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Saturday we went to see the Austin media screening of Night at the Museum 3, which is releasing on December 19th.
You can’t top a cast like Robin Williams, Dick Van Dyke, Ben Stiller (now a favorite of mine after Walter Mitty), Ben Kingsley, the amazingly awkward museum manager Ricky Gervais, and the hilarious antics of Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan (who should always dress like a Roman Centurion in my opinion). In the story-line, the golden tablet which brings all of the museum artifacts to life each night begins to decay and die.
Marathon movie night this month at our house was Star Wars (the first 3 oldest movies… man, Star Wars movie numbers and order really throw me for a loop).
If you purchase the plus version, please use my affiliate code: HHGK9 - and tell them that Sprittibee sent you! Graphics, photos and text (unless stated otherwise) are the intellectual property and copyright of Heather - aka - Sprittibee (2005-2016). Thank you for not violating international copyright law as approved by the Berne Convention. All of the original players, including director Shawn Levy, return for this outing alongside some new cameos in a film which is no better or worse than the previous entries.
The biggest trump card this final instalment has is the huge step up in digital effects work. Larry spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever.

Being a huge fan of the first movie in the trilogy, and owning the other two in our personal movie collection, we were not going to miss it.
It was hard knowing this was his final movie and you could feel a sense of love in the audience as they clapped and cheered to see his name in dedication as the credits began to roll.
Click over and check out their website and see extra trailers, follow them on social media, get downloads, learn about the movie characters, and play games. You can try the free version, but I much prefer the plus version - which has a lot more options and a cool Amazon auto-fill ISBN gizmo that makes recording books a breeze.
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The moderately entertaining story of a bumbling night security guard (Ben Stiller) at New York’s Smithsonian Museum, where the exhibits come to life when the sun goes down, must travel to the London Museum to solve the riddle of a magic tablet that brings all the characters to life. Solely reliant on Ben Stiller’s neurotic and slightly manic shtick to keep things moving, Levy avoids any semblance of nuance and keeps the whole thing at an urgent pace.
Larry Daley who manages the night exhibit because the exhibits come to life because of the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, is in charge of the presentation. Rami Malek does a great job again as Ahkmenrah and he is reunited with his family in the British Museum.
Given that this is essentially running down hallways and digital effects again, proceedings feel tired and have an air of sameness about them even when it’s a new setting.

While most of the cast come off 2nd best to the visuals, thanks largely to a tired screenplay and forcibly projected plot devices, the film is so loaded with VFX it’ll dazzle most people from the shortcomings in the creative storytelling.
Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait quite so long to get a peek at what is to come in the new adventure. It was fun seeing an entirely new museum full of artifacts spring to life and journey with so many lovable and familiar characters in their quest. Can’t wait to add this one to our movie night trilogy collection so we can do marathon movie night with them. Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb is an undemanding watch will neither knock your socks off nor dampen your day.
He learns that the Tablet is corroding so he does some research and learns that Cecil, the former museum guard was at the site when the Tablet was discovered. In the poster, which you can see below, Larry, Teddy, and the rest of the gang are all walking the halls of the museum.

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