbred legend, Secretariat, is widely renowned as the most popular name in Thoroughbred racing. The chestnut champion affectionately known as “Big Red,” and his owner, Penny Chenery, became an inspiration to many in a story of will, determination and pure speed. On the evening of Wednesday, May 1st fans from around the country will be the first to see the decanter and have the exclusive opportunity to purchase one hand-signed by both Penny Chenery and Ron Turcotte. Guests at this cocktail reception can enjoy a tasting of the select bourbon carefully chosen by Chenery (a longtime bourbon aficionado) and hear from her directly about the choice. The bourbon tasting event on May 1st will be the only opportunity to purchase a signed version of the decanter for $320.00.

In addition to the exclusive decanter celebrating Secretariat’s 1973 Triple Crown, Four Roses will publicly release a special barrel selection, limited edition Secretariat bottle.
The commemorative bottle will feature Secretariat and be adorned with the distinctive blue and white checks of the famed Meadow Stable silks. Proceeds from the sale of both bottles will be dedicated to preserving the history of the Kentucky Derby at the Kentucky Derby Museum and to the Secretariat Foundation benefitting equine-related causes within the racing industry.
When Christopher Chenery became gravely ill in the late 1960s, The Meadow’s future was in doubt and daughter Penny was the only one of his children willing to continue the operation.
Despite the fact she lived with her husband, John Tweedy, and her four children in Colorado, Penny made the decision to continue her father’s legacy in Virginia.
Penny brought a keen business sense to Meadow Stable but also had the wisdom to take advantage of the partnerships her father had built, working closely with Arthur B. Turcotte had great success riding in his native country, winning Canadian jockey titles in 1962 and 1963, and in the United States, winning the 1965 Preakness Stakes aboard Tom Rolfe. Ron had ridden for Lucien Laurin in the mid 1960s and became the regular rider for Meadow’s Riva Ridge when the colt’s previous jockey was suspended.
He won 16 of 21 races, graced the covers of national magazines, and was twice named Horse of the Year. Challenging him were Sham, who had finished second in both the Derby and the Preakness, and three other mismatched thoroughbreds.
In addition to showing never-before-seen footage of the horse, Secretariat, the film on a deeper level shares Penny’s pathbreaking efforts to forge new roles for women in the sport of horse racing in the 1970’s.
Penny lived in Colorado for 25 years, and she – and the rest of the family -- live here now.
I am delighted to partner with Four Roses and the Kentucky Derby Museum in lending Secretariat’s name to this very special decanter for racing fans and Bourbon connoisseurs alike,” Chenery tells us.
Beginning with his run in the 99th Kentucky Derby, Secretariat, smashed long-standing track records in 1973 and captured the hearts of Americans through his Triple Crown sweep. Joined on stage by Four Roses’ Master Distiller, Jim Rutledge, the pair will casually guide guests through the tasting experience. The signed bourbon decanter can be reserved online on a first-come basis with the purchase of an event ticket for $50.00.

With limited distribution at select stores along the Triple Crown trail in Kentucky, Maryland and New York. She balanced roles as housewife and mother adding horse owner and businesswoman to her titles with frequent cross country travel. Turcotte was already familiar with Riva, as the two teamed up previously for a win in the 1971 Flash Stakes at Saratoga. He began his career at Aqueduct, finishing fourth, and then embarked on a campaign that would carry him to Horse of the Year honors, a rarity for 2-year-olds.
But when the first Saturday in May rolled around, he was the 3-2 choice to win the Run for the Roses.
After the Belmont, Secretariat raced nine more times, winning six, coming in second twice and third once. In this intimate documentary produced by her son and documentary filmmaker, John Tweedy, Penny matter-of-factly reveals that during her horse’s Triple-Crown season, she was having a passionate extramarital affair with her champion racehorse’s trainer, Lucien Laurin (played by John Malkovich in the Disney film).
To request a link to the online screener of Penny and Red, contact John Tweedy at (303) 819 1757 or john(at)landlockedfilms(dot)com. All decanters must be picked up at the Kentucky Derby Museum due to federal shipping restrictions on alcohol distribution.
On the backstretch, with jockey Ron Turcotte sitting still as a stone, the colt gathered momentum with every stride. By the time he arrived back in New York for the Belmont with Derby and Preakness victories in tow, the entire country was anticipating the end of the quarter-century Triple Crown drought. Taylor, owner of 1964 Kentucky Derby winner Northern Dancer, in 1960 and eventually rode for him.
It’s no accident that Penny’s 1972 Kentucky Derby winning horse was named “Riva Ridge,” after the Vail ski run and 10th Mountain Division battle in WWII (Jack Tweedy was Vail’s first general counsel and a 10th Mountain Division veteran).
Suffering from laminitis, he was euthanized in October, 1989, and is buried at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky.

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