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Buddhist mindfulness and meditation practices have benefitted the lives of hundred of millions of people for over two thousand years.
For fifteen years I have studied and practicsed Buddhist mindfulness and meditation techniques and philosophy.
I am pleased to be offering a weekly Mindfulness Meditation drop-in class at the Holistic Centre on Tuesdays evenings (7-9pm), which starts on the 4th November.
New research has found a convincing link between mindfulness and improved cardiovascular health. Most research on the health benefits of mindfulness has focused on mental health and pain management. SHEN is a scientifically researched and  updated version of ancient hands-on healing techniques. In essence SHEN works like this: Using the biofield qi (ch’i) from my hands, i first loosen the contractions trapping the painful emotions deep inside the body, then i reposition my hands to lift the emotions to the surface where they can dissipate. Many report that relationships with family, friends, and work improve as inner emotional conflicts resolve through SHEN.
As the old painful emotions dissipate, deeper empowering emotions of confidence, joy, and love are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core upon which to live one’s life.
Yes, successful pilot studies have been conducted into migraines, Pre-menstrual tension, and depression. During a SHEN session, you lie fully clothed on a SHEN cradle that is supported by a massage table. I offer both weekly single SHEN sessions and more intensive packages (up to four sessions in a  day). I am registered with the  International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA) as a Certified SHEN Therapist (CST). I realised however that few have the option of intensively meditating for several hours a day  like i was. I trained in SHEN therapy over the course of three and a half years – partly in ireland and partly in the UK.

I feel fortunate to be able to offer the potentially life-changing benefits of SHEN therapy to others. In the west, there is a growing body of scientfic research that demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness meditation practice. For 6 years I taught  at the Vajraloka Retreat Centre in North Wales, one of the foremost meditation facilities in the UK.
I will also  share some highly effective and proven stress reduction techniques to use in everyday life. Researchers from Brown University say they’ve uncovered evidence suggesting that “dispositional mindfulness” is directly associated with scores on four of seven cardiovascular health indicators, and better health overall.
But this study, lead-authored by Eric Loucks, assistant professor of epidemiology, asked whether tangible heart-health factors like blood pressure, obesity and fasting blood-glucose might also be influenced. In 1998 I discovered Buddhism and underwent a intense programme of training in ethics, meditation and wisdom which culminatied in me becoming ordained in 2005. This Western therapy, now available for the first time in Birmingham, uses the naturally occurring low-level electromagnetic field (the biofield) produced by the human body  to release emotional blockages and psychological distress, as well as  resolve many kinds of chronic pain that cannot be traced to physical causes. Before starting a series of treatments, we will explore why you wish to receive SHEN and what you hope to achieve.
ISTA is a professional body that sets and maintains standards of competency, ethics and practice throughout the world. During this time I discovered that in deep states of meditation and relaxation,  subtle energy flows in the body increase and flow more freely. I immediately resonated with how SHEN therapy described body tension, subtle energy flow and emotional trauma. I cannot think of anything more worthwhile to do with my time than help free people from limiting emotional habits and physical ailments.   It is deeply rewarding. These aim to enhance wholesome states of mind, which will affect our behaviour and therefore our relationship with the world. It is being shown to significantly alleviate difficulties of  anxiety, sleep, depression and stress.

I also draw on the emerging secular mindfulness tradition, part of which involved training from Bangor Unversity, which is one of the leading institutions in this field. Since then I have dedicated myself to healing and the cultivation of self awareness both for others and myself.
Whilst the touch is gentle, safe and non-intrusive – the effects of SHEN are often powerful and transformative.
From there, I will carefully devise a treatment plan tailored to your particular issues and needs. In particular, I was curious about whether  natually energy flows or chi from the therapist could stimulate energy flows in the client. As I started to receive  SHEN, I found I was taken to a place of deep and profound bodily relalxation, as in deep meditation. Examples of meditation methods include calming the mind (eg through focusing on a bodily function such as the breath or an external object), zazen (eg silent illumination from the Chan tradition of Buddhism), the development of loving kindness and compassion, and guided visualisations. This process of profoundly relaxing the body – and then feeling through and integrating trapped emotions was so personally transformative that I became inspired to help others benefit in a similar way.
Further, I found that the arising qualities of spaciousness and peace led to deep held pain in the body rising to the surface and releasing.
Many of the therapists at the Centre use some form of meditation personally, and in their sessions. As this happened I found limiting states of mind and habits in my everday life loosing their power.

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