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I was in Las Vegas about two weeks ago and it was impossible to not notice the many Chemtrails all over the sky, being sprayed one after the other each and every day I was there, it was so obvious and there were so many of them that it is amazing not more people are talking about it or at least asking what is going on, these are not regular flights, since they pass-by spraying the trail of chemicals, then stop spraying for a moment to turn around and start spraying again now in another direction. Among the many Chemicals found in the substance left by these Chemtrails are Ethylene Dibromide, a pesticide, carcinogen and chemical toxin, Aluminum which is associated with Alzheimer's Disease and Barium a radioactive substance which wears down the immune system; exposure to this chemicals can cause skin and respiratory problems, according to the studies conducted by Bill Nichols in the video below, Chemtrails contain more than 3 times the toxic level of Barium set by the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency). These Chematrails are being used to sicken the people and for weather modification, causing not to rain by evaporating all moisture from wherever it is being sprayed over, this chemicals could be the reason for the deaths of bees and many species of animals lately. Here's the video with some of the evidence regarding chemtrails being braodcasted on the News, showing some of the results from the tests done on particles collected by Bill Nichols from these Chemtrails.
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That humans are causing global warming is the position of the Academies of Science from 19 countries plus many scientific organizations that study climate science. Use the controls in the far right panel to increase or decrease the number of terms automatically displayed (or to completely turn that feature off). That humans are causing global warming is the position of the Academies of Science from 80 countries plus many scientific organizations that study climate science. A survey of all peer-reviewed abstracts on the subject 'global climate change' published between 1993 and 2003 shows that not a single paper rejected the consensus position that global warming is man caused (Oreskes 2004).
Benny Peiser, a climate contrarian, repeated Oreskes' survey and claimed to have found 34 peer reviewed studies rejecting the consensus.
Figure 1: Response to the survey question "Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?" (Doran 2009) General public data come from a 2008 Gallup poll.
Most striking is the divide between expert climate scientists (97.4%) and the general public (58%). This overwhelming consensus among climate experts is confirmed by an independent study that surveys all climate scientists who have publicly signed declarations supporting or rejecting the consensus. Figure 2: Distribution of the number of researchers convinced by the evidence of anthropogenic climate change and unconvinced by the evidence with a given number of total climate publications (Anderegg 2010). Richard Black at the BBC investigates whether there is a bias against skepticism in the scientific community. Many thanks to Joe Crouch for his efforts in tracking down scientific organizations endorsing the consensus as well as links to their public statements. On 21 Jan 2012, we revised 'the skeptic argument' with a minor quote formatting correction. Is it safe to say the real consensus is closer to the view of those so called deniers in the National Post series or to the alarmist panic that is being widely circulated through things like "An Inconvenient Truth"?
The fact that there are so many Academies of Science endorsing the global warming position is probably the strongest argument for supporting it. That there are so many when we repeatedly hear on the news and radio that the actual number of dissenters is 'miniscule' will have the tendency to turn believers into sceptics. I would also feel more confident if the 'hockey stick' graphics that predict rapid change and global catastrophe would not all be linked back to a small handful of researchers and students who work together and presumably have the same preconceptions and modus operandi. I think I'd put the list on the petition project up against the IPCC list, many of whom disagree with IPCC conclusions, any day of the week. Maybe you should investigate the actual list rather than the fake and distorted claims about it. The Marshall Institute co-sponsored with the OISM a deceptive campaign -- known as the Petition Project -- to undermine and discredit the scientific authority of the IPCC and to oppose the Kyoto Protocol. They openly lied about endorsement from National Academy of Sciences, were caught, the Academy issues a statement disclaiming any connection, they re-release it again anyways, and you're foolish and gullible enough to buy it and defend it. Someone made the mistake of asking them after the second IPCC report (surveyed participants) and found that over 60% did not agree with the summary for policy makers.
Maybe we should stop pretending numbers and NGOs are scientists and that consensus is science.
