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The colours indicate the 2012 climate change vulnerability index for each country — that is, the vulnerability of human populations to extreme climatic events and to changes in climate parameters over the next 30 years. The two Palestinian men suspected of kidnapping and killing three Israeli teens were killed in a firefight with Israeli troops during an operation to apprehend them. Marwan Kawasme and Omar Abu Aysha were killed early Tuesday morning in Hebron, where Israeli troops had surrounded the house in which they were hiding, more than three months after the search for the suspects began. Three other Palestinians suspected of involvement in the kidnapping, all of them members of the Kawasme family, also were arrested during the operation. The bodies of Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel, a dual Israeli-American citizen, were discovered June 30 in a shallow grave in a field near Hebron, 18 days after they went missing, following a massive search.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday morning that he had spoken earlier with the parents of the three teens.
Aysha, a 32-year-old locksmith, was last seen at a family gathering only hours before the kidnapping, reportedly leaving abruptly without telling anyone where he was going.
Kawasme, a 29-year-old barber, has been detained by the Palestinian Authority and Israel in the past for his activities with Hamas, and his family is known to have ties to the terror group.
The leaders of the powerful G7 countries made headlines in June when they committed to a low-carbon growth path and formally recognized the need to reach zero net emissions globally before the end of the century. A new joint report from the MDBs examines the multilateral development banks’ climate finance commitments in 2014 and breaks down where and how the money was used. Over the four years since they began joint reporting, the six MDBs have provided over $100 billion in climate finance through financial instruments including loans, grants, and guarantees, which have helped leverage additional private finance.

What gets measured gets managed Transparent, credible information on finance flows is essential to demonstrate the effectiveness of the work carried out. In mitigation, the bulk of the MDBs’ climate finance went into renewable energy (35 percent), clean transportation (27 percent), and energy efficiency projects (22 percent).
By region, the largest percentage of the MDBs’ cumulative financing went to developing and emerging economies in South Asia (21 percent), followed by those in Latin America and the Caribbean (17 percent), non-EU Europe and Central Asia (16 percent), Sub-Saharan Africa (15 percent), EU13 countries (12 percent), East Asia and the Pacific (10 percent), and the Middle East and North Africa (9 percent). The data covers climate finance from the African Development Bank (AfDB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the World Bank Group (WBG), which includes the International Finance Corporation (IFC), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA).
The World Bank Group is the largest provider of climate finance of the six multilateral development banks, accounting for more than one-third of the total. We deliver business news that are professionally crafted and tailored to give you business freedom and expression that is aimed at increasing your spirit of enterprise. The intensity of the calculated risk includes a measure of the ability of a country to adjust to the anticipated stressors.
Note that Access World News database records for 2007 and 2009 numbered just under 240,000 for each year. His brother, also a Hamas member, was killed in November 2005 while attempting to hurl an explosive device at Israeli soldiers during a clash in Hebron, according to the IDF. The money to buy the car and guns used in the abduction was procured from Hamas through his brother Mohamad. The analysis will help the development banks and their shareholders, partners and others as they work out how to meet the rising need for climate action.

In 2014, the latest reporting year, they committed a combined $28 billion toward climate finance, the largest one-year total since joint reporting began. The MDBs’ channeling and leveraging of climate finance supports a mix of policy work and investments in both the public and private sectors with adaptation and mitigation benefits.
The corruption index ranks states on a scale of 0–10, where 10 is the least corrupt. Because Web of Science added abstracts in 1991, search results for previous years are artificially lower and are not shown here.
Israeli authorities also arrested Aysha’s father several times for a range of terror activities, the IDF said. Another brother, Hussam, is in Israeli custody; he is accused of helping to bury the bodies and hide the suspects. We plan to do more,” said Rachel Kyte, World Bank Group Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change.
Of the $28 billion committed in 2014, 82 percent was dedicated to mitigation projects that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 18 percent went to adaptation projects designed to help countries adjust to the impacts of climate change and build resilience. More than 20 percent of the World Bank Group’s total finance involved climate finance that year.

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