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Each and everyday becomes clearer and clearer, how many, if not all, big time artists have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for power and fame in this world, of which he, the devil,  is god according to 2 Corinthians 4:4.
It is the case of the World famous rapper Kanye West, of whom I have spoken about many times before, exposing his deceptive ways, who began his career with the song entitled "Jesus Walk", a song dealing with the hardships of temptation and the need of the Messiah for our help and redemption, yet through the following years of Kanye's life, it has become obvious that the spiritual fight over his soul was won by the Devil, as we are about to see, that is of course unless he repents and goes back to the Father like the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32).
The next video, is from a show Kid Cudy and Kanye West were doing in Atlanta, in which Kanye begins talking about how artist are afraid to speak out because they may loose everything they have, their money, their deal and whatsoever, I guess confirming that it is true that when real rappers like 2Pac begin exposing the Illuminati their lives are terminated, like with Pimp C and many others, but then there's some sort of a twist when at the second minute you can hear Kanye West say himself, that he sold his soul to the Devil, and let me add that I find funny that while raps he has to admit it was a "crappy deal", maybe looking back now and realizing he really messed up. Interestingly enough, other than the fact of recognizing the crappy deal he got, as the punchline, he brings into the subject Michael Jackson who had recently passed away by then, saying this right after he was making reference to artists loosing their careers and being afraid to stand for something, like in a way reassuring the death of Michael Jackson being a murder because he was being brave enough to stand for something, reason why he assumes that MJ must be in heaven with the Almighty. It is in the next video, where we may be seeing a sign of regret on Kanye's part, maybe like I said before, he looked back and saw that it really wasn't worth it and wishes he could just get rid of the demon he let posses his body. The name Lucifer means Light-Bearer in Latin, so I believe that even without the initial scene calling the girl an angel, it is obvious that, while Kanye was in an altered state of mind by the use of alcohol and maybe drugs he decided to become one with Lucifer, represented plainly by the act of sexual intercourse with the "light-bringing angel", until he passes out when the song is saying "but I cannot say goodbye", then he wakes up and finds himself all alone next to hearing some sort of evil laughs in the background, gets up to walk to the restroom now with eyes wide open, holding a shoe in his hand which only confirms the past interpretation, since according to the Bible this is how they used to make deals back in the day. This custom is used by Freemasons during the ritual of the first degree in which the Entered Apprentice is told to remove and submit one of his shoes. This, therefore, was done to show the sincerity of our intentions in the business we were then engaged upon. So this means that Kanye West had just engaged in a business or had confirmed a deal with what looked like an angel of light, which is Lucifer represented by the woman with whom he had sex and to whom he cannot say goodbye.
To finish up, while visiting Kanye's official website, I found several weird pictures giving honor to the Skull and Bones Secret Society. I seriously doubt he attended Yale University, unfortunately ever since this article, they changed the whole site taking down most pictures. This is the official emblem of the society and it was the first image welcoming you to Kanye West's website. The Secret Society Skull and Bones also known as the Brotherhood of Death was founded in 1832 - 1833 by members of the Illuminati from Germany, working together with the main leaders of occultism in the University of Yale in the United States.
Samuel Russell and Alonso Taft grandfather of the president of the United States William H. Here is a picture of the temple called “The Tomb” of Skull & Bones located as mentioned before in the University of Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Available for booking Internationally, for Hip Hop events and speaking at Churches or Public events about the information on the site, Secret Societies such as the Illuminati and Bible Prophecies of the End Times coming to fulfillment. THIS AUCTION IS FOR A JINN DJINN GENIE, MALE, OF THE MARID TRIBE OF JINN, OVER 4,000YEARS OLD AND VERY WISE! Conspiracy theorists have been trying to research and gain information about these societies for decades! OUR FRIEND HAS SUCCESSFULLY CONJURED JINN WHO CLAIM TO HAVE SERVED MEMBERS OF THE “SKULL AND BONES” SECRET SOCIETY. WE ASKED OUR CONJURER AND OUR FIRST SET OF SKULL AND BONES JINN TO TRY TO FIND OTHERS FROM THEIR "OLD FAMILY" THAT WOULD BE WILLING TO SERVE ANOTHER MASTER, AND THEY HAVE GRANTED US THAT WISH! He, Sri Baba Lanka III, is an incredible expert at conjuring some of the most potent and influential genies that are gracing our realm with their presence. The first thing that you must know is that it does not happen by any coincidence that you are reading this. Although he has studied and is a firm believer in many types of spiritual entities, he is incredibly connected to the Jinn race and believes that he was meant to be here in this human body to be a testament to the Jinn’s existence. Although we have studied many of the conspiracy theories for years, we were not educated too deeply about this particular society until our friend told us of where these jinn were claiming that their previous masters belonged to, and then we felt it necessary to do as much reading as possible so we could provide you as much information as we have read about this secret organization. It is no secret to many, however, that there is a direct correlation between members of high secret societies, such as this one, and presidents and other high members of fice having once been involved in these secret societies.