Take me off your list of 400 (Prominent) Scientists that dispute Man-Made Global warming claims. You quoted a newspaper article that's main focus was scoring the accuracy of local weathermen. The point remains it is not a popularity contest despite all the attempted score keeping by the IPCC fans. And the "400" was brought up on post#3, which is why I even referred to fraudulent "Petition Project" in the first place. Well that awful Inhofe 400 is now over 420 as in the time it took for you to complain about the one that didn't sign 20 more "scientists" did. My problem with this is, it isn't an election, you claim the skeptics inflate their numbers, maybe so, beyond question the AGW catastrophy folks inflate theirs. Most of the "deniers" probably don't even have that much trouble with the consensus as stated in the first paragraph of the original post.
In general I agreed with the stated consensus in the original post, though based on the recent data and the trouble with the historical record I think now I would not use the word "most". In the original 400 I found many who were completely unqualified, some of whom are skeptical, some of whom are not.
In total, only 62 scientists reviewed the chapter in which this statement appears, the critical chapter 9, "Understanding and Attributing Climate Change".
Second, they mislead by giving the impression that 60% of the reviewers disagreed with the IPCC, but half of the comments (572 of them!) were made by Vincent Gray, with 97% of them rejected.
Dave Semeniuk has a more detailed analysis of Gray's comments -- 50 of them were Gray repeatedly asking for "anthropogenic" to be replaced with "human-induced". Third, as Richard Littlemore points out, it is pretty dodgy for the NRSP to complain about "vested interest" when their own vested interest is so blatant. John Mashey examined McLean's background and it seems that while the National Post awarded him a PhD he actually has no scientific qualifications at all, just a Bachelor of Architecture.
My point is the consensus, such as it is, is closer to the denialist view than the popular view of Al Gore etc.

The claim that there is some vast number of scientists that constitute a consensus and that agree with catastrophic warming is not only not science it isn't even correct. When I pointed out that the petition project and other similar things like the Heidelberg appeal all had one thing the IPCC didn't have; the consent and agreement of the people involved.
Personal attacks on a handful of people, each of which is questionable in itself does nothing to refute my stated point. If science relied on consensus then the Earth would be the center of the universe and you would fall off the edge.
A common theme among hardcore denialists, after slowly dragging them around to admit there is a consensus, is an appeal to the Galileo syndrome.
The irony I want to point out is that Galileo was a forward thinker, reaching into previously untrodden territory.
You seriously don't understand that any "fake" signatures, and there were many on both, not to mention the fraudulant article to support the "petition project", you really mean to say that you can't grasp that that in and of itself shows the desperate need to dupe the public with policy driven pseudo-science? WA, I don't understand why you would even pay attention to the "my list is bigger than yours" type of attitude, which is obviously utter nonsense. As for Quietman post about Gerlich's pathetic load of dung, Rabett Run has more on that than anyone really needs to know. The quality of skepticism here is on the way down if that's the kind of stuff we're going to talk about. Phillippe I don't agree with your way of stating the consensus though It isn't far enough off to argue.
On your double standard point though, Phillippe, that is exactly the contention I have been making from the other side of the issue for a long time so it is kind of funny. The perhaps painful truth is CO2 has not been a major cause of climate change in the past, despite levels many times the current level. That may be because there has not been a release of CO2 on the scale we experienced these last 150 years during the 600k years of very stable climate the planet has been through. And I also maintain that, if you are a true skeptic with physics background, you should be screaming bloody murder to the flat-earthers like Gerlich. And The Oregon Petition of Science and Medicine 'Petition Project' Review, now updated with a change in authors was neither peer-reviewed (despite explicit claims)), nor science - it was deceptive pseudo-science, deliberately formatted to appear as if it were a NAS publication (and therefore peer-reviewed). Enough people were fooled that the National Academy was inundated with calls asking if it was their new position and had to issue a news release.
