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This Thursday night at The Hospital Club we’ll once again be joined by some great speakers from world of TV, at our latest Turn On, Tune In event, taking us behind the scenes of the ground-breaking shows they’ve worked on. We were delighted to welcome more great speakers to our latest Turn On, Tune In event at The Hospital Club earlier this month including RDF Television duo, Teresa Watkins & Sam Burr, discussing the making of the hit Channel 4 show, The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds. The observational documentary, which followed the antics of nursery-aged children using hidden cameras, pulled in more than 2.5 million viewers for an initial one off show, which lead to the commissioning of a 6-part series later in 2015.
There is no doubt that serious factual is on the rise and fast becoming a regular fixture of audience’s weekly viewing habits and, if Twitter is anything to go by, really capturing the public’s imagination. Producers now treat documentaries like they would a cutting edge drama; it’s compelling story-telling with strong narrative arcs. At our recent Turn On, Tune In event at The Hospital Club, we were delighted to welcome James Newton, series director of the gripping and dramatic three part series, The Detectives. I wanted to highlight some of the events we have been hosting recently in conjunction with Channel 5’s Head of Development, Beren Money. To date, we’ve had a brilliant, diverse selection of speakers – from producers, directors, writers and talent to technical geniuses who are changing the whole landscape of the medium.
Series Producer of Emmerdale, Kate Oates, gave the audience a great insight into the success of this 42 year old series, and how the gruelling schedule is managed.
The PB Team returned to The Hospital Club this week, where we were joined by another full house in The Oak Room for the latest in our Turn On, Tune In series of events. It was another busy night in The Oak Room at The Hospital Club on Tuesday night for our latest Turn On, Tune In event, where we once again hosted a top line-up of industry speakers.
We were joined by Tiger Aspect duo, Andy Brereton (Head of Comedy Entertainment) and Sebastian Grant (Executive Producer), discussing their innovative BBC Three reality-horror-gameshow hybrid, I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse, where 10 members of the public are left in an abandoned shopping centre overrun by zombies. There was a packed house in The Oak Room at The Hospital Club last night for our latest Turn On, Tune In event, where we were joined by another line-up of top speakers.
Energy efficiency and sustainability are some words that we use in almost every sector of our life now-a-days.
So, want to take a quick drive on the “Smart highway” where art and technology goes hand to hand?
When people are doing something for a significant period of time, they can’t look back and think of a new way of doing that themselves. Smartness can be referred as the ability to cope with the situation faced with intelligence and making the best out of it. When in the dark the highway is lined with some light emitting lines; glowing lines, what the experience can be called rather than “Going through a fairy tale”? Studio Roosegaarde developed thermal sensitive paints that pop up when it’s cold and disappear again when the sun comes.
It is an innovative way of eliminating road lights that are always on and thus causing more energy and money. These fixtures can generate energy to light up from the air flow caused by the passing cars. The team has launched two of their projects- Van Gogh Roosegaarde bicycle path and The Glowing Lines. Architects and city planners both agree on how cities of the future should be develop: always in syntony with the original environment. Douglas Lansky, travel specialist and writer, teaches us how to think about tourism from 3 different points of view: a top hotel manager, a travel writer and a theme park owner.
A top hotel manager’s concern will be the pleasure and joy of his guests; he will make sure they are experience maximum comfort and premium guest service. A theme park owner, similar to the previous, thought and will keep thinking about the facilities his park must have to surprise their visitors with unbelievable, one-of-a-kind attractions, making their trip amazing and unforgettable. A travel writer will always be sensitive about destinations’ great features and not so great ones. We introduced this topic at the beginning of this article and we want to establish its importance. Respect for nature, animals, traditions and local community is what will keep a place alive and durable.
Find a distinction no other place has and stick to it, no matter how simple you think it is.