HERE IS AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY A SOURCE NOTED BELOW, THAT WILL GIVE EVEN MORE INDEPTH INSIDE INTO THE MINDS OF THIS ORGANIZATION! ON High Street, in the middle of the Yale University campus, stands a cold-looking, nearly windowless Greco-Egyptian building with padlocked iron doors. No matter what their supposed purpose, therea€™s something inherently sinister about a secret society.
With this in mind, the following are ten of the most famous and influential secret societies in history. Ordo Templi Orientis is a mystic organization that was started in the early twentieth century.
As Aleister Crowleya€™s popularity as a new age figure has continued to grow, more and more of the teachings of the Ordo Templi Orientis have come to light. The Bilderberg Group is not a secret society per se, but it does operate under a similar veil of mystery, which has made it the subject of countless conspiracy theories and criticisms. The Bilderberg Group has become controversial for one key reason: no press is allowed in the conference and no significant details concerning the topics discussed are ever officially released to the public. The Hashshashin, or Nizari, were a mysterious band of Muslim assassins that operated in the Middle East during the 13th century. Around the time of their downfall, the library that contained all Nizari records was destroyed, so much of what is known about them today has taken on the status of myth. The Black Hand was a secret society of anti-imperialist political revolutionaries that was started in Serbia in 1912. Black Hand would be all but forgotten today if not for their unlikely involvement in one of the biggest events of the twentieth century. Unlike most secret societies, the Golden Circle didna€™t just concern itself with clandestine meetings and mysterious plans. Lots of secret organizations are suspected of having malevolent ulterior motives, but the Thule Society is one of the few where such suspicions have been proven. Even before the Thule Society became a vehicle for Nazism, the members were involved in some pretty bizarre activities. The Sons of Liberty is the name for a loosely organized group of dissidents that existed in America prior to the Revolutionary War. The Sons of Liberty in Boston were the most famous arm of the group, but there were factions spread out all across the 13 colonies.
Ivy League Colleges are known for their many secret societies and student organizations, and of these Yalea€™s Skull and Bones is probably the most famous. In popular culture and the realm of wild and weird conspiracy theories, no secret organization has become as well known as the Illuminati, who have made frequent appearances in books, movies, and television.
Thanks to its constant presence in popular culture, the Illuminati have continued to be feared to this day.
Although they are less influential and secretive today than they once were, the Freemasons remain one of the most famous fraternal organizations in the world, with a membership somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million. With its huge membership and different lodges scattered across the globe, modern Freemasonry no longer has the same universal principles as it did in the old days. Surely by default if they were “secret Societies ” you would not know about them ?? I think there are many who would love to own the power of these idealogicol secret societies but the truth is only certian events can or have been altered by any unknown group.
Actually Amazon and Google have disclosed everything there is to ever know about these Secret Societies, including their bizarre rituals and strange beliefs. The OTO is mostly Illuminati and controls entertainment stars, requiring initiation and membership for those who want to become superstars. When someone compiles a list, and misses the granddaddy secret society of all time, someone either has failed to do their homework, is willfully ignorant of the fact, or is simply paid off to do so.
The Company, The Society, The Sons of Loyola, The Brothers of Ignatius, Societas Iesu, The Jesuits.
Rumor has it that Yale junior class members are tapped for membership each fall by some measure of leadership, influence and breeding. Among the business titans, poets, politicians and three US Presidents that are rumored to be members, we've picked out the honor roll. I Massoni sono spesso conosciuti per le strette di mano segrete che adoperano quando incontrano un compagno della societa in viaggio. Oltre alle strette di mano e alle parole in codice, sembra quasi non ci sia altro a fondamento delle societa segrete che l’interesse individuale dei propri membri.
