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The Secret Agent Club is a 1996 American spy action comedy film starring Hulk Hogan and directed by John Murlowski. One of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time, Hulk Hogan was born Terrence Bollea in 1953.
A boy (Matthew McCurley) and his friends try to rescue his father (Hulk Hogan), a toy-shop owner and secret agent, from evil captors. Special Agent Phillip Charles Lebid, United States Department of Homeland Security - United States Secret Service, U.S. Special Agent Phillip Lebid was killed when his government vehicle was broadsided at the intersection of Morgan and East Brorein Streets in Tampa, Florida. The driver of a vehicle that was exiting the Crosstown Expressway, ran a red light at a high rate of speed and struck Agent Lebid's vehicle on the passenger side.

Special Agent Julie Yvonne Cross, United States Department of the Treasury - United States Secret Service, U.S.
Agent Julie Cross was shot and killed during a robbery attempt while she and her partner were working undercover. Agent Cross had been in law enforcement for two years, with the San Diego Police Department, prior to being hired by the U.S Secret Service in San Diego.
The film is about a secret spy (Hulk Hogan) who steals a laser gun and pretends that it is a toy but gets in deep trouble when the people find out who he stole the gun from. When he brings home a high-powered laser gun he stole, the theft victim sends her henchmen to capture Ray and get the gun back. Raised in Florida, Hogan gained an early interest in music, playing guitar and bass in a number of rock bands in the Florida area during his early adult life. After a brief stint at the University of South Florida, he became more interested in body building, and followed a friend's suggestion to try his hand at pro wrestling.

By the early '80s, Hogan had won an NWA championship and become involved with the WWF, where he soon became one of the most popular figures in professional wrestling. Hogan's wrestling career would continue through the '80s, '90s, and 2000s, and during that time he also explored other mediums, popping up in movies like Suburban Commando and Mr. He also starred with his family in a popular candid reality show called Hogan Knows Best starting in 2005, following the adventures of his eccentric household. The show starred Hogan, his wife, Linda, his son, Nick (who pursued a career in the vehicular sport of drifting), and his daughter Brooke, a burgeoning pop star.

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