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If this class is full, please add your name to the wait list and if I get enough extra sign ups, I'llA  add a 2nd session! This uniqueA New Moon evening welcomes the feminine energy of the Triple Goddess connected to the moon phases as Maiden, Mother, and Crone (Grandmother).
IF THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL ADD YOURSELF TO THE WAITING LIST, IF I GET ENOUGH INTEREST I MAY SCHEUDLEA SECOND EVENT! This is an open minded spiritual group that offers a safe place for women and men to come heal, learn and grow. During the guided meditation you will ask the Goddess for assistance with a personal intention about your "new beginning"A and listen to her pre-Channeled Message by Trish.

For thousands of years women have collected in sacred circles under the moon to learn, share, heal and inspire one another.
She is also the founder and owner of The Healing Moon Wellness Center, LLC originally from Norwood, now located in Foxboro. The room will be enhanced with a Crystal Grid to heighten the room'sA vibration and to open your crown and brow chakras to intuition and the divine feminine.A  I invite you to wear white or purple. We will gather in a healing sanctuary away from daily life to explore healing, spirituality, chakras, angels, reiki, meditation, psychic development, crystal healing and more.
As a child Trisha recognized her ability to a€?feela€? the emotions and energies of those around her.

As a young adult she embraced her intuitive gifts and began to follow her spiritual calling as an empath, medium, and energy healer. Trisha specializes in assisting women and children on their own paths towards  peace, balance, wellness, and enlightenment.

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