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Her guilty pleasures: going to bed early and eating way too much fancy cheese (and not believing in guilty pleasures)!
Also, I found this ebay link with a lot of VS body mists if you fancy trying one but can't get to a store!
Trying something completely different, or even just giving yourself permission to give Cinderella a red dress instead of a blue one can be incredibly freeing, opening that locked up gate in your brain to let out all of your other crazy, creative thoughts. You can buy giant generic books from the dollar store, pages of popular children’s characters for between $5-$10 from places like Target or Walmart, or you can check out these crazy awesome books for a little bit of added inspiration. Leading the way in empowering media, the Lala stands behind a positive media mission dedicated to informing and inspiring college women from campuses across the world. Perfume and fragrances are one of those things that I could easily spend all of my money on if I wasn't careful, and since Victoria's Secret came to the UK, the brand has all but taken over my perfume shelf!
Steal the spotlight in Such a Flirt, a tease of tempting starfruit and white orchid." I think Such A Flirt is very appropriately named as it is just that, a pretty flirty scent. This is a gorgeous sweet, fruity floral with a slightly deeper base, it's the most 'grown up' of all my VS scents, but it's still light and pretty enough for every day, which I love. Recently, this glorious activity has become rather trendy, capturing the hearts of the young and not-so-young. With all the typing and time spent in front of computers in the twenty-first century, our motor skills don’t always get the attention that they deserve.

Art therapy has been around for years, and coloring is an easy way to join in the fun even if you can’t paint or draw.
So, in this post I thought I'd show you all my collection and do some mini reviews to share my thoughts with you all.
It kind of reminds me of perfumes you had as a kid, very sweet and a little childish, but it's a cute, pretty scent and I did like using it during the summer but I probably wouldn't buy this again. This is easily one of my favourite perfumes in my entire collection and I've had a couple of people say this scent reminds them of me whenever they smell it and I am definitely okay with that!
She stood next to me and I literally went right up into her chest to smell her - it was so nice (she's my friend, i'm not a complete weirdo haha!) I really wanna try some of these! We don’t know about you guys, but breaking out the crayons definitely raises our dopamine levels.
Taking a little bit of time to make sure you color inside the lines keeps your fine motor skills sharp as a tack, and it also keeps your hand-eye coordination and brain function in tip-top shape. Plus, the repetitive motions let you zone out for a little bit and give your brain a break. Again, it does last a long time for a body spray, but I definitely want to get this in the perfume too.
I love this for everyday, it's a summery scent, but to be honest, I wear summery scents all year round!

Not only does it allow us to reminisce about our childhood (or the days we spent coloring princesses in high school – don’t lie, you did it too), but several studies have shown that there are various creativity and stress-relief benefits associated with the pass time.
Forgetting about the world and your worries for a few minutes every day sounds nice, doesn’t it?
I think this would be a fab gift for a younger female relative for Christmas or a Birthday. If you like the smell of watermelon, or like quite a fresh fruity scent, this is definitely worth a whiff! I love the body mists, and if there were more stores in the UK then I would probably end up filling up my room with them. For a body spray, this is very long lasting, particularly if you get it on your hair or clothes.

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