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If you browse around the web you’ll mostly find people talking about selling websites, and about how profitable it can be. If you buy a small business, similarly, you should expect to have a return from 20% to 30% yearly. Right now is a especially good time to buy websites because, as you saw from the numbers above, the valuations of online assets are still undervalued when compared to offline ones.
Over time purchasing and owning a website that makes money will become a lot more common, and by then valuations will start increasing. There are smaller marketplaces around, and online forums with marketplace sections too, but I don’t recommend using those because the amount of low quality and scam offers there is too large. First of all keep in mind that the value of a website is mainly given by how much it already generates in revenues.
If you find a website owner that is willing to sell for 12 times the monthly revenues, provided the website is solid, you can buy it on the spot. Paying 18 or 24 times the monthly revenues needs more consideration, and I usually I only do it if the website has been online for many years, and has a lot of traffic and subscribers, which means it will be easier to tweak it and increase the revenues. Once you find the right website to buy and reach an agreement with the owner you’ll need to handle the transaction.
With the contract signed you’ll need to figure out how to transfer the payment and the website.
Option 1: I send 10% of the money as a good faith deposit, and then he transfers the website. I always find something new & interesting at DBT, which keeps my mind ticking with ideas.
I am also interested into this… feel free to contact me through contact form on my website.
In my opinion first of all we have to know what kind of site we would like to buy and to analyze the offers regarding all aspecst such as SEO and other stuff.
This is a very good guide, containing all relevant information regarding buying a websites online to make some profit. Very good post but won’t it be more wise to see SEO part of the website also when choosing website to buy?
I bought my domain for its page ranking, 4, despite the fact it hadn’t been updated since 2004. I bought it because it is page rank 4 and on two important keywords – what is a blog? Or do I develop the two blogs in parallel keeping my longer, chattier posts on my existing blog and then cutting down the content to very short, minimalist, very factual posts – to try and aim to get two different audiences? The only other thing I can recommend is to make sure any transactions go through your Credit Card and keep good records of all emails. Keep in mind you will lose your homestead exemption on the property and may see an increase in property taxes.
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Cross-Purchase Agreement: Agreements where the remaining owners buy out the interest of the withdrawing owners.
Entity-Purchase Agreement: Agreements where the company buys out the interest of the withdrawing owners. Once the type of buy-sell agreement has been determined, the next step is to determine the valuation mechanism to be included in the buy-sell agreement.
Based on the above, it is strongly suggested that owners consider the use of a business valuation as the appropriate valuation mechanism within the buy-sell agreement.
Holly Magister is the founder of ExitPromise where she helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and in some cases sell or transfer their businesses to new owners. Sometimes the effort seems too hard and no matter what you do it doesn’t seem to work. Teach you how to boost traffic to your blog with dozens of simple techniques that work from email marketing to social media. Marketing your blog with social media to rank high on Google and spread your business and personal brand globally. Creating an influential online brand either personal or for a business is now becoming vital in an increasingly digital world, whether you’re starting a business, writing a book, designing a website, recording an album or taking on a variety of other endeavours. You’re an entrepreneur, author, musician, business owner, corporate executive, designer, programmer or marketer working on a big idea. You’re not yet on board with the power of digital media platforms like blogging and social media, but you’re eager to learn more. You have been told you need to use the digital and social web to build, launch and display your brand to the world. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! This means that a $200,000 business will produce from $40,000 to $60,000 in annual profits. Most website owners are willing to let their babies go for 1 or 2 times their annual revenues.
In fact you already have banks and equity funds investing money into large websites, so sooner or later online and offline investments will need to be in balance. Some websites are quite simple to run, and you’ll just need to update the content via a content management system once in a while. The best way to assess this is to ask the website owner to install Google Analytics on the website and to give you a user account so you can see the numbers by yourself. You want to make sure that the website you’ll be buying has solid roots, else both the traffic and the revenues could vanish after a couple of months.
That is, you can search for websites on niches you have an interest in, and then approach the owner to see if he is interested in selling. This will give you a good idea of how much the website would make from day 1 if you were to buy it.
If things go wrong and the other part doesn’t deliver you can always open a dispute and freeze the payment you sent on Paypal, which adds another layer of security. What if we buy website but it’s not SEO friendly then you have to make it from the scratch. I’ll bookmark this page as a reference in the future when my resources will be able to support buying them, but right now I am building niche sites and promoting them all myself from scratch.

Seller replied “We do not have it listed for sale, however, a strong offer may persuade us to part with it.
For the most part, people who have good feedbacks in Flippa don’t really give me problems as far as transacting with them. Check my pricing, ongoing promotions, manufacturer, mark and model, etc then make a decision. All rights reserved.All images, brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Due to the complex nature and importance of selecting the appropriate type of buy-sell agreement and valuation mechanism, it is strongly recommended that legal counsel be engaged to assist in the process of selling a business. Once you start getting your “blog to rock”, you’ll see how these concepts can be applied to a wide range of activities and along the way you will find opportunities that will constantly surprise and delight you. There are so many things you need to keep track of; content, links, keywords, rankings, competitors… The list goes on. That is, buying websites can be quite profitable too, and here is why: valuations of websites are still small when comparred to offline investments.
This means that a $200,000 apartment would produce a return of $2,000 monthly, and it also means you would need 8.3 years to recover your investment. For instance, you could probably buy a website that makes $2,000 monthly anywhere from $24,000 up to $48,000.
Ask for screenshots, and if necessary even video screencasts, and those are harder to fake.
Most website owners are wiling to sell their sites if the price is right, so this strategy tend to work well.
On top of that you can tweak the website to improve its traffic and earnings, making an even greater profit.
It can be a very simple contract you’ll write yourself (or download a sample contract here). Because I was totally inexperience I bought from someone that had a good rating and had sold sites before.
The value of the apartment itself might increase over time, but this depends on the region and economic situation, and even then it wouldn’t radically change the returns of this investment. For the sake of simplicity let’s use the middle point and assume you could buy it for $36,000.
There are many low quality websites being offered, so you’ll need to spend some time filtering the good ones out. The trick is to contact the owners of websites that have potential but are not there yet, so that you get to buy it for a low price, and then with some work your take to the revenues to higher levels. This means that your annual return would be 66% (compared to 12% on real estate and 20% or 30% with a small business). Adding a picture is an excellent way to increase your credibility and keep your readers interested.

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