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Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper. Crockett & Tubbs are watching a speech by gubernatorial candidate Tom Pierce (Larry Pine), before they "By God, He's Got MY Vote!" prepare for a raid on a train filled with prostitutes and johns later that night. At OCB, Gina is discussing one of the johns, a hefty fellow who liked to dress up like a baby in diapers and a crib, when Pierce's campaign manager, David Macklin (Bradley White), is brought in by Deputy Commissioner Hazlett who wants to talk to Crockett & Tubbs. Crockett & Tubbs go see Grover Watkins (Moultrie Patten), Pierce's mentor, who explained that Pierce learned so well from him that when Watkins made his last political campaign, he didn't know it was his last until Pierce took all his staff, but harbored no bad feelings, but asks them to check out his list of campaign contributors, because he's taking more money in than out.
Bloom has been arrested and the team interviews him, he said there are three others who infiltrated the Pierce campaign, which he didn't know their names, but he identified as an "outsider" who was helping them Frazier, who fed them the sex stuff & his campaign funds source, and he was blackmailing him to get money to pay off gambling debts. This episode deals with political scandal and the extent to cover it up, reminiscent of the Gary Hart scandal back in 1987 when he was caught on a boat with a woman (Donna Rice, who appeared in an uncredited role in "Forgive Us Our Debts") that was not his wife, broken by, ironically, The Miami Herald, which ended his presidential aspirations in 1988.
A running theme on Miami Vice is how often Crockett and Tubbs are called into Internal Affairs (IAD) for actions they've taken, but are later exonerated, as they are here. To get best possible experiance using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser.
When they stop the train, everyone on board is arrested, including Pierce, running around with his pants down to his ankles. Castillo is unhappy with his breach of security and neither Crockett nor Tubbs will speak to Macklin or Pierce. Trudy pulls his campaign records and find a lot of his money is coming from dummy corporations, and Castillo wants them to check it out.
Castillo suggests they talk to Bloom, but Frazier is talking to Cowan (John Cunningham), who pays him $10,000 for the information needed to drive Pierce out of the race, but Frazier wants more, or things could change before the general election.

Crockett & Tubbs go to see Editor Chance (Anthony Holland) of the Record, Frazier's paper, who confirms his gambling problems as he has to draw advances on his salary which don't cover his debts, but is surprised that he would blackmail anyone. Tubbs even makes reference to this in his line "IAD has a permanent poker with our names stenciled in on it!".
Most of our programs are available on FM and medium-wave frequencies of local radio stations in the countries of our broadcast area. Paroubek said a government of nonpartisan experts could be formed in the summer to lead the country to early polls in the autumn or next spring.
After his arrest, Pierce & his campaign team begin planning damage control, despite poll numbers dropping and groups like the League of Women Voters denouncing him. Annie Pierce (Lucinda Jenney) wants Bloom to resign from her husband's campaign quietly, because she wants to be First Lady more than her husband wants the governorship. Cowan informs Frazier that he was suggesting blackmail and he shouldn't blackmail his benefactor.
Frazier calls Crockett to let him know he's about to get a visit from some "bookie muscle" because he owes $75K he doesn't have, but sets the story straight--he admits to killing Angelica to get names for him to use, and he was blackmailing Pierce, but the muscle shows up before he can finish talking. If you are having problems listening to programs on the internet, please read our technical help document. Bloom said it wasn't hard to get Pierce to the train, and he knew about the bust because of a leak at the courthouse, but won't reveal it to Crockett & Tubbs. Andrea Sirelli refuses to press charges against Pierce because he's a candidate for governor, despite the Vice cops pointing out it's a double standard to arrest the girls but not the men.
Frazier meets with Angelica, who threatens to expose her in the papers if she doesn't help him get Cowan, she refuses outright.

The muscle guys were arrested and charged with Frazier's murder, then the headline the next day that Pierce is resuming his campaign (after three weeks) and wants to talk to Crockett & Tubbs. The vote follows a Tulsa World report that Tiger, before he was chief, had signed a contract with the developer of the Kialegee Tribal Town Casino that was proposed for Broken Arrow. At OCB, Castillo tells them to let it go, that they're good enough cops to realize a dead end.
Annie said her husband didn't take his own life, and has never disappeared for this long of time, and about his interview with Frazier right before his good-bye speech. They attend his press conference and speak with Andrea who lectures the Vice cops on how to put bad things aside to believe in someone. Had that casino opened, it would have been in competition with the River Spirit Casino owned by the tribe.
Switek shows his pics of the raid and finds one Barry Bloom (Barry Lynch), who dropped off Pierce at the train station and finds (through a Pierce campaign volunteer) he's real good at "dirty tricks" and screwing up the opponent's campaign. It is expected to take several days for the letter asking for Tiger’s resignation to drafted.
Bloom is speaking with Angelica (Shelly Burch), owner of the train and a friend of Myles Cowan, Pierce's opponent, who doesn't want anything from Bloom.

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