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Head down, brow furrowed and a screenful of candy: Candy Crush Saga addicts are all the same - totally hooked on the game that's even beaten FarmVille to rise to the top spot. There are people who have spent hundreds of dollars on the game without batting an eyelid.  In Hong Kong, where 15% of the population play the game, the authorities are beginning to worry. Candy Crush Saga is very similar to another puzzle game, Bejeweled, where you have to line up at least three of the same type of jewel to make them disappear and continue on through the game. The basic ingredients aren’t original, but the particular way Candy Crush combines them certainly is. I’m making my way round the map.  And I’m already doing better than my buddy, Joe.  How many levels do I have left?
Presently, there are more than 450 levels in Candy Crush Saga, spread over the map of a fictional country whose place names refer to the world of candy.  And each level has its own surprise obstacles, along with special types of candy.

This is how a worrier, who just wanted to relax and play a game for a while, ends up finding something else to obsess over and worry about.  And it can be quite an expensive obsession.
Game developers have noticed this recipe for success and have started to apply it to their own creations.  But what’s the alternative? But don’t be fooled: whichever game usurps Candy Crush Saga won’t necessarily be the best one. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
You can try downloading games which are just as difficult, but aren’t as addictive, such as Dots.

We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. I scratch my two-day old stubble and decide to pay.  But someday I’ll get sick of this game.

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