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Seeing as I’ve been playing Pokemon Blue lately, I’ve really been itching to get back into the Pokemon card scene, so while waiting for the aforementioned prescription to be filled we decided to see if Target sold Pokemon cards. The ponies' annual Spring Promenade goes awry when a 1,000-year-old dragon awakens and fulfills a royal prophecy.
No more than five minutes later we found ourselves gaping at this GINOURMOUS wall plastered with all sorts of trading cards – and the Pokemon section took up at least a quarter of it.

But either way, while opening these cards a similar taste of that sweet nostalgia flooded over me – that sweet smell of freshly opened cards, the anticipation of finding a rare holo (speaking of…I ONLY GOT ONE AND HE GOT, LIKE, FIVE. I was so excited until I realized that none of my friends would ever want to sit down and learn how to play a card game :\ Now I just have a bunch of dusty cards on a shelf.

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