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GETAWAY WAY AWAY GETAWAYROMANTIC GETAWAY A SUITE PLACE TO STAY: Check into one of the whirlpool suites at the Holiday Inn in Center in Okoboji or venture south to Spencer to Arts on Grand , making sure to stop at Festival is held the 3rd weekend in May each year. Consider A Spa GetawayDestination spa getaways are not a new idea, but they are a rapidly growing trend.
2012 PDSol Rates NO SPECIALSE33 13 51.5 Praia do Sol offers accommodation for up to 36 guests, with a range of rooms catering for romantic weekend getaways away to family holidays. Weekend Romantic Getaway From New YorkFour hours south of New York City, the country lanes and Amish farms on the rolling hillsides of Pennsylvania Dutch Country are the antithesis of hip, high-powered city living.
The romantic getaways in the south, Romantic weekend getaways in the south, weekend getaways in the south, best romantic weekend getaways in the south, weekend getawaus in the south, SCENIC ROMANTIC GETAWAYS, romantic weekend getaways south, romantic vacation in the south, Romantic NC Getaways. This section will focus mostly on locations within easy driving distance of the City, though we’re including Cape Cod, which is a bit of a long drive. We like to call Cape Cod “the Hamptons for smart people.” It’s cheaper, milder, folksier, more authentic, and offers far greater abundance. The Cape is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway from New York, boasting some of the most photogenic beaches in the world, and because it’s a year-round residence for many of its inhabitants, it resists the “spring break” feel some beach destinations have. Home to two of the nation’s premier colleges, Ithaca combines all the advantages of small town and big city into a friendly, relaxed, hip package, surrounded by breathtaking geography. Two For The RoadCouples seeking romantic getaways often can't spend more than a night away from home. Fun Facts Tidbits ProgramsBaby Moon Vacation Getaways Babymoons are well known to pregnant mothers.
Celebrate New Years In VegasTime is Money can organize groups and family trips, including weekend getaways with the girls, and romantic retreats, just to name a few. Herring Cove would be your go-to if you were staying in Provincetown, which we highly recommend by the way.

If you’re looking for that city life experience where entertainment options abound, start with some of the major cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If northern California is your destination of choice, you’ll probably fly into San Francisco International Airport. Want to check out southern California, the most popular places tend to be Los Angeles, Orange County, the mountains (Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead), Palm Springs, and San Diego. Plan out your weekend with a checklist of places you plan to visit or a simplified itinerary. The Hudson Valley, Long Island, and Ithaca offer affordable and easy getaways that seem light years away from the city. The north fork boasts some of the best wineries in the east in a region called Long Island Wine Country, and we review eight of them. The very fact that it’s geared top-to-bottom to attract and pamper gamblers is what makes it the ideal getaway for the non gambler. Royal Blue Bid Sheets Enjoy a one-night weekend stay in a wonderful room for two at the W in New York. It’s hard to avoid the beach from any point in Provincetown, and Commercial Street abuts a pretty stretch of beach itself. Whitney at nearly 15k ft and the Lowest Point is Death Valley at approx 280 ft below sea level. The off season has some really great perks (you can also find some deals if you are military, government employee, AARP or AAA members.
We have everything you need to make your next trip together a memorable and fun experience. Whether it’s the dog days of the summer and you want to get some fresh air, or you need a way to break the routine, getting out of town can be the smartest move.

We’re going to take you on a journey – one that includes back streets, wineries, classic car shows, people-watching, the best Pho on the East Coast, and not a solitary hand of blackjack. FOP LODGE #1LL-INCLUSIVE Romantic Getaways in the Magnificent Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. TripAdvisor specializes in user reviews of destinations around the world, so I know that there will be some great info on places that are interesting to visit.
The state is huge and having only a few days, I would recommend focusing on either northern or southern California (probably not both). Some places that are popular in northern California are: San Francisco, Sacramento (the State Capitol), Napa, Sonoma, Sausalito, Monterey, Yosemite National Park, Redwoods, and  Sequoia National Park.
This is especially noticeable if you plan to visit theme parks as they are packed during the summer time when people all over the world converge there. Most of the amusement parks are located here including: Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World, Lego Land, and Universal Studios. For obvious reasons this makes it ideal for nice weather, less hospitable for off-season, unless you like chop. What really gives California the edge besides the weather is the truly diverse types of entertainment, food and landscape you can experience while living or traveling to this state.
Still, the waves are gentler than on the other side of the cape, and its adjacency to Provincetown gives Herring Cove a very different feeling.

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