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Previous tutorials have explained how to change Windows 7 password, change Vista password, and change XP password the usual way, by going through the Control Panel.
The following steps focus on Windows Vista and Windows 7, which have to cope with UAC prompts (unlike XP), but the procedure beyond launching the command line is exactly the same in all cases. When the DOS prompt opens, there are several ways to type your command, depending on how you want to change password - here's the breakdown: replace "UserName" in examples below with the actual name of the Windows user whose password you want to change. NET USER UserName password Once you hit Enter, this command will change the selected user's password to the very last word you type after the username. I want to change my account password on America Online (AOL) but am pretty clueless about how to do that.

It’s pretty easy when you remember that America Online (AOL) still has its old “keywords” system in addition to everything else on the new, fancy AOL system. But all three versions of Windows (and earlier ones) allow you to change password from the command line (DOS prompt), using the "NET USER" command: this is a powerful tool that allows you to do much more, including renaming user profiles and managing other user account settings. Confirmations and password requests you may receive will depend on your profile type (standard user or administrator), as well as your current security settings (how to configure UAC settings in Windows 7). To change your password, you basically just enter the “password” keyword and go from there.
This tutorial will show you the basic password-related commands, with three options, and experience how to bypass the common "system error 5" problem.

No warranty expressed or implied;use our website resources at your own risk, and use common sense when dealing with online security - never share your user name and password or publish them online.

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