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Cutie Pops Dolls, the Cutie Pops Dolls logo, Jada Toys & the Jada Toys logo are all registered trademarks of Jada Toys, Inc. Megan starred in the feature film Charlie Bartlett, opposite Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr. Perky, lovable, wholesome Grace is the former cheerleader every guy wants but none can have. Ashley may be Amy's younger sis, but this little firecracker isn't afraid to call Amy out on her mistakes -- or speak her mind on anything else.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Mark starred on Life With Bonnie and has guested on such TV series as 24, For Your Love, Veronica's Closet, Cybill, Party of Five, and Touched by an Angel.
George may have made some bad decisions, but he's always trying to do what's best for his family. Whether it's in cheerleading, dating, school (she's already plotting med school), or at home, Grace is a Type-A perfectionist.
We have confirmed carriage with a number of providers, and as others are confirmed, we will post them here. Sharp and funny, with a rebellious sense of style and a killer dry wit, Ashley's often the first to smell trouble in the Juergens household. His feature films include The Minus Man, Evil Obsession, and Ballad of the Nightingale with Virginia Madsen.

He broke off an affair with Cindy to save his marriage, and when Anne found another guy and became pregnant with a baby he thought was his, George worked his way back into her heart.
Megan has starred in the Canadian series Ace Lightning, Blobheads, and Life With Derek as well as the comedy pilot In Molly's Opinion and the Emmy-winning and Gemini-nominated series Dark Oracle. At a very young age, India won small parts in various independent films shot primarily in Europe, but The Secret Life of the American Teenager marks her first big role.
She usually sides with George when the house is divided, but now that she's going to the same school as Amy, we're seeing how she deals with her peers. He moved out, he moved back in, and he keeps moving to keep his ever-evolving family together. She had a hard time after her dad died, and she blamed herself for causing it (by having sex with longtime BF Jack), but she seems to have gotten past the worst. Her gay best friend, Griffin, set her up with his cousin Grant, who's totally smitten with Ashley.
His other daytime TV credits include playing Adrian Hunter on "The Young and the Restless" (1989-90) and A.C. Through it all, he's been a loving dad to Amy and Ashley, even if he seems a lot more like Ashley. Speaking of Lifetime, Megan was in two movies on that channel: She's Too Young, opposite Marcia Gay Harden, and The Road to Christmas, with Jennifer Grey. But he's more experienced than she is, and he keeps pushing, ever so gently, for more action.

Mallet on Guiding Light (1990-93); that role nabbed him the 1993 Soap Opera Digest Award for Leading Man and a Daytime Emmy nomination for Lead Actor in 1992.
He really wants Anne to remarry him, and he's doing everything he can -- even getting hairplugs!
Which would be easier if her BFF Adrian hadn't hooked up with Ben one fateful night -- despite Grace's pleas.
Megan was born in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, but she grew up in London, Ontario, and now lives in L.A. Meanwhile, Grace is not happy with her mom, because Kathleen's just remarried, less than a year after losing Marshall. Now both of his girls have love lives for him to worry about, George's own life just keeps getting more complicated. Did you know she's in a band called Frank & Derol with Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus (Miley's sis)? Most recently, Mark shot a cable drama entitled Anatomy of Hope, directed by Lost creator and Star Trek director J.J.

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