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Don't forget to trade the fossil and the Old Amber for a couple of Pokemon, otherwise unobtainable. In the first room of the Pokemon Lab, there are two people who will offer to trade Pokemon. In the second room, there is a guy on the left who will teach TM35 Metronome to one of your Pokemon. Find the Secret Key to unlock the Cinnabar Gym door and fight Blaine for a shot at the Volcano Badge. To access the Cinnabar Gym, you have to enter the mansion and find the Secret Key to unlock the door of the Gym. Turn off the switch in the room where you entered, to open the northwest room sliding door and go up the stairs to the third floor. Turn the switch in front of the stairs where you entered on and go to the hallway in the middle of the floor. Don't forget to grab TM22 Solar Beam and TM14 Blizzard, these are two very powerful Grass and Ice moves, respectively. Proceed to the south center room and turn the switch off, exit from the west side and enter the north area from the east door, which now will be open. This event item is the first in which it can be received from both Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and through transferral between two DS devices.
Buried somewhere in the rubble of Pokemon Mansion is the Secret Key that opens the Cinnabar Island Gym. The door to the Gym is locked, and rumors suggest the key is lost in the abandoned mansion. To get the key, take the stairs to the main part of Floor 3 (A to C), search the statue for a hidden switch (every statue here has one), then jump down the first balcony near a scientist marked point D.
Unlocking the many doors throughout Pokemon Mansion is no more difficult than pressing the buttons on the statues on each floor. The mansion's basement is the one and only chance for Yellow players to catch a shape-shifting Ditto before the Elite Four.

You've been fighting these guys for ages, but you've never had an opportunity to catch one until now.
Team Rocket's bizarre affinity for these gaseous blobs is probably one of the reasons they lose so much.
Magmar is both hard to catch and exclusive to Blue, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's any good. Por favor, nao perca mais tempo, inscreva-se em nosso forum e venha aproveitar as novidades que estamos preparando pra voces. The old man will offer his Electrode for a Raichu, and the girl will want to trade her Tangela for a Venonat.
Metronome randomly selects a move and fully executes the attack, including moves affected by Disable. Moon and the museum in Pewter City, however you must walk out of the building before returning to claim the fossil Pokemon. Drop from the pit on the left (the widest one), you will fall on the previously inaccessible southeast area of the first floor. Turn the switch on the northeastern room and then go to the northwestern room to get the Secret Key from the desk, you'll finally be able to open the Cinnabar Gym. You must answer trivia questions about various Pokemon to unseal the doors, do this by interacting with the machines connected to the walls.
This item was introduced during Generation IV and with the key it gives the player access to five devices which can change Rotom's form at will.
There are plenty of salvageable items amongst the wreckage, as well as clues regarding the dangerous experimental Pokemon that escaped. You can get through the mansion fairly quickly, but the random Pokemon that lurk here, especially a wild Muk, can be fierce. TM 22 is the most powerful Grass attack, Solarbeam, and TM 14 is the super-powerful Ice attack Blizzard, which you'll definitely need for the Elite Four. The maps show you the doors in their default positions, so you can predict which ones will disappear when you press the buttons.

To be fair, evolved Weezing is probably the best of the Poison Pokemon, but that still doesn't make them particularly useful. Arcanine is probably the best of the Fire Pokemon (although Blue players would need to trade for one), but Charizard, Ninetales (if you didn't evolve her until after learning Flamethrower as Vulpix) and possibly even Flareon are all better picks than Magmar in Blue.
Nos teremos o maior prazer em recebe-lo no forum e se precisar de qualquer ajuda, temos muitos membros e nossa equipe para ajuda-lo!
Amongst the rubble and wreckage is information that the scientists who once worked there obtained a Mew and impregnated it with the genetically altered Mewtwo, who destroyed the Mansion in its escape.
There can be lots of walking pokemon, so consider using super repellant or the cleanse tag.
However, when you fail to answer a trivia question correctly, a battle with either a Burglar or Super Nerd results, an alternative to unsealing the doors. It is one of four Sinnoh based event items, alongside the Member Card, the Azure Flute and Oak's Letter. There is also a hidden Moon Stone in one of the pillars on Floor 1, right after you enter the mansion. Lembrando que voce pode postar sua fanfic, seus desenhos ou edicao de imagens, seu video-detonado ou gameplay, participar de um RPG, postar e ler noticias do mundo Pokemon, tirar todas as suas duvidas sobres todos os jogos de Pokemon, comentar sobre o desenho do momento ou apenas jogar um papo fora. Moon and the Old Amber from the Science Museum at Pewter City, for a couple of Pokemon, otherwise unobtainable. It's just that Poison-types are the worst in the game, in that no Poison skill (except for maybe Toxic, which you have to use a TM to teach him) is good against the quickly-defeated computer opponents. There is a Rare Candy in the basement, in the room with the Secret Key near the top-left corner (above the plants).

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