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The Mona Lisa painting or Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, La Joconde or La Gioconda with its other name is one of the most popular paintings in the history. One of the most asking questions for Mona Lisa painting is that who is beauty behind this popular painting. According to popular Da Vinci researcher Author Rina de’ Firenze, woman behind Da Vinci painting is his mother. One popular theory about Mona Lisa painting is that Da Vinci made a self portrait of him and then changed it to woman she imagined.
French engineer Pascal Cotte and his team were able to develop this method, and in 2007 it went on display in San Francisco. Earlier layers also show that Mona Lisa had a blanket draped across her lap, which her right arm holds up.
Using such technology to look under the surface of paintings makes it feel like we’re somehow gaining insight into that artist’s or subject’s life. What’s the matter with you Leonardo made Mona Lisa for a purpose and that purpose was for how ever you do a picture you will always be beautiful.
If YOU didnt care, about mona lisa, then you wouldnt even be looking at this post in the first place!
Mona Lisa is a great piece of art and cannot be duplicated with the level of talent as DaVinci. The red, white, and black colors of her garments give very significant clues to her real identity. But the true untold story of the sitter and her court painter is revealed within the long forgotten traditions and customs behind these paintings, and the knowledge of royal emblems and symbols of the Middle Ages. Judge for yourself if this is not indeed the real story behind DaVinci’s painting that he would not depart with until death. Monalisa is in fact the greatest piece of art I have ever laid eyes on even my 19 or even more than generation(Pablo Picasso)didnt do such a beautiful work like this. About UsCulture can mean many things: it can be your language, your food, your clothing, your religion, etc.
We are still a growing community, but we hope you stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information, news, articles, and appreciation of how our world cultivates culture.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. According to Firenze, Da Vinci’s mother came to him and talked about fears and happy moments.

According to researches, lots of items like hair, cheeks and eye shape on self-portrait are very similar to Mona Lisa but it’s also a truth that painters have some styles and they mostly use these styles for all their paintings. But like any artist, Leonardo DaVinci made some adjustments to our beloved lady before she was finally finished. Looking through layers of paint, we can see a Mona Lisa far different than the one we know today. We can even look through all the layers of paint to see preliminary sketches—some of which differ from the final version. I’ve seen such more beauty, creativeness, and Mystery in many, MANY, other paintings.
I would agree that the Mona Lisa is not the most amazing piece of art in the world, but it is a work of art nonetheless. If you acually took the time to research why he painted this and what it means, you would find that this is infact a work of art. Here at Cultivating Culture, however, we cherish the aspect of culture that inspires: we love the arts.
But some historians believe that Da Vinci saw Lisa Del Giocondo for one time and then he made the painting according to her imaginations.
University of Amsterdam made a research in 2000s with computer support over Mona Lisa Smile.
According to this theory, Da Vinci firstly made his own portrait and then changed it to a woman so created a perfect combination of woman and man. The use of different wavelengths of light, including ultraviolet and infrared, allow us to see past what our naked eye can see—and past what time has stripped away. Her face is slightly wider, and the smile and eyes are different from the finalized version. Cotte’s techniques even allow us to see the repairs to the painting made in the 1950s after it had a rock thrown at it.
It’s intrigued people for hundreds of years, for whatever reason, so there is clearly something that others find noteworthy about it. If after you don’t think so, then at least you can appreciate the purpose of the painting. We highlight museums, galleries, organizations, and individuals that have dedicated their lives to supporting the arts. Secrets of Mona Lisa made the painting so popular; especially Mona Lisa smile became a myth with its ecliptic style.

There are also rumors that Ser Piero da Vinci, father of Da Vinci took the role as intercessor for the Mona Lisa’s husband. According to research, Mona Lisa smile includes lots of emotions like happy, fearful, angry, disgusted.
After his mother went, Da Vinci made Mona Lisa according to all emotions she left over Da Vinci. We can see varnish mistakes that contributed to her final outcome, such as those near her eye and chin. Perhaps you could suggest another artist or work of art for us to cover that better fits your tastes?
We celebrate the facet of humanity that has brought “order out of chaos,” and we invite you to join, or to enjoy. Also questions like who is Mona Lisa in real life, where she lived, what is the story behind painting and various other questions are asked for this painting. According to art historians, Gherardini and her husband wanted this painting from Da Vinci.
Also she talked that Da Vinci was born with a mission and gave some clues about Renaissance. There are also some historians believe that woman behind Mona Lisa is duchess of Gian Galeazzo.
More beauty was made in 2 minutes of a toddler’s clumsy hands and more perfection in an artist who took 5 years to finish a painting, why isn’t he famous? There are also some paintings of Gian Galeazzo made by Da Vinci and there are some matching points on these paintings.
One of the most important she gave is that Mona Lisa on painting doesn’t have any fur, jewelry or hair makeup on her. But just think of the fact that no one could draw something like the Mona Lisa, except for the painting with ‘the girl with the pearl earings’ is that painting real anyway? In her era, riches were never going out without such important details and only woman from rural areas were walking like this.

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