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Virtual Villagers: The Secret City Guide a tribe of castaways as they live, breed, and discover secrets about their mysterious home in this real-time sim adventure.
Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Walkthrough will help you grow your little people in real-time as you embark on a journey to re-populate the city ruins of Isola. Embarcate en un nuevo viaje con un grupo de aldeanos en busca de una nueva parte de la isla para poblar.
Use this in-depth Virtual Villagers Walkthrough to help successfully guide your villagers through this entertaining sim game. The Puzzles Solving the Puzzles is what this game is all about so PLEASE, consider this section as a last resort for when you are REALLY stuck!
La tierra en las costas oculta de la parte norte de Isola y explora lo que fue una ciudad secreta. Buscar nuevas fuentes de alimentos para nutrir a tus aldeanos y ayudar a reconstruir los restos de esta misteriosa ciudad. If you can't find your chief right away, wait until the moms no longer have babies and drop them on the robe. Scattered around the village (random locations) are 2 colored pots (red or yellow with white stripes), a brown pot, a gray bowl with spoons, and a short spear (orange-brown handle with gray blade). Drop your scientist(s) on each item and they will return it to the lab - if they drop the item before reaching the lab, it will warp back to where you found it originally.
It's in the bottom right area of the map near some foliage (it kinda blends into the scenery a little).
Have your villagers remove these leaves, which uncovers the roster of the dead (they will gain building skill; trained builders can accomplish this faster).
NOTE: This is perfect for training builders for another puzzle so put at least 3 villagers on this task!

You will know they are successful when sparkles appear over their heads and under their feet.
Once you have purchased the tech, drop your 3 builders on the "strange machine" in the orchard.
TO USE THE LIFT: See Puzzle 10 - "The Orchard" - Lara Puzzle 7 - The RubbleYou will need Level 2 Restoration. NOTE: When you are about 2% in to clearing the rubble, tablet pieces will start to appear for the children to collect. I collected 7 pieces but then, my villagers cleared the rubble over night and I hardly ever see tablet pieces there any more.
Once the chief is directing, you can then drop builders on the statue to help "pushing the statue". The villagers must push the statue up the path towards the door - this will take several hours (you can click on the statue to bring up a timer in the status bar that will help you determine how long is left - but this time depends on how many builders you have working on the project and may increase if builders leave the project). Your builders may occasionally complain that "there is no more room to help out" - only a limited number of builders can work on the statue at any given time. You will need to plant a total of 3 seeds (the original plus two from the lift) to complete the orchard - the puzzle will be completed once all three trees have become mature (and start producing fruit - it takes about 8 hours on 'normal' speed for the tree to mature).
Additional seeds (beyond the first three) will not be planted, but will instead be placed in the food bin.
You will need to unpause the game to see their status line to make sure they are properly placed.) Puzzle 11 - Banishing the SharksYou will need to have completed Puzzle 3 and have at least Level 2 in your chosen faction, Nature or Magic.
How the sharks are actually dealt with depends on the faction chosen (the nature potion is a shark repellant, the magic potion "charms" the sharks so they won't bother the villagers). Puzzle 12 - AromatherapyYou will need to have completed Puzzle 8, have Level 3 Medicine, and a Master Doctor.

Puzzle 13 - The Ash KeyLater in the game (after at least one fire cycle - 10 hours on fast speed), you will notice sparkles around the fire. Let your fire go out (do not replenish it with firewood) - a diamond will appear in the ashes.
To cool the key, drop adult villagers on the rightmost of the two waterfalls (where they go to drink and do laundry). They will need to do this several times (8-10, at least) to make the diamond cool enough to touch - your villagers won't repeat this task on their own, so you will have to make them do it by dropping them on the waterfall. When the villagers no longer bring water to the fire (they'll revert to drinking from the waterfall when you drop them on it), drop a villager on the key - they will take it to the door and solve the puzzle. NOTE: I had to let my fire burn through TWO cycles before the "sparkles" started appearing in the flames. Drop them near the pink diamond (the hanging thing) just above the Rose plant - their status line should read "trying to reach the key". Then have the tribal chief pick up the finished blue pearl: the chief will use the pearl to get the key from the giant clam and will then put the key in the door. Drop a villager on the sun dial until it reaches the position at the furthest left (there are three locations for the sun dial).

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