Note: Seitz, Baliunas & Soon are all associated with the ExxonMobil funded George C Marshall Institute! The updated version of this OISM 'review' was published in that well known organ of climate research - The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (2007). Apparently the previous 1998 version was later published in Climate Research - A Journal that has had serious problems with its criticised peer-review process, notably under the editorship of Chris de Freitas, under whom numerous editors resigned in protest. The freezing winter weather is causing headaches across Acadiana, and now we’re starting to get reports of school closures. Branch and Mire Elementary Schools closed due to water and electrical issues today, Tuesday, January 7.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
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Here's a look at several events on the West Coast radar that definitely beg the question of whether or not we are all living in a James Bond movie where the weather is no longer a natural occurrence and the California drought is an engineered artificial scarcity to pushing the man made global warming higher prices for basic resources like water and betting on weather derivatives on Wall St. For those that don't know, Chemtrails are those lines seen in the pictures and they have been proven to contain chemicals that can cause serious health issues, many people believe and claim that they are actually Contrails, which are vapour trails made by the exhaust of aircraft engines, but in fact these "Chem-trails" actually differ from "Con-trails" in several aspects, for instance, unlike Chemtrails, Contrails disipate quickly being visible only right behind the airplane, while Chemtrails remain in the sky for very long periods of time, expanding into some sort of artificial cloud which according to the tests done, is actually sucking up all moisture in the sky, another difference is that Contrails happen at very high altitudes, the plane has to be thirty thousand feet or above, humidity has to be 70% or above and the tempetature has to be -32 degrees celcius or colder, this is not at all the case with Chemtrails, which happen at very low altitudes, many times in very dry and hot conditions. Another use which they may give to Chemtrails could be for "Project Blue Beam", which I have been meaning to write about for a while, a project to fake the second coming, since Barium, which I just mentioned to be one of the poisonous chemicals present in great quantities in Chemtrails, happens to be one of the main components for a 3-D holography display, meaning that what they could also be doing in the skies is preparing a huge holographic screen to make many fall for the coming delusion. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp.
More specifically, around 95% of active climate researchers actively publishing climate papers endorse the consensus position. 75% of the papers agreed with the consensus position while 25% made no comment either way (focused on methods or paleoclimate analysis). However, an inspection of each of the 34 studies reveals most of them don't reject the consensus at all. A survey of 3146 earth scientists asked the question "Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?" (Doran 2009).
If there are no 'hockey sticks' then the small increase in global temperature over the last century does not statistically look different from what one would expect from natural variation. Early in the spring of 1998, thousands of scientists around the country received a mass mailing urging them to sign a petition calling on the government to reject the Kyoto Protocol.
The returned petition, one of thousands of mailings he sent out, identified her as having a degree in microbiology and living in Boston.
Many who are qualified who are either not actually skeptical, are skeptical only of some proposed solutions or who have actually stated their agreement WITH the consensus.
Of the comments received from the 62 reviewers of this critical chapter, almost 60% of them were rejected by IPCC editors.
McLean and Harris have only counted the reviewers of the second order draft and ignored the more numerous comments on the first order draft.
But how did McLean and Harris come up with their claim that 55 of the reviewers had "serious vested interest"?
His innovation and imagination helped him see past the prevailing state of human knowledge at the time and go into new ground. Why are you trying to defend that so-called "petition project?" What does that have to do with science and evidence? All sources of information arguing that point are non scientific (Heartland, Cato, Inhofe's office, CO2 science and all that crap).

And to answer his question, there is no doubt about the radiative properties of CO2 and the reality of the GH effect.
Well, BTN had already set the bar so far down that we might have a margin anyway, but still. You can not apply extreme scrutiny to the CO2 hypothesis and lower scrutiny to alternate explanations. The SCIENTIFIC consensus is that there is warming, happening quite fast, and that the massive CO2 release from the burning of fossil fuels is a major contributor to it. If you try to go farther in time, there is too much uncertainty to do informative comparisons.
If not, then you're applying a double standard far worse than anything you claim is practiced in the scientific peer-reviewed litterature.
