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So you felt there was a larger response to Buddhism and to your message than elsewhere in the world where youa€™ve been? Youa€™re celebrating the birthday of the Buddha now; what does that mean to you personally and how will you be celebrating it in the Czech Republic? Obviously there are not many Czech Buddhist monks, so what do you think Czechs who attend your centre and come to your lectures take most out of your message? From what youa€™ve learned of the Czech Republic and its people over the last 17 years, are there specific things in which you think Buddhism can particularly help here? Counting breath is a very easy and effective way to start meditation training, as one can do it anytime and anywhere. 1) When you wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed, bring your attention to your breathing. 2) Use any sound as your cue to starting a slow belly breathing (phone ringing, bird singing, train passing, a car, laughter). 5)  While waiting in line or waiting for your turn, use this time to count your breathing, Turn all your waiting time into rest time, recharging time, or slow breathing time.
6)  Be aware of any points of tightness in your body throughout the day.  See if you can apply relaxation by breathing into them – As you inhale, notice the tightness of the body, and as you exhale, let go of the excess tension – repeat it 3 to 5 times or until you feel relaxed. 7)  Before you go to sleep at night, take a minute to bring your attention to your breathing.  Observe six slow belly breaths (or count as far as you can reach). 8.) If you have difficulty falling asleep, take out the MP4 player, and start the breathing or meditation instruction.

If you have had difficulty starting your meditation, or getting into the deep meditation state, you may try these methods in your daily practice.  You could soon become a master meditator before you notice it. This entry was posted in Method of Improving Meditation and tagged counting breath, Kevin Chen, meditation, meditation training, Qigong.
What is your view on that question, and how do the Czechs youa€™ve met who are involved with Buddhism take it?
It appeared in Chinese literature as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty (25—220AD), when Buddhism was introduced to China.
Try to slow your breath to the rhythm of walking — 4-6 steps inhale, and 6-8 steps exhale – it may become automatic after some practice. Try to do slow belly breathing and direct your attention to either your abdomen or the bottom of your feet.
Even if it does not put you to sleep quickly, a high-quality breath counting or meditation will let your body and mind rest similar to when you are asleep.
It not only helped them cope with stress, anxiety, and craving when it was most needed, but also trained their attention to the mind-body connection. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or editors. The famous Buddhist classic The Wisdom and Contemplation Sutra or An Ban Shou Yi Jing in Chinese (?????)[1], discussed prolonged and intense contemplation, which played an essential role in cultivating oneself in Buddhism. In addition, I instruct them to make slow belly breathing a habit, to do it whenever possible, and to track how long they can practice each time without interruption.

This got them mentally ready for next step of meditation training,  Eighty percent of participants in my study were able to move from counting breath to meditation in 2 weeks, and continued meditating 5 days or more a week (15 to 25 minutes each day).
Heart rate variability biofeedback as a method for assessing baroreflex function: a preliminary study of resonance in the cardiovascular system. Treating hypertension with a device that slows and regularizes breathing: a randomised, double blind controlled study. Try lengthening your exhalation; this may help you relax better since your heart rate slows down when you breathe out. American Heart Journal of Physiology, 253, (Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 22) H680-H689. 227-248 in PM Lehrer and RL Woolfolk (eds.) Principals and Practice of Stress Management, (Third Edition). Respiratory sinus arrhythmia biofeedback therapy for asthma: a report of 20 unmedicated pediatric cases using the smetankin method.

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