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Let me begin by wishing you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year and in the spirit of the season I am offering my annual 15% discount on my resume writing services up until January 7th.
1: When you are networking with people, especially those people you do not know very well and those you have never met and who don’t know your from Adam, try picking up the phone to reach out to them rather than email, text, IM’, Linked-In in-mail or other form of non verbal communication.
2: When you do establish a new contact follow up with this person that same week, and again do it using verbal rather than non-verbal communication. 5: When you reach out to people ask them how they are doing and what you can do to help them before you even begin to ask what they can do for you. Perry Newman, CPC CSMS is a nationally recognized executive resume writer, career coach, AIPC certified recruiter and SMMU certified social media strategist known for his ability to help his clients get results. Whether they are manufactured for high school, college football or for professional football, the balls’ dimensions, weight, size and air pressure standards are pretty much the same. Football air pressure is important because it affects the weight, size and the flight of the ball when it is thrown and when it bounces in the field, which significantly affects the performance of the players from the first kick-off down to the last minute.
If you’re a football amateur or an emerging big time player, learning how to inflate your practice football according to its recommended air pressure can give you a better advantage in improving your skills.  Get your own football pump that has a pressure gauge and inflate the ball yourself so you’ll know how it feels when inflated to the correct air pressure.

Now go to our “tips on how to inflate a football” page for a step-by-step knowledge in inflating the ball for your favorite sport. So here are some suggestions I would like to suggest to help you in your job search and in your career by getting back to basics.
Send people a paper copy of your resume and cover letter along with the electronic submission. Mark down peoples birthday (and their kids), anniversary, the day they got a new job or were promoted, and other special dates.
Perry is also a former AIPC certified recruiter and Managing Partner of a successful NYC search firm. How about a custom solid cherry or oak TV cabinet especially made for your size, component needs and new flat screen! This is the reason why inflatable balls for football and for any sports for that matter, should meet the air pressure standards to regulate the behavior of the ball in the field.
It will also provide a good chance for you to learn how to get a good grip for holding, passing and hiking the football.

Earthly Basics can meet all your custom requirements in whatever wood, style and color you desire.
Even promotional balls and those that are not in their standard sizes have their recommended air pressure levels. The gauge pressure and the weight are practically similar to the Canadian Football League (CFL) as well as the NCAA standards.
Our extensive lines of armoires, TV stands, component cabinets and home entertainment storage allow for the most creativity and flexibility. It is very important that you know how to gauge the air pressure to ensure you’re using a ball that is just right for the game.

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