This petition criticizes the science underlying the Kyoto treaty on carbon dioxide emissions (the Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change), and it asks scientists to recommend rejection of this treaty by the U.S. Here is another picture I took of the skies of Las Vegas, followed by one showing the obvious difference between a Contrail and a Chemtrail. The remaining articles in Peiser's list are editorials or letters, not peer-reviewed studies. Moreover, they examine the number of publications by each scientist as a measure of expertise in climate science.
How far could we reasonably expect a questioner to go in an IPCC panel when that instantly collects a denialist label and probably guarantees a dead end to even the most able career? The petition was accompanied by other pieces including an article formatted to mimic the journal of the National Academy of Sciences.
And of the 62 expert reviewers of this chapter, 55 had serious vested interest, leaving only seven expert reviewers who appear impartial. McLean gives details in a piece published by the SPPI (an oil industry funded think tank that apparently does not count as a vested interested to McLean).
A german physisist,Gerhard Gerlich, demonstrated (in a very long and boring paper) how there can be no greenhouse effect. Real scientific organizations (AAAS, AGU, etc) endorse the AGW hypothesis, which is by itself an interesting fact. It can be precisely measured in the lab, and if there was no GH effect, this planet would be an ice covered rock. There is nothing to prove that a massive injection of CO2 in an otherwise stable climate can not have serious consequences.
They find the average number of publications by unconvinced scientists (eg - skeptics) is around half the number by scientists convinced by the evidence.
In the current climate it is reasonable to assume the dissent camp is at least ten times the admitted size. Subsequent research revealed that the article had not been peer-reviewed, nor published, nor even accepted for publication in that journal and the Academy released a strong statement disclaiming any connection to this effort and reaffirming the reality of climate change.
Scientists were declared to have a vested interest if they were an IPCC author, or an IPCC author of a previous assessment, or if any of their work was cited by the report, or if they worked for a government, or if they work for an organization that gets government funding, or if they have a "possible commercial vested interest in the claim of man-made warming". It is basically a well dressed version of the "there is no anthropogenic CO2 rise" argument.
Digging up decades old research with results all over the place, results that lead to all sorts of impossible conclusions and then trying to claim that this is the reality and the new, consistent and refined results are the ones that are wrong.
I find it really funny that "skeptics" both dispute the existence of a consensus and also argue that consensus is meaningless anyway, as Quietman does with a mightily inappropriate comparison. The Gerlich paper is also funny in the sense that it denies the very existence of a GH effect at all but, later, the authors questioned about Venus go on explaining Venus' temps by GH effect from other sources than CO2. If you apply the same extreme scrutiny to these other alternate explanations, what is left of them? And, by the way, spare me the exaggerations that have nothing to do with what the research actually shows and suggest is possible.
The petition was mailed with an op-ed article from The Wall Street Journal and a manuscript in a format that is nearly identical to that of scientific articles published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. However, what are most interesting are responses compared to the level of expertise in climate science.
Not only is there a vast difference in the number of convinced versus unconvinced scientists, there is also a considerable gap in expertise between the two groups.
I know that as an admittedly uninformed questioner I get some pretty vitriolic responses from the eco faithful. Eli Rabett took the time to take it apart in a rather thorough and scientific manner, especially given the total lack of a credible conclusion Beck arrives at. Never mind that this is what progress looks like, this is many minds working to overcome the challenges that caused prior confusion to finally achieve consistent, sensible and reliable data. I do not pay more attention to exaggerated claims from advocay groups, whether they're from one side of the spectrum or the other.
The NAS Council would like to make it clear that this petition has nothing to do with the National Academy of Sciences and that the manuscript was not published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences or in any other peer-reviewed journal.
In contrast, 97.5% of climatologists who actively publish research on climate change responded yes. In my experience, if you try to take apart these alternate theories with any eagerness comparable to what "skeptics" use against the CO2 hypothesis, there is nothing left, zilch, nada. As the level of active research and specialization in climate science increases, so does agreement that humans are significantly changing global temperatures.

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