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The show was BBC World Have Your Say and the segment was in regards to the story of Kevin Chenais, 22-year-old man from France who was stranded in Chicago because British Airways said that at 500lbs he was too fat to fly. I was instructed that the host would start the conversation but that they wanted the participants to just keeping talking in reply to each other, no waiting on the host to call on me for my opinion just chime right in with my comments. So I had the pleasure of chatting with two new friends, Becky and Misty, both bloggers who, like me, embrace the word FAT.
I have always been frustrated by doctors who blamed my medical issues on my weight, yet never offered real options for losing weight. As much as I was told the issues with my legs were because of my weight, the fact was my weight was unknown.
In order for doctors to take obesity more seriously, they will need to have an accurate weight for patients. Better scales and larger BP cuffs are not expensive items for doctor offices to purchase, and yet are very important tools to properly diagnosing, monitoring and treating patients. My story is profiled in the current issue of Psychology Today (December 2013), as part of the article Do I Make You Uncomfortable?
The theory discussed in the article is that people’s negative and prejudices reactions towards physical difference is rooted in an immune response and survival instinct protecting against disease. November 5, 2013 by Sarah Bramblette 8 Comments This blog topic is LONG overdue, and actually I have so much to say on the topic I feel the need to make it a series of posts. I am a success because I am alive after surviving a deep vein thrombosis, mini-stroke, and patent foraman ovale (hole in my heart). I am a success because I have maintained 100lbs weight loss for 10 years, was it more, sure…did I regain, yes! I am a success because I have completed two bachelor degrees and I’m pursing my Masters in Health Law. I am a success because I no longer have sleep apnea or high blood pressure, all other health vital are and have been normal.
I am a success because I am winning the battle against disfiguring lymphedema and lipedema. However, I should not have to list my accomplishments or pull out my phone to show others pictures to PROVE I am a success. Write about a time your health condition forced you to grow up and take the training wheels off (so to speak). Due to the size and shape of my legs I needed custom fitted compression garments, as it is important that the compression is correctly distributed over the limb. I wish I could remember the employee’s name at Luna Medical, as I owe her a huge THANK YOU!
I followed the same process with the next 3 insurance companies I had and successfully obtained approval for my compression garments.
Although I have been successful in obtaining coverage for most of my lymphedema and lipedema treatment needs, there are still obstacles that block patients from getting the care they need and deserve. I had to laugh when I thought of the train analogy and my medical condition because my caboose is a much more prominent and powerful train car in my journey. There is a woman in North Dakota who feels it’s her duty to save obese children from themselves this Halloween. But it’s Halloween, it’s the time of year kids to get to dress up as their favorite character and go walk about the neighborhood with their friends. But like most other things in my life, I wasn’t going to let my weight stop me from participating. The experience is same the reason I am excited about participating in Halloween as an adult. Perhaps I’m too considerate of other people; perhaps the woman in ND should take a lesson from me. However, rarely do I complain, because the abnormality of  lipedema has become my new normal. The photographer arrived, moved some living room furniture around and set up his equipment.
Getting ready for more education, friends, and fun at the ObesityHelp 2013 National Conference in Anaheim, CA, October 4th & 5th.
I’m also hoping to have time to visit with my college mentor who now lives and works in California, the man truly changed and saved my life! I like to stay active with ObesityHelp and the weight loss surgery community because I’ve met many fellow Lipedema and Lymphedema patients who have had or are considering weight loss surgery and it is great to meet others with similar experiences.
Filed Under: Blog Post, Weight Loss Surgery Tagged With: bbw, breaking, featured, gastric bypass, headline, health insurance, lipedema, lymphedema, morbid obesity, obesity, rny, rny gastric bypass, sbbw, super morbid obesity, weight loss surgery, wlsDancing for Dollars! August 9, 2013 by Sarah Bramblette Leave a Comment  No tutu until I reach my fundraising goal of $1000! Virgin Atlantic stepped up and flew Chenais to London, where he then encountered another travel issue. There are many conditions and medications that can cause excess weight, doctors need to thoroughly examine the patient and address the actual cause of the obesity.
