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Change control applies when there is a need to consider a request to expand, adjust or reduce the scope of a project. The potential impact of the proposed change request will determine the level of authority required to approve or reject the request. Assessing the potential impact of a change request requires the exercise of judgement informed by discussion between the project manager, business owner and the Office of Program Management. The Project Manager shall facilitate the actions of the Change Request (CR) lifecycle as detailed in Figure 1.
All potential changes will be logged on a Project Change Request Register to be managed by the project manager. Exception Reports are to include baseline information from the beginning of the project so committee members can track the overall change. Your online store for document templates for Quality Management System & Good Engineering Practices.

An effective Change Management System (or Change Control) is a must for smooth implementation of continuous improvements in a controlled manner to your GMP operations. All changes that may have an impact on product quality requires proper control to ensure each step of the change is effective, traceable and can be verified or validated. This SOP covers all the processes and relevant documents affected by the initial Change Control process through to close out of the Change. The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process for the preparation, review, approval, issuance, distribution, revision, retrieval, destruction and obsolescence of GMP documents. When submitting Exception Reports they will be accompanied by all supporting documentation produced as a result of identification, evaluation or decision making related to the change. This SOP provides prompts and procedures for you to initiate, plan, distribution, control of changes to a GMP document.

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