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Judging by the number of helpful people who offer insightful advice like “You just need more confidence,” there must be plenty of it out there, growing on trees, bushes and all around, just waiting to be picked.
When you feel like you’re invisible and inaudible, like nothing you say is of any consequence and nothing you do matters or is good enough, confidence is very hard to find. In my case, low self-esteem has been one of the most crushing aspects of depression and its lingering aftermath.
Even in areas where you used to feel confident – things you once knew you could do well – you can lose belief completely, and that lack of faith in yourself can prevent you from doing anything. When you’re so self-critical, you assume everyone else thinks the same, so you can become paranoid and anxious. I find it helpful to write down positive things that happen to me, and nice things that people say, on a daily basis, and to read these notes regularly to remind myself that actually I’m doing pretty well and it will take more than a bad day to undo the progress I’ve made.
Aside from that, I guess it’s just a matter of giving yourself time, being patient and not giving up. All information on talkhealth sites is purely for information purposes only and does not constitute a replacement for professional medical advice.
This is another tendency people have, of constantly seeing their lack or what they “could’ve, should’ve or would’ve” done better. I have been on your mailing list for sometime now and like many others find your enthusiasm very inspiring. What I really need is just some kind of inspirational therapy to keep me from straying from my course and give me the confidence to see each project through. I would be pleased if you could advise me on one of your coaching products which best suits my situation. PS Just in passing, I am getting more impressed with the power of the mind and what can be achieved from positive thought. Just as a simple example… thoughts that bring about fear will put your body in a fight or flight mode… this effects eye site, heart rate, breathing rate, blood flow, digestive system, reproductive system and immune system!
I currently don’t have any hypnosis download products to address what you are experiencing. My name is Nicole Anderson and I absolutely love this article on confidence peace of knowing( creating certainty with in yourself). Your subconscious mind is already dismissing all this as a load of nonsense, so you don’t even have to try it. We start out at birth with a pretty full bar, and from that moment on we’re receiving plenty of strokes. Your low self-esteem is the result of too many negative strokes compared to the positive ones.
Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, like a new class or a trip somewhere new and exciting? There are plenty of other ways you can boost your positive strokes and reduce your negative ones. O.K so by now you are probably thinking, well I know I want to be self confident, but what does that mean, what is self confidence?
Low self-esteem ALWAYS forms in childhood when the individual is developing an initial view of how he or she, as a person, fits into the world.

Signs of low self-esteem: social withdrawal, sensitivity to criticism, hostility, excessive pre-occupation with personal problems, physical symptoms like head aches, fatigue and insomnia (sleep disorders).
3. Some people may require talking to a counselor or an expert, especially those who went through a more challenging past. A person should not allow the low self-esteem to hinder him or her from realizing the true potentials.
If you think you are suffering from a low self-esteem, you can chat anonymously to a facilitator on the MobieG LIVE CHAT.
It’s like the nasty green stuff you still find yourself coughing up three weeks after a cold. In reality, you do still have the abilities you had before depression came along, and it’s unlikely that you really look much different, so don’t let the voice of depression tell you otherwise. All these things are difficult when you’re beating yourself up over everything, but you can’t just flick a switch and suddenly feel confident, so just try doing some small things when you feel able to.
So achieving peak performance requires you to train your mind to see the good in yourself…and feel prepared.  It is a shift in perspective to start to recognize in yourself that you really are prepared, and able to achieve peak performance.
I am thinking that your mind has the ability to cure quite a few illnesses that we suffer without the use of medications etc. It may be wildly different to how other people value you; if you think of yourself much more highly, you can come across as conceited or arrogant. All the confidence-boosting advice in the universe will do you no good if you aren’t even going to use it!
And that means getting angry about it, being willing to smash your entire worldview and work towards building a new one.
I would hope as a baby you received lots of positive ones – attention from loving parents. If someone is angry with you, you’ll take a hit to your self-esteem whether that anger is justified or not.
You feel worthless because you’ve had more emotional signals telling you this than positive ones telling you that you are valued. Exactly when and where you take this time is up to you, but during this time you are NOT to do any work, be interrupted by family or friends, or worry about anything else in your life.
Those who lack confidence in themselves rarely try new things, rarely take chances and rarely get ahead in life. Without self confidence, it is likely that you will rarely advance in life, you may become depressed and lose interest in life. To have confidence in oneself means to have a firm belief in onea€™s abilities, to believe that you can achieve that which you have set out to achieve. This is to reassure the self of the many capabilities and potentials that may be developed. Hugging may be a very simple act, but this could very well give warmth to a dampened spirit. It festers in your head and makes you feel lousy – small, insignificant and feeble, yet angry that you should feel that way, or that others might not value you as much as you think they should. One thing that might interest you, I wear glasses to read now, but one day I was looking at the job I was doing thinking how clearly I was seeing it and how clean my glasses must be, when I realized I wasn’t wearing them, and instantly my vision blurred again!
The way we value ourselves is an integral part of our worldview, and changing that is a big and scary task.
A slight improvement every day for a long period of time will really add up, and your subconscious will be far less likely to try to sabotage these minor changes. It’s the equivalent of an alcoholic hitting rock bottom and choosing to quit drinking.

It doesn’t matter what those particular strokes were, as long as we got a lot of them.
If you’re stuck in a relationship like this, it is vital that you sort it out before you can hope to improve your self-esteem.
We cannot spend our entire lives working for others – we physically and emotionally need to receive something for ourselves.
What are the effects of low self confidence and high self confidence? These are all really important questions I will address right here. For the most part, those who lack confidence have a negative self image, they feel as if their life is out of there control, and in many cases these people can become depressed and isolated.On the other hand, those who DO have self confidence, not only believe that they are in control of their lives, they make use of that control. You may not have low self-esteem because of some deprived childhood – you might simply need more positive reinforcement. But the good news is that, if you’re willing to work at it, you CAN boost your self-esteem. If you can’t avoid toxic relationships, such as with work colleagues or family members, try to minimise how much time you spend with them.
We can gain great satisfaction from helping others, but it needs to come from a positive frame of mind: because we want to help.
A negative self-image will keep you from trying new experiences, learning new things, discovering new places. The more it shows the more others will treat you the way you feel about yourself, the more you are treated this way, the more lonely and isolated you will feel. Society has come to accept stress as a normal part of living but what they aren’t realizing is it is caused my their own thoughts. Thousands of teenagers are known to routinely self-harm, though exact figures are hard to come by – it is estimated that 10% of UK teenagers have self-harmed, though the true figure could be much higher.
A stroke from our loved ones is always more powerful than a stroke from some random guy on the bus, and the older we get the less effect each stroke has. However, it’s true that a prolonged negative environment (say, being routinely beaten in a prison cell) will bring down the self-esteem of even the most positive person eventually.
All this needs is for you to receive more positive strokes than negative ones for a long enough period of time.
They’re probably feeling just as worthless as you are – help each other, rather than arguing all the time! Having confidence in oneself means that you learn from your failures and you continue to grow. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll get more benefit from positive strokes and feel less impact from negative ones. You can always help the less fortunate later, when you’re in a better position to do so.
Every little step makes you stronger, and eventually you’ll be strong enough to take bigger steps. That impacts on everyone around you – family, friends, colleagues, maybe the entire world. If your self-esteem is low, however, you’ll find those negative strokes hurt more… and you may struggle to get any benefit from the positive ones at all!
Your happiness is more important than hanging on for the sake of the children or whatever else.

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