Alcune societa segrete esistono ancora oggi, tuttavia l’avvento di internet ha reso i segreti molto piu difficili da mantenere. All’inizio del XII secolo, nove cavalieri fecero voto di protezione dei pellegrini che viaggiavano attraverso la Terra Santa.
Che siate d’accordo con quanto diceva Marx, oppure che supportiate il liberismo economico di Friedman, il denaro e quanto regola gran parte delle nostre vite. Smartweek e un magazine in costante sviluppo che in un’ottica di crescita continua e sempre alla ricerca di nuovi collaboratori.

It is sad to notice also, how the crowd keeps on cheering even after Kanye has just told them openly and loudly that he has Sold his Soul to the Devil. This is a short-film called "We were once a fairytale", in which there's a lot of symbolism used as it is accustomed by these people, with a rather bizarre ending in which Kanye West literally removes a demon from his body in a very artistic way I guess lol. With that said, let's begin, first everything starts as a celebration when 2 beautiful women bring some champagne to him and he tries to pay for the favor and goes crazy on the ladies then suddenly stops kinda ashamed and surprised takes off his glasses and says "I didn't know that I was talking to an angel", some would say that was just flirting but I think it was much more, as we'll see further ahead.
I'm sure that it was from this ritual that either Kanye or the director of the short-film knew about the symbolism.
Then he goes into the restroom where he vomits a whole lot, most likely making him less drunk, hence he begins thinking straight, which is when he finds a dagger that he uses to cut his belly and take out the demon controlling him from the inside, then when he  cuts what is connecting him to the creature suddenly seems to be wide awake, no longer drunk in any way, then it tells the creature to kill itself, being then free from his demon possession and the film ends.
At the moment the main picture on the top of his page was the official emblem of the Secret Society, followed by some pictures of a Satanic ritual, and a video of the satanic ritual portrayed in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut", which inspired Kanye to make his short film Runaway. Clearly, the members of this society and other elite societies around the world do not want their secrets revealed. We are so proud to be offering jinn that have come forward to our friend from Norway, Sri Baba, and have asked to receive and serve new masters!
THE JINN TOLD HIM THAT THEIR MASTERS WERE PREVIOUSLY MEMBERS, NOW DECEASED, OF THIS SECRET SOCIETY THAT HAS A VERY WELL KNOWN BUILDING, “THE TOMB” LOCATED ACROSS FROM YALE UNIVERSITY. For years he has worked to perfect his communication, channeling, meditating and conjuring to the point where he is able to summon some of the most high and persuade them to take on new masters!
There has been wide speculation in parts of the world, not in the Middle East, for they have embraced the existence and have even noted things to do with the Jinn in their Quran, but should be say, other parts of the world, have long questioned the Jinn and their existence. We hope you will find as much interest as we have in this information, and as always, we only provide you information and jinn if we feel that their messages are resonating within us, as there is no way for us to verify the validity of their information. This is the home of Yale's most famous secret society, Skull and Bones, and it is also, in a sense, one of the many homes of the family of George W. Though most are formed with relatively realistic political and religious goals in mind, their focus on mystery and secrecy has made them the target of countless criticisms and conspiracy theories involving everything from aliens and the occult to world domination.
The group was established along the same lines as the less secretive Freemasons, and supposedly relies on ritual and occult practices as a means for members to move from one level of prestige to another within the organization. As such, the group makes much less of an attempt to be secretive today than it did in the past. The group was started in 1954, and since then it has convened every year as an exclusive, invitation-only conference of various world leaders, captains of industry, and media moguls. That kind of secrecy, along with the intense security of the meeting sites, which often feature armed guards, police, and even fighter jets patrolling the skies overhead, has produced a number of conspiracy theories centered on the conference. The group was made up of Shia Muslims who broke off from a bigger sect and banded together in order to establish a utopian Shia€™ite state. It formed as an offshoot from Narodna Adbrona, a group that sought to unite all of the Slavic people of Europe under one country. Instead, the group often formed renegade armies and bands of bushwhackers in order to forward their agenda by force. The strangest was the groupa€™s fascination with the Aryan race, whose origins they tried to trace back to the mythical land of Thule, which the Greeks had claimed was found north of Europe near Iceland and Greenland. The group did not exist as a secret society in the traditional sense; rather, it was made up of smaller factions of patriots from across the colonies that united in support of a common goal. One group in Rhode Island looted and burned the British trade ship Gaspee in protest of unfair trade practices, while others were known to tar and feather British loyalists. The society taps new students for membership every spring, and the only real prerequisite for membership is that the initiate be a campus leader. The order meets twice a week, but just what goes on at their meetings has never been revealed. The group as it is popularly understood is more or less a myth, but the legend of it dates back to a real organization that existed in Germany in the late 1700s.
