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Victoria Beckham was born 17 April 1974 and is an English singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, businesswoman, actress and model.
Victoria has six or seven tattoos as of now and living up to her Posh nickname she has kept them classy if that makes any sense.
Victoria Beckham has a few small and very well placed tattoos reflecting the way she carries herself. On her right wrist, Victoria Beckham has a Roman numeral tattoo that reads “VIII-V-MMVI,” or May 8, 2006.
Victoria Beckham has several tattoos, all of which have a big significance to her, mostly relating to her husband and family.
Professional hair stylist know how to choose proper haircut and if you really want to have flawless look, you just need to find hairdresser and ask him to grant you with stylish haircut.
There are zillion styles suitable for round face shape and there are some that should be avoided like super short crop cut hair. First style to be mentioned is celebrity medium hairstyle that will be perfectly suitable for round face shape.
The personal adventures of digital nomad Frank Gruber in tech, startups, entrepreneurship, social media and life.
By submitting a photo by either uploading an image or by submitting an URL to the photo you can search celebrities for a match. If you like my insights and perspective in this article please join my inner circle here.

Share a picture where you look like a certain celebrity and write the name of the celebrity in the caption. The three photos with the most likes will be chosen as finalists and one will be chosen by our editor to be featured in Maniac Shops.
ABOUT MANIACManiac Magazine is Pittsburgh's premiere fashion and lifestyle magazine known for its cutting edge articles, while catering to the strong, independent, fashion-forward young woman. Maniac Magazine is Pittsburgh's premier outlet for fashion, beauty, celebrity, travel, style news & culture. Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoo with Roman numerals represents the date Victoria and David renewed their wedding vows.
But no one has explained the Hebrew words, how one pronounces them, what the imagery means.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. It is not a surprise that celebrities wear the hottest hairstyles and inspire millions of women. You can also get some inspiration from celebrity hairstyles and find the best option to glam up your look.
Things will be easier if you first analyze your face shape and then try to find the best option for you. Your hairstyle should hide wide cheeks so try to choose hair length that will make face look slimmer.

Just stay away from tight and fluffy curls, instead, you can wear any desired hairstyle from loose waves to elegant up-do but poker straight hair will turn you into a real goddess.
AOL may be able to help answer that question with its recent launch of an innovative facial recognition technology, similar to that of Riya and MyHeritage, created by AOL Labs in collaboration with Oxford University and Caltech University. The secret of their flawless look is a group of professional stylists that are always ready to fulfil any caprice of beauty bunnies.
Keep on hand high quality flat iron and straightening serum and glam up your look with minimal effort.
In addition, users can find additional information about the celebrities that they look like. Submit your photo where you look like a celebrity and get your family, friends and fans to like the picture. I want to talk about hairstyles for round face shape and as a perfect source of inspiration I have put together pictures of celebrity hairstyles for round face. I decided to look for both male and female results and turns out I look like singer Jesse McCartney, actor Elijah Wood, actress Keira Knightley and actor Adam Brody.
The submission with the most likes can win a celebrity makeover worth over $1000 in value and be featured in our maniac shops column!

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