Both conditions are noticeable to the trained eye, the problem is there are not enough physicians who are trained to make a proper diagnosis. The doctor’s office did not have a scale that could weigh me, nor did she attempt to locate a scale that could. Currently, none of my doctors have scales to weigh me, yet, they all document the known incorrect weight.
Yet, another VITAL health statistic that is often not correctly taken nor monitored in obese patients.

Every time my blood pressure is taken with a machine, it has to inflate twice then reads high. Accepting that we all hold negative associates and becoming aware of the one we automatically make are also critical steps in the process of counteracting our biases. A couple months  ago I wrote about the fat shaming I’ve experienced from strangers, however even more troubling is the weight bias I have experienced within the weight loss surgery community.
It was very much like learning to ride a bike, I even had someone there guiding me, holding the bike seat to make sure I didn’t tip over. While it took a couple months for my initial treatment and compression pump to be approved, I never encountered a coverage issue or claim denial. Jobst, the manufacturer of the garments my doctor and therapist recommended requires vendors and fitters (those who would take the measurements) be trained and certified to be sure the garments are fitted and ordered correctly.
She very easily could have just told me I would have to pay out of network for my garments. I transferred those skills into reading coverage documents, researching vendors and providers and overall navigating health insurance.
She has decided to hand out “fat letters” to children to whom she deems are obese while giving candy to the other kids. I walked to school every day, but that roundtrip was nothing compared to the Trick or Treat challenge, cover the neighborhood in 1.5 hours. I was not going to let being FAT keep me from enjoying the night out with my friends, trying to accomplish our mission of getting to every house on our route in the allotted time. As a fat adult the costumes can still be a challenge, but my creativity and DIY abilities have served me well. If her concern is really for the well-being of children then there are many better options she could do instead of fat shaming kids. I realized that I had not had professional portraits taken since my high school senior pictures.
I was ready for the my close up! Then came the shocker and most difficult part of the photo shoot…I was told not to smile.
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. I was very familiar with the story, and relieved to hear he was finally getting help to get home. Probably nothing worse than they already think, but anyway I quickly got dressed, brushed my hair, and put some make-up on. However, I believe dietary changes and exercise should be recommendations to ALL patients with heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Instead, many patients, such as myself, are told to lose weight and when we do not lose weight as expected we are deemed non-compliant. One office’s scale has a 300lbs limit, but it does at least register 328ish when I step on it.
If the BP isn’t taken correctly, it is not an accurate reading, and thus monitoring inaccurate data serves no purpose. Again, I will let the nurse know the information is not correct, yet it gets documented in my medical record. Being a member of the OAC has provided many opportunities to share my story, and thus spread awareness about lipedema and lymphedema. Through my own sessions with a psychologist, I learned I cannot change other people’s behaviors, I can only control my own reaction.
Now sure, it hurt when I experienced weight bias in the workplace but obviously that was not a company whose values align with mine.
I received unlimited physical therapy sessions, and was in the process of being fitted for compression garments when I got my first REAL JOB with REAL INSURANCE.
For a few years during my childhood I lived near train tracks and I would always love waiting for the end of the train to come by so I could wave to “Mr. I am left to wonder if she is doing any diabetes or dental checks on the normal sized kids. Then finding a costume, especially of a favorite character, is most likely not going to happen. I replied to a post looking for individuals with abnormal appearances for a magazine article. I asked if there were any guidelines for what type of clothes to wear and was told nothing specific. Then another BBC staffer contacted me via Skype to test my connection and I found out it was going to be a radio show.
While excess weight can increase risk for these conditions, they are not exclusive to individuals with a high BMI. So the nurse documents that as my weight, even though I tell her that is not correct, and verbally give her my weight from my home scale. To my pleasant surprise the article’s focus is on the response people have when they see a person with a physical difference. And then came my first coverage issue and the experience that started me on my journey to advocacy.
After all, by wearing compression garments I was saving the insurance company the expense of physical therapy and hospitalization due to cellulitis. Instead, she explained that since there was no in-network provider within a 50 mile radius of my home my insurance company had to cover an out-of-network vendor at in-network coverage level. As for Trick or Treat, this year will be the first time in many years I will actually be at home, and live in a neighborhood where there will be Trick or Treaters.

