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Season 1 (0 sources) Episode 22 - Family4 years agoIn the first season finale, Cassie and Diana release their dark magic, Charles and Dawn get the chance to to restore their powers and Faye fights for her life.Episode 21 - Prom4 years agoAdam, Diana, Cassie and Melissa go to Prom, but when they lose a crystal to Eben, their lives are in danger. The CW is allowing fans to watch the pilot episodes of "The Secret Circle" and "Hart of Dixie," two new shows for the fall, before they air for free through iTunes.
Consequently, it's also a great day if you're a fan of "The Secret Circle," "Hart of Dixie" or "Ringer." All three shows have survived the treacherous early fall season gauntlet that has laid waste to many a show.
Also included in the previews is a one-minute clip of "The Vampire Diaries." Find out how to watch the shows here. The creators of the show have a new witch series out called 'The Secret Circle," and it will air directly after "Vampire Diaries" this fall. The first and only season is a full 22 episodes, each of which involves minimal to heavy special effects. At the start of the series, she had just moved to Chance Harbor, Washington, following the death of her mother.

When she arrives in Chance Harbor, she discovers that she is a witch that has a myriad of connections with several other magical teens in town. Over time, she learns that all of their parents, most of which are deceased, were part of a circle -- a type of coven.
The drama at the start of The Secret Circle involves Cassie finding out she is a witch and trying to fit in with the other witches in the circle. It also centers around two members of the former circle, who are doing everything they can to get their power back, even hurting their children's friends.
As the series wears on, romances are made and destroyed, people and monsters are murdered and vanquished and Cassie learns she has dark magic. Her father was a bad witch who many of the magic folk in town believe was responsible for the deaths of the previous circle, of which he was a member.
Cassie gets her dark magic from him and is faced with the choice of using it and potentially becoming evil herself on several occasions.

The end of The Secret Circle is a cliffhanger that will not be resolved unless the series is started again. Cassie has learned that she is not the only child of her evil father and that even one of her friends has dark magic from him.
Unbeknownst to Cassie and her circle, four other Balcoin (bad witches) have just arrived in Chance Harbor and they may also be Cassie's siblings and children of her demented father.

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