Modern conspiracy theorists have asserted that the group survived and now operates as a sinister shadow government, directing world industry and politics as it sees fit. The group was officially founded in 1717, but documents relating to its existence date back to the 1300s.A  It was originally created to be a brotherhood whose members share certain key philosophical ideas, among them a belief in a supreme being. I have come accros a very strong member with the same symbol of Skull and Bone but diffrent names. A ritual that is also used as blackmail for every member, after a certain time of membership they have must rape there child unfortunately.
Duke Savage for example and every secret is unmasked and made bare naked to show their ugly nature. You could Google to find and buy yourself a nuke forget about lousy membership to these stupid Stone Age Societies. Una volta che l’invito ad unirsi alla societa e assicurato, il membro gode di una serie di prestazioni esclusive tra cui favori politici, incarichi in posizioni influenti, affari o opportunita finanziarie. Le societa segrete possono essere una reliquia del passato, ma hanno ancora il potere di affascinare l’immaginario collettivo. Altri cavalieri si unirono alla causa e l’organizzazione crebbe, raccogliendo ricchezza, fama e potere.
After this scene I found curious how when Kanye realized they were playing one of his songs he became quite excited and began telling everyone that he had made the song, even every note in it, in a way like he didn't believe it himself, trying hard to proof it to everyone while nobody seemed to care, like if some entity is giving him the music yet is letting Kanye West take credit for it, like every single artist in his position. This is repeated in the next two degrees to become a Master Mason which is the third and last of the Blue Lodge degrees.
Lester, when making reference to the ritual and the reason for taking off one of the shoes, the page 48 reads. We read in the book of Ruth, that this was manner in former times concerning redeeming and concerning changing for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor, and this was a testimony in Israel. WE WILL CONTINUE TO WORK TOWARDS RECEIVING MORE OF THEM - BUT FOR NOW THIS IS IT!Several other metaphysical sellers on eBay are now attempting to sell "Skull and Bones" jinn. You have come to witness and see the collection we have received from our friend Sri Baba Lanka III and we are so proud to be offering! He has successfully summoned many genies that belonged to Illuminati Families, Freemasons, Elite Secret Society genies, and those of International leaders and royalty! This spirit has come to us from Sri Baba Lanka III who is a longtime friend of ours and is currently living near Norway. Our friend, Sri Baba Lanka III would like us to always provide his testament that they are real, they exist in a dimension higher than ours, the fifth and higher to be exact, and that they can and do come here to help us, some bind willingly to objects that allow them to stay and be a spiritual aid to a master or human companion, and others do in fact come in and out of our dimension to cause hindrances to the human race. After reading and watching videos about this Skull and Bones Society, we do believe that our jinn are telling us the truth, as this organization has long been shrouded by secrecy and their own members never speak to the outside world about their group. Of course, the reality is usually much more innocuous, but that doesna€™t mean that the groups dona€™t have some fascinatingly weird practices, or that they havena€™t had an impact on world events.
The general philosophy of the group was a belief in new age esoteric principles and practices as a method of realizing onea€™s true identity.
The group was originally started as a means of addressing a streak of anti-Americanism that was spreading through Europe following WWII, but over the years it appears to have morphed into a more broad discussion on reaching mutual understanding between cultures. The most popular is that the group tries to steer the direction of public policy, financial markets, and media in certain prescribed directions of their choosing, perhaps even with the goal of forming a so-called a€?one world government.a€? These claims have been brushed aside by the group, which claims global understanding and the end of nuclear proliferation as its main goals.