Like these destinations, every place must work in terms of positioning a distinctive symbol and transform it into an icon. To find out about more secrets and how the hospitality industry is transforming and adapting to a new era or travellers, subscribe to our blog and put us in your favorites’ bar. Coming up with solutions to lower cost and enhance productivity has been, however, the major challenge for businesses across sectors.
Findings from Pulse of the Profession research 2016 by Project Management Institute (PMI) showed that compared to last year, fewer projects are meeting original goals and business intent or being completed within budget in Asia Pacific. Organisations around the region wasted an average of US$109 million for every US$1 billion spent on projects and programs due to poor project performance.
In fact, globally, organisations wasted US$122 million for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance, a 12% increase over last year. The ideal skill set for a project manager is a combination of technical, leadership, and strategic and business management expertise.
Yet, less than one in three currently prioritise the development of technical, leadership, or business skills with only 25% considering all three skills a priority.
When organisations focus on all three skill sets, 40% more of their projects meet goals and original business intent.
The survey also found that project outcomes are significantly better in organisations that invest in ongoing project management training, offer a defined career path to those engaged in project or program management, and establish formal processes to develop project manager competencies and to transfer knowledge, when compared with organisations that invest in none of these. Organisations that are willing to invest in all four aspects mentioned above have a better chance of meeting their goals (71% to 54%), completing project within budget (65%-41%) and on time (63%-38%). Since 2006, analysis of data from the Pulse for Professional survey has shown that high performing organisations which have implemented the proper project management practices have a much higher chance (89% versus 34%) of meeting the original goals and business intent of the company. There are now only a handful of places remaining, exclusively for PB members, so don’t miss out! Teresa (Executive Producer) and Sam (Development Producer) shared how they brought Channel 4’s most popular factual show of the year to the screen, and shed light on the many pitfalls and ethical dilemmas that working with such young children can bring. Whilst a swath of rig shows such as 24 Hours in A&E, One Born Every Minute, and The Catch are pulling in big audiences, there’s still room for the more traditional approach. The critically-acclaimed BBC Two series gave a close-up view of the day-to-day operations of the Serious Sexual Offences Unit of Greater Manchester Police, the first dedicated rape investigation team in the UK. Partick Spence, the Executive Producer of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude, took us through this gripping drama from concept to screen, with a few very illuminating stories on some of the technical problems they had to overcome – like having to import fake snow from London to, of all places, Iceland! We were once again joined by two top speakers from the world of TV, revealing the secrets behind the success of their shows. The aim for contestants is to survive for seven days until help arrives, with an array of tasks and games to complete in the meantime.
Set six months after the population was exposed to damaging radiation, the show initially features ten contestants, who must survive for seven days in an abandoned shopping centre which has been overrun by zombies.
Dan has also worked on a wide range of other science and history documentaries for a number of international broadcasters.
First up, we’ll be joined by award-winning Director, Dan Reed, whose powerful, visually-distinctive documentary work has won international acclaim. Dan and his crew risked their lives to gather footage from both sides of the front line to create the feature length documentary, which was later nominated for the Flaherty Documentary Award at the BAFTA Craft Awards in 2000. Our planet has become vulnerable and her residents are already started to take care of her. It is a result of the “brain” of Daan Roosegaarde, the designer and the “hands” of Heijmans, the builder and developer. We need collaboration between different fields to find the solutions of problems and difficulties of the contemporary world. It takes a dreamer’s mind to come up with a new concept and tickle people, to set them free.
In US, nearly 7400 people are killed in crashes and over 673,000 people are injured each year. So some beautiful and illuminating snowflakes will be there to notify the drivers that the road can be slippery and dangerous. Statistics show that public streets and highway lighting, including commercial and institutional buildings, consumed about 274 billion kWh in US. The studio confirms that they are going to launch new projects at the end of 2014 and also next year where the other concepts of Smart Highway will be implemented.

The truth is, natural charm can’t be beaten by almost anything, but it definitely can be found in places no one saw it before. Constant evolution and innovation is fundamental in his situation; 2 characteristics that will keep his place updated and appealing to regular and new visitors. Being receptive the way a travel writer is, is essential to recognize and amend those mistakes that are invisible to anyone else. Every hotelier or entrepreneur must find the balance between the place they are developing their destination and the development itself.
Uncaring attitude, deficient facilities, and untrained personnel are the worst combination no travel writer, hotel manager and theme park owner should tolerate. Langley president and CEO of PMI says HR plays a key role in identifying and developing talent to ensure the smooth delivery of a project. While technical skills are core to project and programme management, they’re simply not enough in today’s competitive global economy,” he said.
Producing such a huge volume of content in such a short space of time requires an army of more than 300 production staff, working in three separate units. The contestants have to complete various tasks each day, including making a base, and securing food and supplies. Smart highway is a groundbreaking example for this kind of inter-expertise collaboration and effort. The designer Daan Roosegaarde says, “When we look at highways, why is so much money and time and energy spent on cars? In Roosegaarde’s word, “How can we make truly interactive and sustainable environment which connects people again, for me that is the essence of design.” Studio Roosegaarde’s partnership with Heijmans makes the dream’s way to reality.
The lines are made of photo luminescent paint which can absorb energy during the day and illuminates at the dark up to 10 hours. These interactive lights are sensor controlled and will only lit when the traffic approaches. Wind lights are another option to cut the energy consumption by the conventional road lights. The Spanish city has beautiful, modern buildings that respect the old architecture, but there are also new buildings made with materials that “age” to be in harmony with ancient stone buildings.
Personally, this is the real voice of who your destination is and the value it offers to its visitors. Hunter and I am passionate about recruiting because I help companies find talent and everyone wins. Make the switch today with our Human Resource Software for Malaysia called eP2P Application. Emmerdale is filmed across five studios in Leeds, and separate location set in the Yorkshire Dales, and with such a tight schedule, Kate also discussed the need to balance studio and location time – with an around 16 minutes of completed footage per day in the studio, versus only 8 on location. Andy & Sebastian took us through the development and pitching process, the challenges of filming with such a large cast, and dealing with the aftermath for the traumatised contestants! The key rule is to avoid zombies at all costs as even a slight touch results in death and elimination from the game.
But the actual roads themselves are still stuck in the middle ages.” Sounds like that little word “why” gave birth to the innovative and the most beautiful concept of the future highways.
How the highways are anticipated to be intelligent, interactive and sustainable can be understood from the features they offer. How many of us never experienced the danger of slippery road for not knowing the road’s condition before head? By following the coming and going off the lights drivers can know how fast they can drive too. Each 60 minute episode covers the events of 1 day of the game, interspersed with commentary from presenter, Greg James, and diary room-style one-to-one footage, taking reaction from the contestants.
It uses induction coils under the tarmac that will automatically recharge the electric cars as they drive on it.

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