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Vipassana meditation is said to be the ancient kind of technique the historical Buddha himself invented and practiced to become enlightened. In New Zealand we found a wonderful opportunity to deeply experience this technique in a Vipassana meditation retreat in the North of NZ.
Which sounds relaxing and just too good to be true is one of the hardest things you can do in your live. This all is centered around the Vipassana meditation technique which lets you observe you and your body in an astonishing depth. For me as a martial arts practitioner these 10 days had some side effects that deepened my actual experience and understanding. In the end some people left the course, which we only found out cause some cushions remained empty, and I guess that every practitioner thought about it at one stage of the ten days. Unfortunately one of the things that changed was that Tom decided to leave the project and go on travelling for a while without dealing with the topics of exploration of the project.
Vipassana training is available all around the world as well as many locations here in here in Australia.
Doing a ten-day program is not easy by any means, especially as there is no contact with the outside world as you undergo this course. Many people may only spend minutes a day with their own thoughts, but doing this program will change how you look at yourself as well as at others. If you are interested in learning more about this process visit the dhamma website and it will link you to more information as well as locations worldwide. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. This non-sectarian technique aims for the total eradication of mental impurities and the resultant highest happiness of full liberation. The scientific laws that operate one's thoughts, feelings, judgements and sensations become clear. The technique is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants follow a prescribed Code of Discipline, learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results. The next step is to develop some mastery over the mind by learning to fix one's attention on the natural reality of the ever changing flow of breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils.
By the fourth day the mind is calmer and more focused, better able to undertake the practice of Vipassana itself: observing sensations throughout the body, understanding their nature, and developing equanimity by learning not to react to them. Finally, on the last full day participants learn the meditation of loving kindness or goodwill towards all, in which the purity developed during the course is shared with all beings. Because it has been found to be genuinely helpful, great emphasis is put on preserving the technique in its original, authentic form. There are no charges for the courses - not even to cover the cost of food and accommodation.
All sincere people are welcome to join a Vipassana course to see for themselves how the technique works and to measure the benefits.
Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. Courses are given in numerous Meditation Centers and at non-center course locations at rented sites.

On Friday, March 1, 2013, there will be a presentation on Vipassana Meditation, entitled "Insight (Vipassana) Meditation and Buddha's Path to Liberation," from 7:30 to 9 pm in the Sanctuary. The facilitator of both events is John Orr, an ordained Theravada Buddhist monk, who trained for 8 years in Thailand and India in the 1970s.
Unity North Atlanta Church is located at 4255 Sandy Plains Road in Marietta, Georgia 30066.
Kimberly Ann HolleColumbus Unity ExaminerKimberly Ann Holle, MS, MSW, LMSW, CAADC, has been on a 35-year quest to find a belief system that merges spirituality and science, focuses on healing and peace, and honors the belief systems of others around the world. Mental health and pets: Dogs reduce anxiety in humans If you have ever experienced anxiety, you will understand how difficult it is to handle at times. In India itself it is said to became lost five centuries after Buddha and was only preserved under the surface of history in small traditions in countries like Burma and Thailand, while the bigger sects of Buddhism grew and developed. A beautiful and remote place which the Vipassana trust of New Zealand has built in a small valley in the native bush forest. When sitting gets more and more unbearable and you think you can’t survive any more sitting the technique teaches you how to come out of being attached to the pain. In this meditation you are forced to get to a really subtle level of self observation which helps to strongly feel the way body and mind work together and how the phenomenon of Qi can be understood. But the hardship really was worth it and when you leave the meditation place and return to the outer world something has changed in yourself.
We are both happy with it and I thank him very much for all his help and support to get us both on this big trip.
In 1982 he began to appoint assistant teachers to help him to meet the growing demand for courses. The Buddha never taught a sectarian religion; he taught Dhamma - the way to liberation - which is universal. It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and was taught by him as a universal remedy for universal ills.
Healing, not merely the curing of diseases, but the essential healing of human suffering, is its purpose.
It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body, and that continuously interconnect and condition the life of the mind. Through direct experience, the nature of how one grows or regresses, how one produces suffering or frees oneself from suffering is understood.
Just as we use physical exercises to improve our bodily health, Vipassana can be used to develop a healthy mind. All expenses are met by donations from people who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the opportunity to benefit from it also.
All those who try it will find Vipassana to be an invaluable tool with which to achieve and share real happiness with others.
You have to stay in complete noble silence for the time, which means not to speak, not to contact other people in any way. This process and the seclusion of yourself within the boundaries of your body and mind quickly starts a process of deep insights and purification of your mind which I never experienced before in this intensity. For example: You actually feel that just the slightest thought that arises in the mind causes a bodily reaction.

I will continue the exploration like I planned it to do for many years secretly in my mind. Meditation centres have been established under his guidance in India, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Nepal and other countries. It is an opportunity to lean and discover much about yourself, in an environment which is peaceful, understanding and open. It is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.
The first step is, for the period of the course, to abstain from killing, stealing, sexual activity, speaking falsely, and intoxicants. Within that time, however, the essentials of Vipassana can be learned so that it can be applied in daily life. The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results. In most cases, an application for admission to each of these courses can be made by clicking on a selected one of the listed course dates that appear in the schedule. It's that time of the year already so bust out your most elaborate hats and dresses because the Kentucky Derby is this weekend!
You are just asked for a donation later on to let other people experience the retreat aswell. Old memories pop up which you really had forgotten, you clearly see patterns of your behaviour and negative things of the past come back. When you think about your left middle finger there is a massive amount of activity starting in the same moment.
There are still some fascinating traces I’m following here in New Zealand before I will go to Australia to try and find some Aborigine culture and wisdom and see what else awaits me there. This simple code of moral conduct serves to calm the mind, which otherwise would be too agitated to perform the task of self-observation. The more the technique is practiced, the greater the freedom from misery, and the closer the approach to the ultimate goal of full liberation. All this contributes to an atmosphere in which you can focus on yourself without any distractions. For this reason, his teaching has a profound appeal to people of all backgrounds, of every religion and no religion, and from every part of the world. Even ten days can provide results which are vivid and obviously beneficial in everyday life.
In this sence I’m more than ever convinced that almost every illness has its root in our psychology. External factors like food and intoxication have a strong responsibility aswell, but all is somehow connected to the mind, channeled into a specific direction by it, or completely created by it.

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