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Vipassana is the meditation the Buddha practiced after trying all other forms of bodily mortification and mind control and finding them inadequate to free him from the seemingly endless round of birth and death, pain and sorrow. It is a technique so valuable that in Burma it was preserved in its pristine purity for more than 2,500 years. Vipassana meditation has nothing to do with the development of supernormal, mystical, or special powers, even though they may be awakened. Like the sizzling explosion of cold water being thrown on a red-hot stove, the reactions after bringing the mind out of its hedonistic tendencies into the here and now are often dramatic and painful. Through Vipassana anyone, irrespective of race, caste, or creed, can eliminate finally those tendencies that have woven so much anger, passion, and fear into our lives. As in the Buddha’s enlightenment, a student simply goes deep inside himself, disintegrating the apparent reality until in the depths he can penetrate even beyond subatomic particles into the absolute. We smile in good times, and are equally unperturbed when difficulties arise all around us, in the certain knowledge that we, like our troubles, are nothing but a flux, waves of becoming arising with incredible speed, only to pass away with equal rapidity. A Non-sectarian Technique: Although Vipassana meditation was developed by the Buddha, its practice is not limited to Buddhists.
Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Roman Catholics, and other Christian sects have all practised Vipassana meditation, and have reported a dramatic lessening of those tensions and complexes that affect all mankind. The Siyane Vipassana Meditation Centre at Kanduboda came in to being in 1956, when the Buddhist world was commemorating the 2500-year of the coming of the Buddha in to this world.

The center offers Vipassana meditation instruction in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma. To apply for a ten-day course, simply pick a date from our course schedule, click on the desired date, carefully read the Code of Discipline, and fully answer all of the questions on the secure online application form.
It is always inspiring to hear the children and teen's insights during their brief introduction to Anapana meditation.
Old Students can find able guidance and resources on theory and practice of Vipassana Meditation. Offering courses in Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. It is the highest form of awareness—the total perception of the mind-matter phenomena in its true nature. Vipassana spells an end to daydreaming, illusion, fantasy—the mirage of the apparent truth. Yet there is an equally profound feeling of release from tensions and complexes that have for so long held sway in the depths of the unconscious mind.
During the training a student concentrates on only one task — the battle with his own ignorance.
The truth of impermanence (anicca), suffering (dukkha), and egolessness (anatta) are grasped directly with all the enormous power of the mind rather than the crutch of the intellect.

There is no question of conversion—the technique works on the simple basis that all human beings share the same problems, and a technique that can eradicate these problems will have a universal application. There is a feeling of gratefulness to Gotama, the historical Buddha, who showed the way to the cessation of suffering, but there is absolutely no blind devotion.
And the purification of the mental processes is achieved through panna—the wisdom of insight. The teacher is simply a well-wisher pointing the way he has charted through his own long practical experience. We learn how to observe the interplay of the four physical elements within ourselves with perfect equanimity, and find how valuable this ability is in our daily lives. It is a science of the mind that goes beyond psychology by not only understanding, but also purifying, the mental process.

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