Because their number was small, the group used guerilla tactics in their battle against their enemies, including espionage, sabotage, and, most famously, political assassination. This required the separation of Serbia from the monarchy of Austria-Hungary, which had annexed the country some years before. The job was badly botched, and was only completed when a low-level hood named Gavrilo Princip stumbled upon the Archdukea€™s car and shot him to death at close range (see photo). In the beginning, the group sought to encourage the annexation of Mexico and the West Indies, which they believed would help the waning slave trade to once again flourish. It began as a kind of German heritage group that dabbled in the occult, but it quickly transformed into an organization that sought to forward the ideology of the Aryan race, and it took an outwardly racist approach toward Jews and other minorities.
When they did meet, it was usually in Boston around an elm tree that has since become known as the Liberty Tree. Still, the most famous event engineered by the Sons remains the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when members of the group dressed as Indians and dumped shiploads of overtaxed tea into Boston Harbor. As such, athletes, members of the student council, and fraternity presidents are often considered. To the disappointment of conspiracy theorists, what rumors have come out are relatively innocuous. At the time, the members of the group presented themselves as an order of enlightened free thinkers.

The Bush family, Winston Churchill, and President Barack Obama have all been named as prominent members, but no legitimate evidence of such a group has ever been uncovered. The group stresses moral uprightness, and as such many of the chapters have become known for their charitable work and community service. Initiates must be recommended to the group by someone who is already a Mason, and once a member they must pass through three different degrees of standing before reaching the level of a€?Master Mason.a€? Members also have certain prescribed modes of greeting one another, including handshakes, gestures, and passwords, and non-masons are always banned from attending meetings. They only morphed into other things and still exist even as themselves in combination with many of these other groups.
The Skull and Bones, probably the the 2nd Chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati, and the American extension of the European parent. Nella seguente classifica verranno ordinate le sette societa segrete piu esclusive della storia, alcune delle quali potrebbe avere ancora la propria influenza ai nostri giorni. La cultura popolare li vuole nel ruolo di fondatori di altre societa segrete e custodi dei tesori piu sacri della Cristianeita.
Interestingly, some of his lyrics which you can hear in the background say "After tonight there is no return" which goes well with the whole theme shown in the film and are from the song entitled "See you in my Nightmares".
We are unsure of their validity, as we were the first to offer them here, and although there are surely other wonderful spirit practitioners and conjurers, we cannot vouge that any of those claiming to suddenly have multiple available "Skull and Bones" jinn are truly authentic. We are putting up as much of his current recent collection sent to us as we can this week, so please let us know if you are looking for a particular type of jinn and we will see if we have one like that from him. We are so proud to be able to offer them to our wonderful clients and now on our eBay store as well!
He has lived many places in his lifetime, and we are fortunate to be in constant communication with him. He also has assured us that he does not bind any hindrance or negative jinn to items he sends to us to rehome to our clients, and that he knows these types of jinn exist and so he must always be careful, much in the same way that we are careful about who our friends and confidants are here in the human realm. Famed occultist and all-around eccentric Aleister Crowley composed much of the groupa€™s lore, including a manifesto called the Mysteria Mystica Maxima, and he later became its head. Chief among these is the groupa€™s fixation on the sexual, especially their teachings on the a€?adoration of the phallusa€? and the magic of masturbation.
The Hashshashin would plant highly trained moles inside enemy strongholds, with instructions to only attack when the time was right.
With this in mind, the group began disseminating anti-Austrian propaganda and training saboteurs and assassins to disrupt political rule within the province.
But once the Civil War started, the group switched its focus from colonialism to fervent support of the newly established Confederate government.
During the war, they robbed stagecoaches and attempted a blockade of the harbor in San Francisco, and a group of them even managed to briefly take control of southern New Mexico. It was here that the group would formulate their resistance, which included the dissemination of pamphlets and even some sabotage and terrorist activity. The group has supposedly taken part in a number of pranks, and was once even sued by chairman of the Apache tribe, who claimed the Bonesmen were in possession of the skeleton of Geronimo. The press soon turned against them, and they came to be regarded by many as an underground force of dissidents intent on overthrowing the government, and they were even blamed for inciting the French Revolution. Still, the rumor lives on as one of the most popular, albeit bizarre, of all conspiracy theories. I also believe that the question of who he sees in his nightmares is answered by the next scene, when he goes into a room and seems to get blinded by light, the music changes and you can hear the new lyrics saying "I haven't felt alive, I'm half the man that I was with you by my side" and right by the end of the sentence when is saying "you", a girl appears, which kinda looks like the one he called an angel, filling the room with light and remember what the Bible says.