So I did what probably few other females would do, I picked a nearly three year old dress out of my closet to wear. Within minutes a staff member from BBC called me to give me more details, and to ask more information about me and my experiences with obesity. All my health vitals are normal, and should indicate that I live a somewhat healthy lifestyle, however there is still a focus my weight. While that was ten years ago, I find today’s doctors offices are not any better equipped to care for patients with high BMIs. Again, this isn’t an issue in just ONE office, I encounter this problem is probably every doctors office I visit, expect for the bariatric surgeons office. In addition, staff should be trained on how to take a blood pressure reading on the lower part of the arm, in case no cuff is available to fit the upper arm. It is a refreshing change for the discussion to address why some people have such adverse reactions to ME, since it is usually just accepted that it’s normal for people to act in such ways towards people who are abnormal. It is inspiring that the other individual profiled in the story have the same positive attitude and outlook as I do and the hope that by sharing our stories we can help others.
I was unable to find a DME (durable medical equipment) provider in my insurance network who was certified to handle my garment order but thankfully the vendor I did find guided me through the process to request network gap coverage.
I earned my BS in Health Services Administration and I am currently pursing a Masters of Science in Health Law. So maybe you’re creative and have the means to create an awesome DIY costume, which I was THAT fat kid a few times. We only went to houses where people were outside on their porches (wasted no time knocking on doors), we zigzagged across the street, then circled around to the next block. If all I wanted was to stuff my face with candy, I could have sat at home and just ate what I wanted. While most people try to hide or cover up the parts of their body that do not meet a certain societal level of acceptance, that is not an option for me so I choose to just be comfortable in my own skin, all 400lbs of it. For years, my weight increased while the actual cause of my weight, Lipedema, was not diagnosed and progressed to a stage further complicated by the development of Lymphedema.
Doctors’ offices need to have large cuffs, even thigh cuffs available, and staff need to know the where the cuffs are kept so patients can have their BP taken correctly. To prove there was no vendor in network, I called every DME provider within 50 miles and documented whether they sold compression garments, and if they did I would document who I spoke with and verify they were not a custom Jobst certified vendor. But that size and weight does not hold me back, instead it is the real source of my power and strength. Fat shaming kids on a day that is supposed to be FUN, is just mean and will hurt kids not help them. While the my health vitals, were normal, the Lipedema and Lymphedema was very much affecting my overall health. Not everyone who sees me has a negative or prejudiced response, if that was the case I would not have so many supportive friends. It took several phone calls, and finally the insurance company said they needed to speak with my physician.
Not exactly, it’s hard to be comfortable laying down because the abnormal size and shape of my hips and legs makes finding a restful position difficult.
I kept thinking how most people with bodies the size of mine hide from the camera, and when they are in a few pictures they delete any shot they think is unflattering. I developed severe cellulitis, and often required hospitalization for IV antibiotics and eventually needed a medi-port. I happened to have an appointment with her the next day so I asked her if she would call them. Here I was volunteering to have my pictures in a  national magazine and I’m wearing an old dress and doing my own hair and make-up.
During the hospital stays I contracted MRSA in the medi-port, that goes directly to my HEART. Knowing there would probably be hold time with any insurance call, my doctor told her staff to take me into her office to call the insurance and once there was a representative on the phone to get her. And of course the photographer and I struck up a conversation and well since I’m so amusing, I smile and laugh a lot during conversations.
To my surprise, after reviewing the information I had already provided the supervisor only asked ME a few questions and then approved my request. Then there are kids with food allergies.  Choking hazards, we used to buy safety suckers to give the toddlers.
I will not know which poses were selected for  until the article comes out in the November edition, but I know the real Sarah shines through as always. She said she didn’t need to speak to my physician at all, she already had her signed prescription stating medical necessity. I also asked my parent friends on Facebook if they would be upset if their child was given a noise maker?
As you can already read I’m putting way too much thought and effort into this….just buy some candy already.

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