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Discover every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. This past week I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the coolest girls on the planet.
There are very few rules, in fact the beauty of this ministry is the creative expression that God reveals Himself thorough. Lori MacMathLori's daily mantra includes praying, "I will take it Lord, ALL you have to give," and a commitment to live out Colossians 3:17 daily.
Lori has served as Leadership Adventure Coordinator, a mid week Bible club for upper elementary students in a local public elementary school as well as being on staff at her church.
Thank you for sharing this verse on contentment, it is so timely with the holidays approaching.
Lee Ann… I tried to go to your blog and quickly I saw your cutie on a quilt and than I got the MALWARE warning like I had on my other blog earlier this week for YOU. When we moved into our house last May, my husband would repeatedly tell me how badly our house needed new landscaping. Ben kept trying to convince me of enhancing our curb appeal and I just wasn’t buying it.
Once we gathered up all of the leaves, broken stems, and even the tree branches that fell through my husband’s car, I realized that this was my chance to start over and make our landscaping what it needed to be.
In order to execute our new landscaping properly, Ben and I decided we had to hire a landscape designer (a fellow Longhorn no less!) since neither of us knew anything about plants.
We got the landscaping of the front yard done 12 hours before the party started and we were really impressed with Mark and the Green Thumb landscapers work.
After we finished with the front yard though, it was time to get serious about the backyard. Ben rearranged the stone walkways (for my new chairs no less), built a shed on the side of the house with his dad (good bonding experience), added a lattice above the existing fence (still in progress), and is now trying to grow ivy up the brick walls (may take a while).
While he was busy digging in the ground, I set out to find interesting backyard accents and furniture. I also bought a cool outdoor metal bamboo dining set from my friend Christian at Think Twice (seats still need to be recovered).
And then some of my favorite finds ever were these vintage fiberglass peacock chairs that I bought from Grace of A Storied Style. Of course the front entry and office entry wouldn’t be complete without interesting door mats so I swiped up two from Ballard.
If you haven’t been to Uncommon Market yet in Dallas, they have some great outdoor accessories (as well as indoor).

So what I’ve learned is that outdoor decorating is a whole new kind of fun and a good activity that Ben and I can do together on the weekends. We're big fans of Cheer Channel's show "Cheer Mashup,"? hosted by Chasse® athlete and fan favorite cheerleader, Maddie Gardner. About the AuthorMelissaMelissa is a lifelong Californian with a background in dance and gymnastics and an impressive collection of scented candles. We take the liberty of writing you with a view to building up business relations with your firm. Handcrafted from natural gemstones by one of our artisan partners and set in pure (925 hallmark) sterling silver. They happen to be 4th & 5th graders at a local elementary school where we have the chance to go into the school and participate in an after school club where we share the Gospel of Jesus, much like an electric Sunday school class. After 18 years in Atlanta, Lori has bought herself a coat and some winter boots and is ready for the NEXT adventure.
She has recently stepped out into NEW territory with her husband and some very dedicated disciples to launch a mission business. She is excited in this season to watch the Lord unfold HIS plans for the next step on the journey.
The web series features cheerleading news on a bunch of topics, from style trends to fun videos to inspiring stories. We encourage the ” post behind the picture,” or the reflections that many of the participants share. She navigates this road with her husband of 25 years and they have 3 children, ranging in age from 16 - 21. She would be HONORED if you'd visit Hope Products International where providing HOPE to the world through fair trade and sustainable products. I then found a really interesting white iron bench from Lula B’s with a greek key motif- a total steal! I can’t help but laugh when I arrive home each day to this little old brass lady on a swing greeting me at the door.
We're only part way through the first season but already we've learned so many amazing things. So over a period of eight months, I stood back and watched as he transformed the backyard from our flat, dry, no grass mud field to a beautiful area with a diverse assortment of plants and flowers.
Here are just seven things we've learned from "Cheer Mashup:" Maddie Gardner is an all-around superstar.
With the heart of an artist and a spirit to live intentionally missional, Lori strives daily to see Him in all that surrounds her.

We hadn’t realized it yet, but our little clean up project from the hailstorm would soon turn into much more.
As a journalism major at of North Carolina, we foresee a successful future! Cheerleaders are the best at the Harlem Shake. By incorporating cheer stunts, cheerleaders won the trend! Cheer coaches will always be cheerleaders at heart. They get their turkeys here for Christmas, not the end of November and I don’t have an oven (so I miss that) but I am content to fake a meal with a chicken… yeah!
In the second episode, Maddie interviewed CEA coach Courtney Pope, who is known for performing her own cheers while her squad is performing at competitions! Courtney is an example of the many coaches that embody the cheer spirit and are so dedicated to their team. You CAN do stunts at home safely. There are some restaurants in the tourist part of town that offer a meal on their menu… just not the same,yet I press on to be content with Cranberry drink instead of the real thing… this is a great reminder and helps me stay thankful! Originally designed by circus performers, the Pro Pedestal by Cheer Balance helps cheerleaders work on their balance, acting as a base's foot.
Even if you're not a flyer, it's a great way to work on your balance and endurance in the comfort of your own home. Cheerleaders can laugh at their own mistakes. While ones that show severe injuries shouldn't be laughed at, there are the funny trips and stumbles we all can laugh at, especially having once been there at one point. Glitterbug® Cosmetics has awesome makeup tutorials.
We're familiar with Glitterbug® Cosmetics, as we love their glitter products, which are specifically made for performers. In the third episode of Cheer Mashup, Maddie showed just a few of the amazing makeup tutorials Glitterbug® offers for free on its website. The cheerleading community is so supportive.
We've read so many stories of cheerleaders helping the community and each other, but it never gets old. In the third episode, Maddie introduced us to Jenee Cruise, California All Stars SMOED cheerleader, and her courageous ability to cheer while living with Type 1 diabetes. So inspiring! No matter what level you are as a cheerleader, "Cheer Mashup" is a great show to watch!

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