You can rest assured that we only offer authentic spirit bound vessels, and will continue to do so. His conjurations are some of the most exquisite that we have received lately, and so we are trying to get them listed as soon as possible!
He is not only an expert conjurer, but has spent a good share of his life researching the “Djinn” and has had many experiences with them that he has personally shared with us.
They were known for their extreme discretion in minimizing civilian casualties, as well as their penchant for using stealth to intimidate their targets. Their plan was to incite a war between Serbia and Austria, which would give them a chance to free their country and unite the different Slavic nations as one. Within days, Austria-Hungary had declared war on Serbia, and after the allies of both countries joined the fray, the small dispute managed to escalate into WWI.A  The aftermath of WWI eventually led to WWII, and this led to the Cold War, which makes the Black Hand one of the most strangely influential forces of the twentieth century. The Knights soon had thousands of followers, many of whom formed guerilla armies and began raiding Union strongholds in the West. In 1919, members of the Thule Society formed a political organization called the German Workersa€™ Party. Presidents, Senators, and Supreme Court Justices, which has lead many to argue that the group works as some kind of underground organization for the high-powered political elite. Beyond this, the group is known for allegedly forcing new members to relate their sexual history to the rest of the society, and for giving out nicknames to each initiate. The group disbanded shortly thereafter, but their influence remained strong, and for years after their dissolution they were rumored to still be operating somewhere in the shadows. Conspiracy theorists have long targeted them for supposedly being involved in nefarious occult practices, and there have even been whole political groups based around opposition to the group. When a man chooses to look the other way seeing true unjustice being done because he fears financial loss for standing out against corruption or worse yet using corruption for financial gain. VESSEL BELOW - BRACELET.Please note that we do use costume style jewelry to bind our spirits to. However, there are only a few that can summon the highest caliber and most historical of jinn.
He has travelled to the caves where they are residing, he has meditated to their dimension and actually has been shown their dimensional existence by one of his spiritual guides who happens to be a jinn. As the story goes, enemy leaders would often wake in the morning to find a Hashshashin dagger lying on their pillow, along with a note saying a€?you are in our grip.a€? Their legend soon grew, and before the Mongols finally destroyed the group, they became well known contract killers, supposedly performing jobs for the likes of King Richard the Lionheart. A young Adolf Hitler became a member, and eventually took over the party, which would later become known as the National Socialist German Workersa€™, or Nazi, party. There is no denying that the club is well funded: an alumni organization called the Russell Trust Association bankrolls its activities, and the group supposedly owns an island in upstate New York. Churches of all denominations have also criticized the organization, as its moral teachings and esoteric spiritual beliefs have been said to be in competition with more traditional religion. Each one, (or family in this case), is very unique and is only being offered to one master and then will be gone! He has been blessed with an incredible abundance of information about this spiritual class, and has even been able to successfully channel their messages on several occasions.
Many newspapers and public figures engaged in witch-hunts where they accused supposed Southern sympathizers, including President Franklin Pierce, of being members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Bush was supposedly known as a€?Magog,a€? a name given to the Bonesman with the most sexual experience. First, it is important that you keep discreetness to the top priority when you are harboring such important and valuable spirit companions.
We are proud to have him as one of our companions and friends working in the light of the good. Costume articles of jewelry, such as this ring vessel, are perfect and the jinn are very agreeable to selecting them, not only because they are pleasing to the eye, but also because they will deceive your friends and jealous counterparts. Secondly, we are also able to keep the price affordable to our clients, when we do not have such a hefty overhead for precious jewels. This way you can afford to purchase based on the value of their effectiveness and powerful attributes, rather than paying for an over the top priced piece of jewelry. Remember - if you absolutely need to, you can purchase a transfer vessel from us to move the spirit to another vessel of your own.
Our transfer bags are also very affordably priced, at $19.99, and take all of the work out of it for you! This is a very pretty bracelet though!ALSO - Note that any time you are wanting to transfer a spirit to another vessel or article, you need to get the spirits permission to do so FIRST!

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